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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vladstef
    I think they pretty much just used 2 of the 30095s in ZS5v2 and ZS6. ZS5v1 had 2 different BAs (one larger for midrange/treble transition that had very little impact overall between 6mm DD and other treble BA). I will be very surprised if they actually did this 5 way crossover, that is quite advanced even for established totl CIEM makers (but they are trying to nail it perfectly, something that KZ doesn't have to attempt). It's even more realistic to use 4 of the same treble BAs which are just playing quietly so that they have more headroom before they start squeaking like BAs do when pushed hard, and we do know that their DDs are all full range drivers and could cover mid range and probably have done in the past.

    The most realistic thing though is 2x2 config for mid range and treble with DD covering bass. Simple enough and will probably revolutionize KZ's overlooked mid range in the past.
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  2. Wiljen
    Either way, as soon as they hit the shelf I'll have an order in for one to try out.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  3. bsoplinger
    This is completely off topic but its one of the busier threads I follow and there are a few folks who seem to know their way around the forums.

    All this talk about quality music reproduction devices, from IEMs to DAPs to players, etc. All hardware. But what about software? Granted, here and other threads, you can get YouTube links but often to less than high quality sound versions of things. Is there a place here for questions like below. Hopefully someone can point out threads here or another forum. I did look into finding a just cause I'm ready to retire doesn't mean that I can't still love rock forum but didn't find anything :fearful:

    The Electric Light Orchestra before they'd gotten popular played a somewhat different style of music more in line with their name. I remember an album whose title I remember as the night the lights went out in (insert city name here, I don't remember perhaps LA) that has a lot of the typical ELO sound but way more of a classical style and instruments in it. Very reminiscent of other 70's classic orchestra and rock group combinations like the Moody Blues and LSO but done on a smaller scale. Think more chamber music and a few instruments along with the rock ones versus a 100 piece full orchestra. Can anyone help me find what I'm remembering?
  4. nkramer
    bsoplinger, you can do a general web search, to find what album a song was on.

    results to looks for….
    - discography on wikipedia
    - discogs
    you could also search in spotify (it’s an app)

    from there, it’s just finding that release to purchase.

    but to answer your question of the ELO release…. it was an album.
    The Night The Lights Went On (In Long Beach) 1974

    In The Hall Of The Mountain King
    Great Balls Of Fire
    Roll Over Beethoven
    Recorded live at the Long Beach Auditorium on the evening of May 12, 1974.


    available on amazon: http://a.co/0p4Blo3
    HDtracks has some ELO releases, but not that one.
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  5. nkramer
    also, i just recently ran across this site "the concert database" (pf-db.com) which is an indispensable tool for filling in the blanks on various ROIO's.
    they have a couple concerts listed from '73 - '78 for ELO

    (...i'm also a HUGE fan of the late 60's -> early 70's rock)
  6. CoiL
    Yeah, most ppl don`t even think about software (and its processing settings) of their DAPs. There is so much going on with firmware - different file format decodecs etc. That`s why is like modified firmware with my DX50 - only FLAC codec is being used, no internal software "EQ settings", customizeable hardware processing capabilities etc.
    You may have great harware player but software can degrade its quality noticeably with all those multifunctional requirements ppl need.
  7. bsoplinger
    I don't think what you're talking about isn't valid. In fact the concept of getting beyond the basic gets the bits of the SD card and how does one select those versus others, all the stuff firmware does and moving into the realm of handling those bits specifically for a particular purpose is indeed almost never talked about here.

    Unfortunately, what I meant about software was the music, in particular, recordings of music. No talks about recording methodology used. Nothing about obscure music styles that most people are unaware of yet have wonderful sound. Which directly segued into my question of how to track down a particular old album but also how to find music in general also.
  8. CoiL
    Sorry, understood Your post little differently :)
    About finding artist or album - best place would be "what are You listening atm" thread I quess.
  9. nkramer
    just general music discovery....?
    - pandora
    - last.fm
    - A list of online Music Discovery tools (reddit)

    i've discovered a handful of really good artists by looking up songs i've heard on shows or movies....
  10. nkramer
    here's one for you.... obscure, sure.... not you cup of tea, possibly... but you're looking for discovery, right?

    Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians (wikipedia) (spotify)
  11. TLDRonin
    How well do the ZSRs isolate?

    I'm itching to pick up the translucent green. Don't have any earphone headphones with huge soundstage, nor anything that isolates amazingly
  12. fredhubbard2
    amazing piece of music ... like some sort of acoustic techno
  13. nkramer
    .... that was released in 1978
  14. B9Scrambler
    Is that a bad thing?
  15. nkramer
    no, it's a good thing, ...ahead of it's time.
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