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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    I think this is not just something that chinese manufacturers do.
    I think it's something MANY companies do. Even the one where i worked for so much time improved their products (science and research machines, xray analisators etc etc) without even saying to people they were renewing something to improve their products.

    I think KZ just see the feedbacks around the web and tries to change the production on the go, so they can satisfy their customer that will sure buy their products again.
    Anyway, i'm gonna wait for someone to confirm ZS6 has different version.
    I've read many zs5v1 enthusiastic revisions and when i decided to buy them i saw there was a v2 version that sucked compared to the v1.
    Then i foused the zs6 but figured out people said it had piercing highs/big boost to the trebles, which i don't like.
    I really like my actual drivers (Memt x5) but i can't still enjoy the voices at 100% as mids are recessed.
    So in the zs6 i wouldh have less deep bass a more focus on the treble, which i don't like.

    Is there any comparison of the ZSR with the zs6 (grey version)?
    Are there some IEMS from kz coming out soon?
  2. vladstef
    Ok, perhaps this was the case, but I am not sure that it helps at all downgrading a product for the sake of removing a controversy that only a a small percentage of buyers even new or cared about. But to end an argument, KZ has done this with many of their products, including ATE, ATR, ZS1, apparently ZS6 and probably many more, taking ZS5 out of conversation changes very little.
    I am a KZ fan but I don't follow them blindly and they need to be called out on this because it is irresponsible. Imagine if phone manufacturers kept changing internal components without saying anything...
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  3. DocHoliday
    What argument are you referring to? I've been vocal about this issue for over a year and even here on head-fi, you should feel free to peruse through my previous posts for my comments on the issue.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  4. vladstef
    Should've said - 'In addition' or something similar. It's not always easy to use English expressions when it's not your native language and things can blend together.
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  5. Slater
    Which tips are you using? That was what caused my issue. The tips on the new white boxed EDR2s I was using had an extremely small bore that was the cause of the strong bass response (until I realized that what was going on).

    Once I installed the same tip on both, the differences between the EDR1 and EDR2 was more noticeable (especially when listening back to back with the HDS3, which sounded quite similar to the EDR2 except for a difference in the quantity of sub bass).
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  6. mrmoto050
    KZ and Chinese Company's are not the only one's. In Manufacturing of products and designs, they are called "Revisions" such as Rev A, Rev B and so forth.
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  7. DocHoliday
    This issue of modifying a given product without proper identification or notification is my biggest pet peeve with KZ. All of the reasons, excuses and silence from KZ are unacceptable and most assuredly unprofessional.

    I used to wonder if someone at KZ actually just hired a brother in-law or family member who needed a job, but had no idea what they were doing. Then I wondered why KZ chose not to hire competent quality control personnel. I've come to the conclusion that KZ doesn't care enough about what they've built.

    True, KZ seems to be heading in the right direction if the new "qq email" thingy now on the packaging is an effort to address quality control, but as Joe Elliott and the boys say;
    Give me action.....action.......action, not words.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  8. CoiL
    I personally don`t mind changes if they are pointed out clearly to customers. KZ hasn`t done it. That`s the sad thing about KZ.

    +100 to what Doc just said.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  9. Saoshyant
    The last thing we need is a situation like the mRice & Baldoor E100, where nobody really knew what was going on, there was supposedly good and bad versions that had zero distinguishing characteristics, and a dozen other small issues making it difficult to track down a supposedly good unit.
  10. Otto Motor
    I don't use/never tried the small-bore tips included but these (on most of my earphones unless they came with the starline tips):

    I find them almost the same sounding and wonder whether my perception changes every time I insert the earpieces slightly differently.

    Presently, I don't have a second pair of EDR1 (on order) to compare nylon and metal mesh.

    But the main point is: both EDR1 and EDR2 are darn good.
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  11. fredhubbard2
    this probs doesnt help the 'controversy', i only ordered my ZS5's about 4 weeks ago...had them for 10 days or so now....i dunno if ive got V1 or V2 or V3 or whatever but they sound amazing; i'm listening to tunes i know like the back of my hand and and they all sound fresh and new. I cant enthuse about these IEMs enough. Theres no harsh treble or sibilance or bass bloat. everything is rich and detailed with a beautifully wide soundstage...like a Havi B3 Pro1 but deeper. i love them. cant put them down.

    I ordered a pair of ZSR's today so looking forward to how they compare when they arrive but ATM these are my ideal IEMs.

    Much prefer them to the TinAudio T2's I received about a week before.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  12. fredhubbard2
    ... what more; they seem to pair with all my sources really well. addicted to these! :)
  13. khighly
    I'm still waiting to buy a ZS6 so I get as close to possible of a new revision, but I may buy a pair from the KZ Official Store on Aliexpress soon. I still have one OG ZS6, so I'll eventually test with them both and see if there are any changes.
  14. NeonHD
    I would not recommend buying the ZS6 right now. I bought them in January for around $20 USD but they currently go for way above $40. I'll probably wait til late spring to buy another pair, their price should be relatively deflated by then.
  15. Slater
    FYI, the QQ email address isn’t intended for any quality control purposes. It’s simply an email domain, like gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, etc.

    Previous packages also had an email address; it was just a different address.

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