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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. jeromeaparis
    Since long, I've been experimenting with the speaker and source cables on various hifi setups, including tube and AV amps And I found that both may have a big impact on the sound.
    The quality of the metal counts: it should mostly be made off OFC Copper (3.20$/lb). If not ofc, it may oxydate quickly, conductivity of oxydated copper is bad.
    I do not believe in the copper plated aluminium (1$/lb), that is much cheaper, for good hifi. Big cheap cables are made of Al
    The number of wires influences the sound, and also the finish or polish of their outer surface.
    The diameter of the metal will determine the resistance (ohms) it has influence on bass and sub
    The Silver metal, (240$/lb conductivity only slightly better than copper) plated over each wire, will give a (possibly much) brighter sound, specialy for the trebles, and the bass will be more focused but thinner.

    Silver plated cables can easily give agressive trebles and hard voices (on some cases with too soft trebles and big round bass it may help if you re too lazy for electronic mods)
    I believe that pure ofc copper cables made off lot of thin well polished wires give the best sound specialy for the voices and trebles
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  2. oyobass
    I've been waiting for my Bluetooth module for close to 80 days, so I'm in the same boat.
  3. zazaboy
    can anyone recommend a good cable for kz zs6 anyone have info about good cables on aliexpress?
  4. chinmie
    How is the ZST compared to the ZS5?
  5. chinmie
    The EDR1 is one of the KZ that the form i like, it looks industrial and robust. I haven't had the chance to try them yet because i was exploring other things..and now i had enough cans already. . But i will buy them soon, just for kicks
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  6. C2thew
    So I opened up the zs6 shells and can confirm that one of the torx screws is a "dummy" screw.... Meaning that it doesn't actually thread into any material and is simply held in by friction. The screw in question is the one left of the vents on the left earbud and the one right of the right vent for the right vent for the right ear bud. It is there for aesthetics.

    There's lots of glue inside.
  7. bsoplinger
    Lots of glue holding things together instead of physical bits. Always a sign of high craftsmanship :frowning2:
  8. Wiljen
    I've had a few in ears where the best use of glue was to remove the tips and pour super glue directly into the nozzles until they wouldn't hold any more. This way at least no-one else could ever be subjected to that torture. The most recent rev sample I got that fit that criteria was a Riversong. They should have been thrown in the river and left to drown.
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  9. Slater
    It's not glue - I know it looks like it's just just a bunch of messy glue globbed in there, but it was intentional and serves a very specific purpose (ie benefit).

    The blue "glue" you see is a special silicone-based dampening agent that is designed to improve driver isolation in multi-driver setups.

    KZ went the extra mile for us, in order to provide the best sound possible from the ZS5 and ZS6. They didn't have to add it - they could have just as easily cheaped-out (like many other low end manufacturers) and actually USED glue.

    I talked about it in more detail here, when I 1st opened up the ZS5 and discovered what it was: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-1275#post-13616188
  10. hakuzen
    i've just received grey zs6. also got red ones with qq email, zsr, and zs5v2.
    will try to measure them (fr response and maybe impedance curve) this week if i have the time for it, and will compare to older zs6 (not qq email) to check if something changed
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
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  11. NeonHD
    Anyone here got a FR curve of the ZS5v2?

    I'm planning on downgrading from my ZS6 and getting the ZS5 instead, and I'm curious to see if the treble on the ZS5v2 is more tamed.
  12. bsoplinger
    Didn't know although I seem to remember seeing that picture before so perhaps it was before I actually owned a KZ product and just didn't think it was something to remember. I will admit when I first saw pictures of these various multiple driver IEMs, especially those with 3+, I remember thinking it was odd that there seemed to be no isolation or dampening as I'd see in standard stereo speakers with similar multiple drivers. So its nice to know that it is useful in the smaller size of an IEM and that some companies deal with it properly.
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  13. theintroprose
    I think my ZSR has inverted phases. They sound noticeably more natural with inverted both left and right cables. Both of the cable inscription L-R are now pointed inwards. On my ZS6 they are pointed outwards and that seams to be correct but will need to do more listening to confirm. I actually now have some soundstage on my ZSRs.. sigh.
  14. Otto Motor
    Test your channels here:
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  15. bsoplinger
    There is at least one file somewhere in this thread that points to a YouTube video that has a stereo and phase test. It plays left, right then stereo a few times then goes to an in phase out of phase sequence. Although designed for standard stereo speakers it is useful with earphones and you can tell the difference between the in and out of phase parts. I'll edit this with the post or the YouTube link once I find where I kept it because I remember thinking it would be useful for others don't loose it.

    Edit: name is: speaker polarity test - test tone

    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018

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