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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. stmiller
    I just used that image for illustration purposes.

    I have the grey, so no info on discolouration.

    However this is a durable cable. Only irritation is the guide wire.
  2. Jay Magaling
    So I lost the steel mesh on the left piece of my ZS5 Anyone knows what's the appropriate size for the ZS5? And is it the same size as the ZS3?

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  3. bsoplinger
    That's a decent looking connector. Sometimes the ones that have good conductivity look awful or cheap and the other way around too. Really nice looking jacks have awful. I ended up getting a few different straight 2.5mm TRRS to make my own balanced cables from the nicer braided silver ones since even adding in the cost of 2 jacks per cable was about $10 less than the most inexpensive pre-made ones and those didn't have as nice a cable in my opinion.
  4. Podster
    Good question, has it been proven/verified that the two BA's are dufferent in the ZS6V2?

    If it really is a Mid BA I'm amazed at just how much it increases the bass presence in the V2 but something has given them a more immediate in yo face presentation! On some, actually very few cuts it's almost too much but with that said I'm also think the cut has been engineered to have more bass.
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  5. Slater
    The issue with the ZS5 is that the nozzle mesh is glued into place, vs the peel and stick adhesive ring on the nozzle mesh like most IEMs.

    Are you planning on glueing the mesh in place? If so, don't use superglue. Use microdrops of fast dry epoxy (applied with a sewing needle) or a few drops of Laser Bond UV glue (applied to the outside seam between the mesh and the outside edge of the nozzle are). Drops at 12 o clock, 3, 6, and 9 should be all that's needed.

    On a related topic, it looks like the bass vents are coated/clogged with black paint. You can especially see it on the left IEM (the one with the missing mesh). Although it could be the lighting in the photo.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  6. DocHoliday

    Only indication is KZ going from this


    To this:. 51bw1h4QoUL._SL1500_-1.jpg
  7. Podster
    Yes, i knew the new schematic shows it but was wondering if any of the Modders (not mentioning any names unless COIL is a name, jk bub). Had actually torn one down and verified. I find it strange that they changed out one of the high BA for a Mid BA and specs remain the same across the board or like one the back of the box!
  8. mrmoto050
    I finally had a chance to open my New Z6's up (Grey). The DD's are exactly as shown in diagram, there is what looks like a crossover network atop the larger driver. I haven't had the time to take the grill off yet so I can't say anything about the BA's. But they definitely sound different then my older ones.Sorry no pictures, haven't had time.
  9. DocHoliday

    It is an oddity. As far as I can make out KZ did one of two things:

    1) The original image was not specific enough and they updated it to reflect more accurate specifications.


    2) They actually adjusted the BA make up and/or bass response (I'm assuming they did so in order to go head to head with the 1More Quad-driver. Some have commented that the ZS6 is slightly less refined than the 1More Quad, so maybe this was KZ's way of addressing that).

    Just a thought.

    I do remember, after my original post about this subject, that someone else posted that there are actually now two different models of BAs in the nozzle now. The 30995 for the treble and another model for the midrange. I'll look for that post and add it here if I find it.

    *** UPDATE ***

    My mistake. The post I referred to was actually a post about the ZS5. Oddly enough though, this image does show that KZ does in fact utilize two different BAs.

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  10. trumpethead
    They were 8.99 each with the coupon...and yes of course ymmv.
    I paid 8.99 each with the coupon. And yes of course ymmv.
  11. DocHoliday

    Thanks for the ZS6 impression.

    Do you prefer the sound of your X5ii over the X5iii? I don't necessarily need an android based DAP and prefer the old skool set-up. What are your thoughts on the X5ii? I hear that it's more accurate/less colored.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  12. trumpethead
    I might be interested in 1 Black ZS6 and also the Boss B3..can you pm me some pricing..I'm on Ct so shipping sb minimal.Thanks
  13. Slater
    What you describe is the typical ZS6 layout.

    To put this to rest, someone is going to need to physically remove both BA drivers and tell us the part numbers on the body.
  14. Mr. Rattlehead
    Since I have two defective pairs of KZ ZS3 lying with me (right side silent in both), I wanted to know whether I can take out the drivers & everything from the left side shell and put them in the right side shell and have at least one working pair? Will it even work properly? Thanks!
  15. Lord Rexter
    Well Doc, to answer your question I prefer FiiO X5 3rd love the balanced output with Turbo mode enabled, but FiiO X5 2nd is more aggressive and in few tracks has better detail retrieval (to my ears) works good other IEMs which are not as sibilant as KZ ZS6 or ZS5 v2. I feel FiiO X5 3rd Gen is a little smooth and allow longer listening pleasure with ZS6 and ZS5.
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