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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DSebastiao
    Guys, i'm in a dilema, i currently have the ZST's, but i need another pair of iem's, and i don't know i should get the ZSR's and get one of the following, or just get the ZS6 (throught amazon, fulfilled by so i can get that sweet warranty), or wait for the Z10's, i think someone said here that the z10 would launch somewhere in may right?
  2. zazaboy
    kz zs10 already launched u can get of aliexpress now for discounted price.. at the end of the month they gonna release it official
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  3. Slater
    The fact that his FR graphs shows a different story than his sub bass comment, tells me that it's an ear tip and/or seal difference. Especially since that's what I found to be the case with my own pair. With the right seal, I'm hearing what his graph is showing. Using the stock tips, or with an iffy seal, his comments are closer to what I hear vs his FR graphs.

    Ears are more dynamic than a FR measuring coupler. It's easy to get an airtight seal on a measurement coupler. The ear canal is not perfectly round, has bumps and contours, contains oils and earwax, and something as simple as opening your mouth, turning your head, or smiling can affect the seal (and thus sub bass).

    As far as Comply, I've always found them to reduce sub bass even further, but your ears may be different. From a seal and max sub bass standpoint, I've always had the best luck with KZ Starlines.

    Similar examples are the UiiSii CM5 and BlitzWolf ES1. They both have awesome sub bass, but I needed to use Starlines to get a good enough seal to realize their full potential.
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  4. Otto Motor
    Hey, Igor is a driven individual and 100% honest. I had many private discussions with him and purchased many of his recommended iems. But he also has a certain taste (like Vidal) and likes bass. Whereas on the super best website I am not allowed mention, audiophile audio friends mod earphones to iron out bass and treble towards flat, Igor irons in the other direction and blue-tacks and tapes off every vent or hole on any housing to create bass boosts at any cost. And Igor does not mention soundstage or resolution because - in his own words - it cannot be measured. But he is 100% honest and, as a novice, I learnt a lot from him. As with Vidal, we have to learn how to read between the lines. Igor (and Vidal) have made and are still making major valid contributions to the Chifi community.

    Edit: Slater appreciates audiobudget.com, too. I never thought otherwise.

    Another Edit: I have been posing at audiobudget.com as Dr. Schweinsgruber!
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  5. adkiller
    Hi Guys,

    It has been a while since I have posted here in HF. How are y'all doin? :)

    Anyways, I recently got myself a Shanling M3s and have been looking for a pair of IEMs to go with it.
    I am settling on the ZS10 but would like to get a balanced cable to go with it.
    Would the FiiO RC-UE2B work with it? With all the price gouging going on with 2-pin balanced cables, these seem like a best bet.
    I know the adapters on the cable fit, just am not sure if the connections are correct. Worst case I would use a multimeter to sort it out (if I could my hands on one).

    Any idea?

  6. Slater
    Yeah, I agree 100%. I have no personal issue with him, and I find information and reviews on his site useful and informative.

    I just know some on HF have an axe to grind with him and/or audiobudget.com. That's why I said "I know some people question that site's honesty".
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
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  7. DSebastiao
    Oh that's great, do you know if they use the same 0.75mm angled cables just like the zst's?
  8. DocHoliday
    KZ may actually ship the ZS10 with an upgrade cable if this photo is anything to go by.
    I am hoping that KZ will release an all black upgrade cable like this TRN Black cable..

    Black cables do not turn green (oxidation). If KZ doesn't offer black upgrade cables then pick up the TRN cable; it's a good cable and at $9 a pop you could get 2 clear cables and 1 black cable for the price you'd be paying for 1 Fiio cable. Black cables for the black ZS10 and clear cables for the red or blue ZS10.
  9. khighly
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  10. adkiller
    I've had a look at those. The cables have 2.5mm balanced options (only in clear wire) and according to the seller it would work with the ZS10.
    However, the earphone adapters/plugs don't look like they are the right ones for KZ:
    The plugs should look like this to get a good fit (image credit to @Slater ):
    The FiiO RC-UE2B ones look like this (image credit to @Brooko ):

    I agree the FiiO prices are overkill. There are other balanced options with the right plugs, but the prices are even worse.
    Wished KZ would release a balanced cable, would buy that instead in a heartbeat. :triportsad:

    Any other options?

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  11. Sebilion
    I can't believe they lowered the price of the kz zs10 by £20!!! They are similar price to kz zs6 now! I had selected the wrong delivery method and I wanted to cancel my order and buy it again with better delivery. And when I went to do that I had a mini heart attack seeing the new price. Hopefully they will cancel my first order and honor my second one... Does anyone know when they will ship?
  12. kramercosmo

    Just at few thought:

    -Does anyone know why Kz doesn´t have detachable cable without the memory wire? Seems like no one like them anyway.
    -The detachable cable can "unhook" from the ear pretty easy, ATR doesnt have this problem, probably because the connector is quite long.
    I think this could be fixed with MMCX connector. MMCX connector seems more durable too.
    -Kz should make a smaller earphone with detachable cables, all earphones are quite big( something like QKZ W3)
    -Kz maybe should make ATR with detachable cables?
    -Kz should sell just earphones without cables.

    What do you think?
  13. nxnje
    My piston fresh was really bad sticked, when i popped the disk out, the foam was attached to it in the left earbud, and they seemed attached stronger than what u said.
    Then i had to modify the shape in order to make it a circle again in the way it could fit the hole again.
    One was scrooked and one wasn't so i mounted them imprecisely, but that's ok.
    The mids now are more present and the trebles are ok, but the sound still feels boxy..
    Anyway i didn't expect a big quality from a 2 euros headphone but i have to say the bass is good for this price, fast enough to say it's really stable and it doesn't sound muddy.
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  14. adkiller
    Any guide to create a custom balanced cable for KZ 2-pins or any similar earphone?

  15. bsoplinger
    My profile has an album that has the wiring for 2.5mm TRRS jack (below) and 3.5mm also. Just buy the V10 cable mentioned recently and the 2.5mm TRRS jack of your choice. The key is getting a cable that has 4 separate unique wires from jack to headphone. You can buy a more expensive cable that has 8 separate wires, etc but the important thing is a multiple of 4. A few minutes with a continuity tester or multimeter and another few with your soldering iron and you're set. There's even a build your own cable thread where you can find suggestions on a jack and crazy expensive cable material if you want.

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018

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