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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday

    No problem. If UiiSii is as good as people report then the thread should hold it's own.

    When I see how many models UiiSii has released over the past two years I reckon they are KZ's closest competition when I consider a company's ability to keep up with strong demand without be strangled by the lack of working capital. If the company is managed properly they should be able to increase their market share and compete with KZ, otherwise there will continue to be a one-hit-wonder every six months and KZ will go practically unchallenged. Maybe they're happy to be where they are but hopefully, UiiSii will rise to the occasion and bring more exceptional models to the marketplace.

    I purchased the US90 about two years ago and the Hi-905 about six months ago. The US90 was comparable to KZ's price-to-performance ratios, but the Hi-905 was questionable at $50. Going from memory the US90 was comparable to the ED3 "Acme", but I remember the "Acme having better noise isolation. I'd love to see UiiSii take another crack at it by competing against the ZSR, especially if they can do it with a single graphene dynamic driver.

    At any rate, if CM5 owners are enthusiastic enough then the thread should be off to a great start as the impressions and reports come in, but if the CM5 is a one-hit-wonder the thread will probably stall and die.

    Time is either an enemy or a friend so keep a watchful eye.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  2. Saoshyant
    I’ll refresh my memory of The Uiisii earbud, but memories of it are lackluster.
  3. Lifted Andreas
    Ah its okay mate no rush, I will probably pick up a pair of the HDS3 during the anniversary sale.

    Yeah I think it's totally worth picking up during the sale, especially considering its the smallest IEM KZ ever made.

    Yeah I wanna get some just for that purpose, I've been recently using ED9 and sometimes the Eph-100 for listening when I'm in bed but the HDS3 looks like it will be even more suitable.

    Please let us know if you remember anything. :D
  4. GamerGuppy
    Received my first KZ earphone, the ZS6, yesterday. I followed this thread occasionally the past few weeks and was a bit dissapointed to learn that just after I ordered my black ZS6, the gray one received a nozzle lip update. However, as you can see in the picture below, my black KZ also has a nozzle lip. I got lucky I guess :).

    So far I am quite impressed with the soundstage and detail. I mostly use in-ears whenever I am on-the-go and feel it is not safe to bring my more expensive Oppo PM3's. Quite a few in-ears already got KIA, and for this purpose I mostly searched for relatively cheap IEMs like the Senns CX 300 II. These were not really detailed and maybe a little too bassy for my preference. I am therefore very happy with my purchase of the ZS6s which are roughly the same costs with upgraded cable and foam ear-tips.

    I might be looking for a 'side-(up)grade' IEM too, perhaps for when I'm running. Maybe the ZSR? Anyone got advise? At home I mostly listen through Senn HD650s and occasionally use my Beyer DT770s when there is a lot of noise in the house.

  5. oyobass
    Looks like KZ has been listening to comments from users again. The lip may be on all ZS6 production going forward...
  6. cottonbud
    Where and when did you buy them?
  7. WildSeven
    I love the sound signature of the KS ZS6 so much that I bought another, during 4 weeks of listening to each I noticed while the sound signature is the same but there are slight variation in the 2, liked the sound on the black but loved the red color. The tips are Spinfit CP-100M, I tried comply foam and it did not work with my ear, these Spinfit are so comfy and they seal great.
  8. Otto Motor
    Yep, the ZSR would be a good choice: similar to the ES3 and ZST but better in every department and without any obvious flaws such as piercing. Overall less detaiIed however more rounded and less fatiguing than the ZS6. I also have the ZS6 and a similar headphone selection (incl. the HD600 and Beyerdynamic Custom Pro).
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  9. TheVortex
    Have you got a link for the NiceHCK Bro as that sounds interesting. Also I have the ZSR and the UiiSii CM5L which are both fantastic for the price.
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  10. Slater
    Not handy, but it comes right up if you go to Aliexpress and type in nicehck bro.

    It also goes by 2 other names. But all 3 are identical hardware to one another, just rebrands of one another. They do each include very slightly different eartips though, but are identical in every other way.

    They are actually really nice IEMs. Very fun and musical. They have a smooth v-shaped sound, with no sibilance, no piercing treble, nice soundstage, are very comfortable in the ear, and have a nice silver MMCX cable. The sound is very similar to the ZSR, but without the occasional sibilance and odd artificial compressed sound the ZSR has sometimes. It’s like if the ZSR had a brother - the “better” of the 2 brothers - the tall, blond-haired, straight-A, captain of the football team one. What’s not to like about that?

    To be honest, I was not expecting much when I received it. But I’ll tell you this - I was pleasantly surprised. Hardly anyone talks about them, but they really are great IEMs for a bargain price.

    If you search HeadFi for the Bro, there’s a few others that have tried it and were also shocked by it. Again, there are 3 rebrands of the same exact thing, so I’d just get whichever one is the cheapest.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2018
  11. PacoBdn
    It is curious once again, the different perception we have of sound when it comes to IEMS.

    I have both at home, NiceHCK Bro and KZ ZSR, and accepting that the Bro is fine, for me the ZSR is far superior. ZSR has subbass, the Bro does not know them. The mids being very nice in the Bro do not have the detail and the separation of ZSR.
    The treble is more relaxed in the Bro, better to hear bad recordings, because the ZSR will show you all the defects of it.

    Once again, it could be a different adjustment in each person, differences of the tips...
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  12. B9Scrambler
    I'm 100% with you on this. I have the BGVP version which is just alright.
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  13. Slater
    Yup. Also goes by the name BGVP SGZ-DN1.

    Audiobudget has reviews on all 3 if anyone wants to read up on them (although I know some people question that site's honesty). But still, it's nice to get another opinion.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2018
  14. Slater
    Yeah, as you said we all have slightly different perceptions. That's why it's good to get more than 1 opinion (or better yet, get an IEM and try it for yourself).

    And as you pointed out, they have different strengths - the Bro/SGZ-DN1 version do have better mids and smoother sound (it's more forgiving of lower quality/poor recordings and low end sources such as cell phones). The ZSR has better separation, more detail, clarity, and is more rewarding on higher quality recordings and on better gear.

    I did tip roll on mine, and found that getting a good seal and deep insertion using silicone tips is critital. Otherwise, there is no sub bass.

    You can see from this FR graph that there's plenty of sub bass (even below 20Hz), although it does start rolling off above that.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2018
  15. PacoBdn
    It's funny, because the person who made the measurements also complains about the lack of sub-bass


    Although as I said before, my problem may be that I have not found the appropriate tips for them.

    I will try with the Comply, it could be that with them I get a better seal.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018

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