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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. theintroprose
    Life saver! Yup I am definitely in phase now on my ESR, which means all this time I was listening to them out of phase, and they are internally wired wrong. :frowning2:
  2. bsoplinger
    Although I like the YouTube video I linked as a quick and dirty check for wiring I like the options from using the various files he's offering. I paid the $5 PayPal he's asking for support just to get access to the wav files of the various sounds. After all, I'm down to less than 10 out of the appropriate 50 difference earphones getting a full 100 hours of burn-in and a few listening sessions over a day or two depending on how nice they sounded. The sweeps should be useful for trying to get at least some consistency in my reviews of the lot.
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  3. bsoplinger
    I should have added that its possible to extract the audio from the video. You'll get a m4a file, AAC audio file. Most players will handle that. It will be correct and output the testing waveforms correctly. If you make a mp3 from the video because of compatibility issues make sure you don't use joint audio as part of the compression options. I may be old enough so that the option isn't available anymore. The trouble with joint stereo is that it store a single audio stream containing everything in common between the two channels and then 2 separate substreams of the difference between the common and left or right. And the out of phase sections have nothing in common and the subbands won't contain enough info to recreate the waveform. So you'll just hear the out of phase sections get really quiet.
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  4. Slater
    This isn't the best one, but its better than nothing. I have a number of ZS5 v1 ans ZS6. But this is the only ZS5 v2 that I've ever seen shared. Someone posted it a while ago and I saved it, knowing I'd need it at some point in the future LOL

    Maybe someone has a better one?

    There's 2 lines on this - the white line is the UiiSii CM5. The ZS5 v2 is the other line.

    (click for larger view)

    ZS5 v2 vs CM5 FR.png
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
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  5. CoiL
    Take multimeter and measure R/L/G impedances. If there is at least 0.3Ohm difference with cables, then it could be from impedance difference.
    I have experienced this several times. Simplest example is stock Fidelio X1 cable of which You can find many examples about too high impedance.
    Usually impedance around 0.5Ohm and lower - I can`t hear any difference. But around 0.8Ohm vs. =>0.5 Ohm, I have noticed differences in sound.
    For example I use high impedance ~1.2 Ohm cable with my senfer 4in1 to "smooth out" little harsh highs.
    You are finally starting to understand hi-fi :wink: HiFi-Chris has educated You well :wink:

    ZS5v2 has "same" treble as ZS6, so, downgrade to ZS5v2 doesn`t help you. Unfortunately finding ZS5v1 is impossible, it`s not on sale anymore as I know.

    About cables... I`m all about HQ OFC cables rather than cheapo "silver" plated unknown quality copper ones. But if it measures >=0.5 Ohm, it is usually good enough for everything.
    Well, at least with my gear. My DX5X output impedance should be >0.5Ohm, probably even lower due to hardware modifications. That`s why I`m getting different results with my ZS5v1 as many here. Additionally, many try to "tame" highs by foams instead wide bore silicones (which actually balance sound even more), which also increases my results difference.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
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  6. fredhubbard2
    to my ears the ZS5 is like a very refined ZST , a bit brighter, brings more detail and a wider soundstage.
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  7. SomeTechNoob
    tonality on the zs5 is improved as well. Just gotta live with the sizzly sss's now that v2s are all you can find.
  8. NeonHD
  9. chinmie
    Silly me, i didn't realize i've mis-typed my question until you replied :dizzy_face:.. I'm sorry

    what i meant was how was the ZSR compared to the ZS5
  10. Puggie
    Has anyone done a teardown of the grey ZS6s (or any of the others)? I have a pair here and some tools. Would it be beneficial for the forum if I pulled them apart and posted pic and numbers of the internal components?
  11. DocHoliday
    Thanks for the offer. I think the most useful thing would be to use a sewing needle to gently/safely remove the mesh screen without bending it. Then take a magnifying glass and see if you can make out if the balanced armatures are identical or not. There was an image posted that suggests that KZ may now be using two different BA models in the ZS5, ZS6 and perhaps using said BAs in the newest member of the family, the ZSR.
    Note the different model numbers for the BAs in the ZS5, (above).

    For the ZS6 all we need to know is if KZ is using two separate models of BAs; one for treble and one for upper midrange. If you can then replace your mesh screen back on the nozzle unaltered then your peering in for a better look will have a minimum effect on your new ZS6. The alleged improvement to bass response would be a crossover issue, but I suppose a photo wouldn't hurt.

    If you have an earlier model of the ZS6 in addition to your new grey ZS6 then a good track to test bass response on is one of the following:

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  12. Puggie
    I just have the grey ZS6s only one pair. I'm hoping to do some proper acoustic measurements, but since moving from a Mac to Pc I have lost the use of Fuzzmeasure, my budget measurement tool of choice. I will whip a grille out later today and have a look under a magnifier. I@ve been meaning to try the M2 washer mod for better bass.
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  13. nxnje
    Been comparing my memt x5 with my old zs3.
    ZS3 sounds a bit darker, while memt x5 actually shows up some good detail even if the mids are still recessed.
    Lows are a bit less deep but difference is very very very very lilttle, but i'm really surprised on how the tiny memt x5 can make kicks so punchy and basses so deep. I would never expect such performances from these little drivers and i tip them instead of zs3.
    Foam tips are anyway tipped, can't pull them out as they're the best thing i've ever tried.
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  14. fredhubbard2
    good question ...wouldn't mind the answer to that myself LOL
  15. ricemanhk
    It's been a while since I posted here...my ZS5v1 still going strong but the silicone tips keep sliding off after some use when ear wax/oil eventually gets on it. A good washing with soap will solve it but it'll happen again after a few weeks.

    How is ZS6 and ZSR vs ZS5v1? I'm finding ZS3 and ZST more comfy than ZS5 so thinking of ZSR, but not sure if it's a regression from ZS5. Is the wider bore making the tips more secure or did they finally add back a notch like in the ZS3/ZST?

    And when is that 5 driver (originally ZSR pro) coming...?

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