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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Jay Magaling
    It's not clogged. I already removed it few days after painting it. I know this because I have experienced driver flex on them (which doesn't happen on the ZS5).
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  2. Slater
    Gotcha - makes perfect sense that could cause driver flex. Glad you got it all sorted out.
  3. TLDRonin
    So the nozzle mesh can be the cause of driver flex?
  4. Jay Magaling
    No. The driver flex was caused by the clogged vent holes. Which greatly improved the bass on the ZS5. Lol. But I still ended up de-clogging it cause that flex is annoying.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  5. Slater
    No, what we’re referring to is the tiny round vent hole on the body of the ZS5 right NEXT to the nozzle. His was “black”, which indicated it was clogged with paint. The stock vent hole is “white”, because it is covered with paper filter material from the inside (this is the white you see from the outside).

    This type of vent hole is almost always near or in front of the “bass” dynamic driver, and is generally used for tuning the amount of sub bass and bass in an IEM. In general, the larger the vent hole, the less sub bass and bass there is. The smaller the vent hole, the more sub bass and bass there is. This is why the ZS6 has more bass than the ZS5 - I’ve posted a comparison photo before showing how bass vent hole is 50% smaller on the ZS6 (and thus has more bass than the ZS5). If you search this thread you’ll find the photo I posted (or I’ll update this post tonight when I get home).

    This vent hole also usually has an effect on driver flex. What happens is that when you push an IEM and create a seal, the air that’s in your ear canal needs to go somewhere. This created pressure buildup, that pushes against the delicate diaphragm of the dynamic driver, (causing the telltale sign of driver flex “crinkling/crunching”). If there is a vent hole in the body of the IEM somewhere above the dynamic driver’s diaphragm, the air has somewhere to escape. If this vent hole is too small, clogged with glue or paint, or is missing altogether, driver flex will often result.

    Sometimes these vent holes are on the side of the nozzle too - anywhere in the volume of space between the top of the dynamic driver’s diaphragm and the nozzle opening.

    Obviously, there are other IEM design considerations that have an effect on sub bass, bass, and driver flex, so what I describe above is general and doesn’t universally pertain to every IEM.
  6. Pruikki
    Hello all!

    About the Zs6....

    Can anyone tell me about it? i have ZSR now, it is amazing (vs ES3 and other KZ:s below it)

    so the ZS6 is worth getting too? any difference? more clear or something? i really like the zsr,Sounds about right.

    So is the Zs6 better overall or just something? anyone?

    Thank you all for advises!
  7. B9Scrambler
    Imo the ZS6 is a side grade. You trade sound stage, mid-range warmth/thickness, and a bit of overall coherence for improved layering, separation, imaging and more detail. ZS6 is a fair bit brighter too. I like them both quite a bit. My preference leans to the ZSR. Sounds a bit more mature and refined in it's tuning.
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  8. Daniel Gur
    Well, after finding my ZS6's The stock cable is finally died (hurts like a bitch). I need a "premium" cable for the ZS6's preferably not a 30$ one, something cheap will be good. if anyone can drop links would be appreciated. :)
  9. CoiL
    Yeah, this jack is best 90-degree one I know and highest quality I have seen. But damn it`s expensive compared to finished cables.
    Lumberg nickel/chrome jacks are also very good (at half of price) but little bulky and doesn`t have 90`one.

    If You liked the sound, then I recommend to use extra filtering on those ports. Next time I recommend to cover holes when painting :wink: It can mess up drivers or sound.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  10. jeromeaparis
    I received my red ZS6 yersteday, I do hear immediatly how great it is (without any burn in).
    I use a stock cable without mic for ZS3, odered on ebay L-R=0.6 G=0.8 ohms
    (I have the KZ silver plated cable, L-R-G=0.4 but the trebles do not need to shine more)

    On my dap with CS4398 dac, for me the sound is better than the excellent ZSR I have too.
    First, the voices are not recessed at all, (voices are slightly distant on the ZSR) then the trebles are not agressive on my ZSR, but they are softer on my ZS6 (did I received the "ZS6-ll" ? as I have the "new box" on the right, see above p.1876)
    I like the bass, they don't show off, they go strong and deep when needed, a bit different than on the ZSR.
    There is a lot of differences off character of the sound, if you have good electronics.
    I believe that with this level of quality, the player counts a lot.
    Then yes, it looks very beautifull, but cause it is made off anodized aluminium, the color is a fragile layer, you have to care not to scratch it one on the other, or with any metalic object like the player or a metalic plug. I will carry outside rather the ZSR that is made off plastic.

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  11. Slater
    Yeah, I agree. If I had a choice between the ZS6 and th ZSR, and I could only pick 1, it would be the ZSR.

    It’s the most “pleasing” to the majority of people (of the ZS6 vs ZSR), and does very little wrong.

    The ZS6 isn’t for everyone. The build quality is amazing though. I wish KZ had spent a little longer flushing out and tuning the ZS6. For example, if they had used only 1 BA instead of 2, and the one they did use was the “normal” BA driver instead of the “ultra-high frequency” BA driver, I think the ZS6 would be near perfection (relatively speaking).
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  12. jeromeaparis
    I baught this one (no mic) for my ZS6 for 3$ It is stock cable for ZS3
    The sound is so good that I believe it may fit better than a silver plated on the ZS6
    Allthough I do own a KZ silver cable.


    Latest KZ silver plated, bronze color 6$


    Best luxury cable "TRN V10" for 9$
    (if you are not afraid to scratch your ZS6 with the metal parts, and to get more brillant trebles with the silver plating)

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  13. B9Scrambler
    I partly agree there. I worry the ZS6 would lose some if it's above-average technical ability by dropping one of the BAs. Not a hard and fast rule, but I have been finding that multi-driver earphones *usually* offer more impressive layering, separation, and imaging qualities, such as Brainwavz's B400. It's far from the most expensive iem in my portfolio, but nothing I've got can touch it in those areas.
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  14. DocHoliday

    Wow, B9! Sounds very promising. I'm looking forward to getting mine and wish KZ would hurry up and release the other two colors (red & white) they promised.

    You mentioned "I have ZSR now, it is amazing (vs ES3.. "

    Would you mind elaborating? I have the ES3 and think it's a great KZ. What is it about the ZSR that puts it above the ES3?

    With your comments and B9's comments (above) I feel like a crack addict.

    I need.......I need. ...I neeeeed!

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  15. Podster
    @Daniel Gur , the $6 Bronze one from GB would be my first choice:wink:

    Bronzed ZS6.JPG

    Now you went and dunnit @B9Scrambler , Blk ZSR's in the basket:rolling_eyes:

    @DocHoliday , the Walnuts are truly some of the best $60 I've spent on this hobby to date. As mentioned before the closest analog sounding digital I've ever heard:thumbsup:

    Icy Nutter Butter.JPG

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