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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday
    The whirlwinds are the eartips that work best for me on the ZSR and that monstrous nozzle.
  2. Slater
    *cough* ZS5 *cough*

    *cough* ZS1 *cough*

    *cough* ATE *cough*

    *cough* ATR *cough*
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  3. DocHoliday
    Back to square one then.
  4. NeonHD
    I just received my set of Torx screwdrivers today, so you know what that means...

    Lo and behold I took apart the ZS6.


    One of the main reasons why I needed to open the ZS6 was to examine any damages I had caused to the BA drivers, but apparently I don't think you can access the BA drivers from the back unless you remove the two other drivers, which is basically suicide.


    I got some sticky tack stuck in the BAs, but when I try use a needle to scrape them out, there is literally nothing that you can scrape out, despite it still being stuck in there. I'm so confused, I don't understand BA drivers at all......
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  5. Slater
    Nice, here we have yet another example of a non-black ZS6 unit with the offset 6mm driver and no resistor.

    And you’re right about the BA drivers - once the 10mm dynamic is sealed in place, the BAs can only be accessed from the nozzle side.
  6. hakuzen
    thanks for measuring the resistors!
    the SMD resistor which is 200 labeled means 20Ω (SMD label convention), as you stated (you read 19Ω with your DMM).
    after doing resistance calculations, it matches the total dc resistance and resistance at low frequencies i measured (gross values):

    BA KZ30095: ~13Ω
    DD (6mm or 10mm): ~31Ω
    resistors: ~20Ω, ~14Ω

    zs5v1 (no resistors): DD || DD || BA || BA. total dc resistance: ~4.5Ω
    zs6: [R1 + (BA || BA)] || [R2 + (DD || DD)]. total dc resistance: ~14Ω
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  7. Squalo
    You guys should focus your attention to the larger dynamic.

    Look at all of the last 3 pictures posted; C2thew - black, Puggie - grey, NeonHD - red. A mesh covers the driver and appears "white" in the center, the vent. A washer/ring (plastic i guess) covers the outer side of the driver under the mesh appearing "black", and then a circle of metal surounds. The white circle is significantly smaller in the last 3 ZS6 posted than it is in the pictures posted previously. And as the hole is smaller the black washer/ring is larger in these 3. I'd say the vent is about 1/3 of the previous. That's the kind of trick you can pull if you want to change the bass response of the driver. And it looks pretty consistant over all 3 pairs. (So it can indicate a moar bass or otherwise refined sig.)

    Looking at older pictures the size of the black washer seems to vary a bit. Hoever the new pictures posted here show the washer being significantly larger.


    The non-center vent on the smaller driver seems to have been around for a while.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  8. chinmie
    The ZS5 has great sound and fit for me using ortofon tips, love the soundstage. The only thing that bothers me is the exaggerated treble volume and position on the soundstage. It's like having the drummer on the center in front of you, but someone put the cymbals right next to you. They never sounded sibilant or splashy though, just unnaturally close.

    I like the T2 better altough the stage could be better
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  9. fredhubbard2
    I'm a drummer so I don't mind that ha ha! altho tbf haven't really noticed that so much
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  10. chinmie
    Swap left to right, and you have yourself a drummer's point of view mix :beyersmile:
  11. CoiL
    Same here. I think You have v1 in Your hands&ears (lucky You!). I haven`t heard T2`s but that says lot good about ZS5v1.
    Seems You have v2. I hear exactly opposite - outside of "headstage" imaging and good depth/distance, with nicely layered and spread out "around" You presentation.
    Maybe it`s about the tips You use (foams?) that let BA (cymbals) sound more in play and DD (drums) lay back due to compressed tip edge inside ear? Who knows...
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  12. chinmie
    I bought it September 2017, who knows what version it was, you surely have the better idea. I used ortofon silicon tips (i never use foam tips). I also tried the stock tips and some spinfits, but like the ortofons the best. I only had them briefly and sold them afterwards, because i like the urbanfun and einsear T2 better at the time

    The soundstage is large, but to me it is a bit exaggerated and spaced out weirdly compared to my other gears (iems, earbuds, headphones and studio monitor speakers included)
    Nice, large and trippy staging, but not accurate for me
  13. CoiL
    For what it counts, I compared my ZS5v1 with my desk setup (Modified Aune T1 with siemens e88cc goldpin + Fidelio X1 with custom cable) and ZS5v1 is VERY similar and accurate in imaging, layering and soundstage. I definitely wouldn`t say that ZS5v1 soundstage is exaggerated but v2 and ZS6 might sound so due to little more boosted highs and lows.
    September 2017 should be time that only ZS5v2 was available.
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  14. PantsUK
    My searching is failing me and if mentioned on this thread apologies but any idea when I can get a set of balanced cables for my ZS5s and 6s ? My googlefoo is weak with this one :wink:
  15. Wiljen
    Veclan cables (AKA VE) has them.

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