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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. ahmadfaizadnan
    Definitely something worth to try. I love how the ZS6 sounds with my Pioneer XDP-100r but with SU1 > Holo Spring level 3 > ECP DSHA-0 > ZS6, it is on a different level. A straight WOW came out from my mouth when the music plays albeit a quite overkill setup for ZS6.
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  2. Podster
    ZS6 balanced out of my Opus # 1 is KA'z:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I only wish my Noble "X" sounded as good especially after shelling out more than 8 times what I got my ZS6's for ($28.99, first pair)! Of course it's subjective but I do know what my ears prefer and for sure my wallet:rolling_eyes:
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  3. bsoplinger
    I don't believe that the $5 the $13.99 price is available anymore. However the Amazon link in what you quoted has them down to $11.99 with Prime shipping.

    Provided more as info for anyone else interested. I paid $16 for my single pair in the beginning of December and wasn't unhappy with them although I didn't think they sounded as good as you feel they did. Perhaps I'll revisit them now that I have a few styles of ear tips that work well for me. I'd definitely suggest them to folks in this thread.

    Getting back to the thread's topic… Do we know if the new and approved, according to the Gearbest page, ZS6 is really any different than the original ones? For that matter new ZS5, again according to the images at Gearbest, do they actually exist?
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  4. ahmadfaizadnan
    My ZS6 takes most my IEM listening time replacing my Westone 30. Well, not that the Westone 30 is not good by any means but like you, I know what my ears prefer :L3000:
  5. DocHoliday

    The ZS6 is really a great piece of kit. Once again, KZ may have altered the sound signature slightly if they have in fact released a ZS6(ii). The only way to find out is to follow this thread because KZ always seem to remain silent on such things other than issuing new promotional images.

    Looking forward to the ZSR, though I don't expect it to surpass the ZS6. More importantly, I wonder how Knowledge Zenith is planning on doing a one-up on the ZS6. Should be an interesting year.

    If the global currency markets collapse in the next 90 days all bets are off for being able to obtain the newer models. Let's hope that instability doesn't seize up the marketplace.

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  6. bsoplinger
    Are you saying that you feel like ZS6 sound better than the Noble X from Massdrop? I snagged a used pair on eBay for about half price and rather enjoy them. They actually fit better for me than the ZS6 which I think is the 2nd most problematic fitment issues IEM I have. The only thing worse was a pair of very low profile traditional kidney bean shape (like the KST) that has very short nozzles. Even going to triple flange tips barely gets me a seal. And these are IEMs that tons of folks love the fit they get. I'll insert the name if / when I remember :thinking:
  7. DocHoliday

    Jury's still out on this, but the reports will come in soon enough. In the meantime....
    What else is KZ up to?!?!

  8. Podster
    That is exactly what I'm saying and that is a direct comparison with my Opus # 1 which is by far my best DAP. I've played the "X"'s on everything I have and I've yet to be impressed especially for $249.00. My Trinity Icarus III and Master's leave the Nobles in the dust for my ears and for what I paid for them they don't even come close to my FLC8S, for that matter I much prefer my ASG Rockets. I prefer my Mee P1's to the Nobles but as with anything subjective YMMV.

    @DocHoliday , I don't really have any measurement tools outside these old ears but my guess is KZ made the ZS6 V2 more efficient. They do sound louder than both my V1 Black and Red's however the SS is pretty much the same. If anything I'd like someone to test if the V2 is more efficient than the V1 model. Been going back and forth for two days with your cuts from page 1866 plus a bunch of my stuff and all I can tell is the V2 is louder out of all devices with same braided cable and starline tips.
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  9. stryed

    Do you have a KZ5v2 or V1 for comparison? There's a nice deal of the red zs6 on Gearbest. Really enjoy my kz5 v2 but I've already lost a pair and am using my backup...

    I also noted you had a modded takstar pro82, which mod is this? I just bought one that I'm offering as a bday gift today and wouldn't mind giving some tips ! Might also get one for myself one day hehehehe...:dt880smile:
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  10. ahmadfaizadnan
    My housemates have the ZS5 (I believe it's V2) and tried them for an hour with my DAP. Amazing piece for its price but decided to get ZS6 instead. I might as well re-audition the ZS5 and see how they compare with my system. With the Pro 82, I use the tuning foam mod and put a rolled tissue paper in each cup to elevate the pad. Love the mod so far!
  11. Duncan Moderator
    So, I liked the ZS6 so much, that I bought a second pair, here in comes my predicament, and sorry if this has been discussed, but too many pages, anyhow, they seem to sound quite different, the newer ones sounding more immediate, slightly warmer (less treble), using same cables and same tips...

    Could class it as expectation bias, but I had none, additionally, the rear of the boxes are different...

    Left is first pairs box, right is second... Question is, if there are different versions, which one is which (i.e. which is the newer production run), or if there isn't a newer version, is this a QC concern for new buyers)? 20180213_201229.jpg
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  12. Podster
    The latest model only comes in Gray to the best of my knowledge and I hear what you hear a more immediate SS, the only think I see different on your boxes is the contact info. Everything else seems to be the same.

    The Gray was a later release so I would think it was the latest run of them as well.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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  13. B9Scrambler
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  14. rayliam80
    Wow those green shells look more enticing now. I was resisting buying a 2nd pair of ZS6s but...oh my...
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  15. DocHoliday
    Thanks Pod, this is priceless information. That answers a ton of questions. Much appreciated! Good to know that the SS hasn't been ruined. For a little while I thought I'd have to stock up on the ZS6(i). It's good to know there is no change. Way to go KZ! If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

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