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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday
    They actually look even better up close and personal.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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  2. Slater
    So wait, the ZS6 hasn't been revised now? I thought people had decided KZ did revise it, since new marketing photos shows changes to the BA arrangement and configuration?
  3. DocHoliday

    Didn't see this until after reading Pod's post.

    My, my, my! Looks like I'll be chomping at the bit until the Pewter ZS6 comes in. Sigh...
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  4. bsoplinger
    Through a mixture of inattention and carelessness I have 2 unopened black ZS6 from the initial big discount Gearbest offered the first time. That's in addition to the opened red and black pairs. So if it turns out that there really is a mk2 of them and someone feels a need to have an older pair I'll be happy to arrange a deal for whomever wants. Right now they're just sitting in their boxes since I have no reason to open them. Of course that's in addition to the ZS5 mk2 that's unopened sitting right there next to them since I already have 2 of those opened too. Actually they're sitting on the unopened BossHifi B3 since I ended up buying a duplicate of that too. :slight_frown:

    Good news, I thought I'd duplicated myself again when I got an ED9 and EDR2, think I got the model numbers right. They are practically identical in configuration, topology but they're obviously different sizes when compared. But I'd received them about a week apart from each other and it wasn't until I went to the burn-in pile to grab something to replace what I'd just finished with did I realize that they were different.

    I like both as a small discreet for napping or sleeping IEM that sounds decent.
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  5. DocHoliday
    Looks like more input and more testing is necessary. I may have read too much into Pod's comments. Apparently, I made a third-party comment (haven't received mine yet). I'll comment when mine arrives.
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  6. bsoplinger
    Could the apparent increase in efficiency just be a subtly increased midrange due to a configuration change?
  7. DocHoliday

    I'll keep that in mind about the 2 black ZS6's. It's great that you got them at a good price, too. PM me with the price you're considering. I'm thinking about using them to do this with the Pewter ZS6 when it arrives so a black ZS6 at a good price may just be the answer.

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  8. stmiller
    Hi doc,

    Just received my white cable. After testing with ZS6, i made some observations..

    1. The TRN cable seems to emphasise treble response significantly, hence creating a wider soundstage and micro detail retrieval is much more noticeable.

    2. It slightly reduces bass impact, more obvious in the midbass region and slightly less in subbass.

    3. It doesn't come with the guide wire so thats a plus.

    The above are comparisons against the Ak Upgraded ZS5 Gold Plated Cable (image from fellow head-fier) which I've been using since i purchased my ZS6 about a month ago. 10013264.jpg
    Where can i find the black colour?

    Seems its sold out on Ali.
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  9. rayliam80
    I'm also thinking of buying the TRN Silver cable when everyone on Aliexpress comes back from CNY vacation. The black is available from banned seller when I checked last night.
  10. Podster
    The ZS6 has more impactful bass but it does seem to have more energy overall and looking at the specs on yhe boxes nothing is different but you can tell they have more bass right out the box.

    Sent you a pm and you can ignore all thise links if you have something already just let me know.

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  11. VinceHill24
    I had asked KZ on qq last week about ZS6 v2 changes and they denied that there has been any changes. I think if what they claim is true then the difference ppl hear is either some placebo effect or inconsistent QC. Maybe they've switched up the BA driver without letting us know too ? We won't know anyway if they do... maybe some brave souls here can help verify it ? lol

    And just to give a little insight, i thought KZ make their own BA driver or has been using some custom made BA driver manufactured exclusively for them all these while, turned out i was wrong when 1 of my ZST decided to fail and when i dissect it just for the sake of fun, the BA has a clear Bellsing logo on it. At this point i can almost confirm all those China brand iems with BA driver most of them surely comes from Bellsing. The ZST was quite some time back tho, probably 6 or 8 months back i can't remember.
  12. stmiller
    Good luck then.. as for me its back to my ak upgraded cable (without guide wires) :ksc75smile:
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  13. DocHoliday

    I think it's best to wait until the whole country gets back to work in late February, then everything should be restocked and ready to go.

    Thanks for the impressions about the cable pairing.

    I've considered getting that orange cable, but in yellow and in grey. Is it a good and durable cable and has there been any discoloration since new?
  14. DocHoliday
    I wonder if the slight bass increase is a result of using one midrange BA + one treble BA instead of two treble BAs. Not sure if that's the case but psycho-acoustics may play a part. The connection between the ears and the brain are far more advanced than we give credit for.

    Proof, you all say? Give us proof!

  15. CoiL
    Here is crappy smartphone pic:[​IMG]

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