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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    I gotcha. Yes, it's all about priorities.

    Since I mod so much, it was important for me to get some way to subjectively measure gear, vs just relying on my ears. But at the same time, I am on a budget. The calibrated iMM-6 paired with a low cost coupler was the most affordable way to obtain that goal (and it’s surprisingly accurate).

    You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on FR measurement setups! I certainly don't have that kind of money to burn LOL

    burn money.gif
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  2. oyobass
    Amazon has it here for $23.95. If you order a set of eartips or whatever to get the order over $25, it ships for free, (at least in the US). Amazon free shipping is just a little faster than Gearbest paid shipping, lol.
  3. Slater
    I think they were looking for alternative outlets, as @Radek Jandl and @CoiL are located outside of the US.
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  4. oyobass
    Ah. Context is everything...

  5. zazaboy
    got the kz edr1 today pretty cheap imho and they are pretty legit ... I wish I didnt bought the kz zs6 lol ... zs6 got more clarity..but kz edr1 has more bass... but I like the kz edr1 sound signature more... for some tracks.. more bass would be better.. hope kz ate has more bass
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  6. Slater
    EDR1 has more sub bass IMO. ATE is very natural sounding with a good soundstage. It’s good for rock, acoustic, vocals, etc.

    Wow, you are a serious bass head if you want more sub bass than the EDR1. If you swap the stock tips for Starlines tips, that will maximize the bass on the EDR1.

    ATE needs wide bore tips to really shine.
  7. zazaboy
    The subbass is great on edr1 need a bit more bass but its still ok.. I tryed the starlines tips... its great.. but i have ostry tips on them to optimize it for the vocals and the bass.. for my liking
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  8. Holypal
    I saw a picture of real ZS10. It will be released this month, at similar price as ZS6.

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  9. zazaboy
    i like the bass of kz es3, rock zircon, qkz dm300 with proper tips ...and kz zs3.. kz zs3 lacks in vocals though
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  10. vladstef
    This + no tubing/damping -> Mount Everest incoming. Maybe a couple of them.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  11. Slater
    Depends on how they tune the crossover.

    My guess is the DD will be sub bass and bass, (2) of the BAs will be dedicated to midrange, and the other (2) BAs will be for treble.

    We'll know soon enough.
  12. vladstef
    I second this. I think they will use 2 of the BAs used in ZS6 with higher impedance just to keep them in check. That would be the first logical step. Pricing is very concerning though, it will be BY FAR the cheapest 4BA IEM. The least expensive one with 4 BAs and by coincidence 1DD as well is Rhythmos SD7 (140$+). There are also some DIY builds mostly in SE846 shells which pretty much all suck as far as I've seen (they are also 100$+).
  13. nkramer
    ..... now that's just wishful thinking....

    i'd love for the dynamic's role to be solely support for the bottom end, but i've yet to see a hybrid set up this way. (even though it's the way it should be...)

    you and i both know.... it will be a full range dynamic, with sprinkled BAs in certain areas. lets hope they prove me wrong.
  14. Wiljen
    I'd bet you or close but I'd call it

    DD = Low freq
    1 BA = Bass / Lower Mid
    1 BA = Mid
    1 BA = High
    1 BA = Ultra High

    I say that because KZ has paired the 2 BA High/Ultra High on several occasions before and I don't see them moving away from that part of the arrangement.
  15. Slater
    This is where the issue lies, especially if they use the 30095 shown in the promotional ZS10 video. The 30095 is not really effective at bass frequencies.

    They do make specialized bass BA drivers - Knowles makes a dual BA for sub bass/bass that is used in some multi-BA (only) IEMs. Magaosi K5 is one such example.

    But KZ hasn’t used anything like that in the past. Nothing is to say they won’t use one in the future. But dynamic drivers are cheap and effective for the purposes of sub bass (and even filling in the full range), which is why every KZ has always had at least 1 dynamic driver in every hybrid they’ve ever produced (at least through the end of 2018).
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018

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