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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nadezhda 6004
    Where can I read about it in details or see the pictures?
  2. C2thew
    Here's a picture from my black ZS6 . I don't see that 200 resistor on my recent one either.

    black, red, blue <---- KZ ZS6 v1

    grey <--- KZ ZS6 v2? (higher price? or is it higher demand since it looks nicer?)
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  3. C2thew
    Do you have another picture with the red connector out of the way of the speaker?
  4. Puggie
    My guess is KZ buy drivers in batches and they vary slightly from one to the next, the tweaks in values of the passive accounts for this. I'll bet that '200 ohm' resistor is a 20, mine have a 19ohm in that position. I will try and measuremthe response of mine, anyone care to share their measurement rig?

    EDIT: my pair measure 13.2Ohm in that position, although I am measuring in circuit... I really need an odd IEM to properly tear down.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  5. Puggie
    This is the best i have

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  6. nicolanico
    Thanks :wink:
  7. CoiL
    Oh my... another KZ revision-train going on :disappointed:
    Glad I jumped off from KZ IEMs... this is just getting ridiculous without KZ notifying ppl! Too many variables to recommend one KZ to someone based on personal unit.
    Despite I have lot of KZs I really like and want to recommend, this sucks, quite big!
    Lately I though about having all those KZs and what I have learned from different sound signatures and modding as good cheap educational journey... but now because different revisions going on - ppl can`t even count on other IEM recommendations based of KZ IEM they own.
    But I guess this is KZ business model - quanitity before quality. And as we have seen - huge new lineup coming.
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  8. vladstef
    We shouldn't really be this surprised about KZ's approach. They have ZS5, ZS6 and ZSR which have many drivers and given how many units they are selling, driver sourcing is probably an issue. Not trying to justify their actions, just being realistic. A small notification or a name change would've gone a long way towards customer satisfaction, but even then, most people buying KZ IEMs do so because they look "pro" and sound at least ok - way better then mainstream budget offerings.
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  9. Puggie
    Any small budget manufacturer is going to work this way, they cannot produce their own drivers or afford something of a long term established production line (Knowles Sonion etc), they will buy what they can get at the time. then when the manufacturer updates their product (the driver) that upgrade comes through to the IEM producer. The driver manufacturer probably makes 50k units then once they are in production goes into development to improve the design and keep ahead of the game. once that stock is exhausted the 'new' driver goes onto the production line.
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  10. Slater
    While I do understand about manufacturing production runs, and suppliers and all that, this seems like a very intentional effort on KZs part.

    For example, when the ATR v1 was originally released, they ALL used 1 driver - the same driver. Now there’s an ATR v2, revised on purpose, that uses the ATE driver. All current ATRs.

    Im not going to believe that KZ has a big bin of 6mm drivers, all different from different suppliers, different production runs, with potentially different sound, and they just randomly pick a driver from the bin, willy nilly, like pulling the handle on a slot machine.

    If that IS the case, and it’s just an issue of having different suppliers for parts, then why does it appear that only the BLACK ZS6 is the uniquely configured model?

    They certainly don’t do that with their BA drivers. There’s specific BA drivers that go into specific IEMs in specific configurations. Otherwise, we’d be seeing ZS5v1, ZS5 v2, and ZSRs with random driver configurations too.

    And besides, this still doesn’t explain why some ZS6 models have the resistor and other don’t. Is that random too (“ie sure, let’s put a resistor in these 2, but not these 5, but now these 4, and not these 17...”).

    I think there WAS an intentional tuning change, as evidenced at least by the 2 different 6mm driver and the resistors. I just don’t know yet WHEN the change happened and what colors it affects.

    Maybe the black ones are the “old” one, and all colors but black are the different design (red, green, and grey). So far, the black ones have been the only one with the resistors and the ‘center hole’ 6mm driver.

    When I get home tonight I’m going to check my black and red pair, as they are the most recent ones I’ve received (in January) other than the grey one I just ordered. If my newest black one is still the only one with the unique configuration, then that’s pretty strong evidence IMO.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  11. aspire5550
    Hey guys, lets me share something with you guys about chinese manufacturers. There is a brand of mechanical keyboard called Plum or NIZ, they are both under the same boss. The company is also similar compared to KZ where they manufacture budget products which punch above its price. In a recent interview, he was asked if they did any hardware revision to their keyboards, he admitted that they actually did improve the keyboard in various aspect.

    Because all these changes were not documented or publicised, they all mainly went undetected. The fans all actually asked the boss to document it somewhere so that people are aware that Plum/Niz do make improvement and tweaks to their products to make them better. When people are aware that this company do go all the extra steps to make sure their products are good, more people will want to buy the product more, the sales will just shoot up. The boss's response was simply, "I am happy with our current sales number, I don't see a reason to document the tweaks and small changes made to the keyboards."

    So I am not shocked to see that KZ do make improvements or tweaks or changes to their products without announcing the changes. Maybe this is some common practice in the companies in china?
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  12. vladstef
    Isn't ZS5v1 and v2 exactly the example of this? I mostly believe now that they just didn't have enough of the upper mid range BAs that were in the body of ZS5v1 and just doubled the ones in the nozzle to keep calling it a 4 driver IEM. It was a pretty random move since everyone liked v1 more than v2 but more importantly, they didn't even bother explaining.
    Obviously, not everything that they do is random, but it does appear that they are making at least some revisions not to improve sound but to adjust to their driver supplies using drivers with similar responses. Again, I am limiting everything I say to 'some', there just isn't enough evidence to say this conclusively.
  13. Otto Motor
    Warning: Slater reported the EDR2 is less bassy...maybe we have different revisions. I find both so close that it almost comes down to colour. Received two more EDR2 yesterday. They really do compare well to substantially more expensive earphones.
  14. nicolanico
  15. DocHoliday


    Knowledge Zenith revised the ZS5 in response to the controversy surrounding the BA that was positioned in the cavity of the housing. The revision occurred shorty after said controversy.
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