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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. AKMW44
    Hi, are these any good and is the Bluetooth cable ok for. Kzzs6. Thanks
  2. Willber
    I don't know, they have only just been shipped, I should get them in a couple of weeks.
    The cable doesn't look to be removable.
  3. AKMW44
    Oh, didn't see that. I'm on my mobile and browsing is difficult, I'll wait till later. Thanks for replying
  4. Willber
    No problem.
  5. themindfreak
    I literally camped 5 mins before the sale when it was counting down every second and I could not buy it as well. Those 20 units sold out so fast...
  6. AKMW44
    Hi all are kz releasing a 5 a side or K10 iem.
  7. Wiljen
    Rumors of a ZSR Pro that is a 5 Driver per side have been floated for almost a year now. If they ever hit the market remains to be seen.
  8. WalterTorino
    There was kinda news about 10-driver model in progress, its gonna be ZSR PRO. But its hard to say when it will be ready.
  9. AKMW44
    Ok, good to know. Can you recommend a decent Bluetooth cable for kzzs6 pls
  10. Wiljen
    Fiio BTR1 is a good little BT device or the Kz BT cable designed for the Zs series is usable.
  11. WalterTorino
    Yeah, as Wiljen said before BTR1 is good device. You have to know that KZ's bt cable is good for sure, sound quality almost stay the same as if you use wire, but as for me, 3-4 hours of working isnt good enough. So with BTR1 you have twice longer lifetime from one charge, better sound quality and some more features. With KZ's device you have a simpliest bt device. Thats all. But Fiio is way more expensive... You to decide :)
    But I agree with Wiljen - there are two mostly optimal devices. Good luck with choise :)

    Upd: as my friend says KZ's bt cable sometimes looses his phone. And you have to pair them again. Aaand there are some strange noise in ears sometimes like a very short white noise. I havent met such problems with the KZ's cable, but...
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
  12. CoiL
    So... another V-shaped, mids-light (maybe neutral) & brightish IEM from KZ?:confused:
    It seems KZ has "hit a wall" again and doesn`t seem to have interest of "jumping over the wall" to next SQ level for longer time by now.
    ZS5 & ZS6 will be KZ`s "highlight" for longer time?

    Unless ZSR price will come down to ZS3 regular price, I won`t buy them just for shells.
    But I doubt it will because ZS3 is 1 DD vs. ZSR 2BA+DD.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
  13. Wiljen
    that seems like a very limited usage window between charges if that 120 mAh rating is correct.
  14. HraD2
    CSR8645 should supports apt-x...
    btw, Pizen BT cable is at post office, i 'll get it tomorrow.
    govie likes this.
  15. anindyameister

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