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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. allaces305
    i've had the zs6 for about 100hrs of burn-in already and yes the highs are still a bit on the bright side but nothing unbearable...i also found something really similar to that tea bag fabric....i used the carry pouch from a pair of philips shp9500 and cut a small piece and then made two even smaller pieces and placed them over the nozzles over the filters....to my surprise this worked really nicely for me...the highs are tamed down just a bit and i can't really hear it affecting any other sound frequencies negatively...btw i'm using jvc spiral dots,an upgraded braided silver cable,and a fiio q1 with a otg cable on a motorola play 4g streaming spotify premium... the sound for cost ratio i think is simply AMAZING....i'm sold on these KZ ZS6 and the advancement of Chi-FI....ohhh i also have the KZ ZS5 v1 and yes the soundstage is a bit wider but i think the trade off of the better sub bass and more up front mids and crisp clear highs once tamed a bit is well worth the trade off....not to mention the cnc machined aluminum construction vs. plastic
  2. hydroid
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  3. CoiL
    Btw guys, ZS3 is 6.76$ @ Gearbest. I got another one for modding, couldn`t resist! Such comfy and nice design for 7$? No-brainer!

    Nice shells.... but that seems to be all about ZSR goodness to me.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
  4. ivo001
    Wrong thread.
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  5. handwander
    Hmm same error as yesterday for the ZSR Gearbest deal. Price goes back up once it's added to cart. I could just beaten by others but who knows.
  6. hydroid
    same here.,I keep monitoring and refreshing the gearbest ZSR page every minute.,when the $9.99 shows up I immediately added to cart. Once viewing the cart it shows $23.23 price.
  7. NeonHD
    Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please.....


    TA-DA! My ZS6 just arrived in my mail today and I have never been so excited for a package ever before!!! :smile::smile:

    Soundwise they are a HUGE step up from every other KZ model I've tried, especially regarding clarity, detail, and imaging.

    First of all let's get rid of the elephant in the room and talk about that overdone treble. There's no denying that the treble is kind of overkill, but I did what everyone would do and changed the stock starline tips to a different set of tips which drastically reduced the piercing treble. Seriously, it was literally like from sitting on a bunch of spikes to sitting on a nice comfy pillow. The starline tips seem to really emphasize the upper highs, which is actually a con in this case. I actually find that quite ironic because the starline tips works wonders on every other KZ IEM except for the ZSE and the ZS5/ZS6, which are the only KZ IEMs that include them. Later on I'll probably do a foam mod by inserting foam into the BA nozzles to tame the highs even more.

    Okay with that out of the way, I cannot believe how detailed they sound. They definitely brought out many details that were usually unnoticed with all my other IEMs. I used to think that my ED9 and ATE-S were quite revealing (in the highs and in the mids respectively), but the ZS6 was basically like "no, I'll give you EVEN MORE details!!!!"

    And I don't know how to explain it, but music overall just felt more "alive" and "realistic" with the ZS6. It felt like I was completely immersed into the music. Definitely a good thing whenever you want the music to control you; it literally begs you for your attention, so be careful with multi-tasking or else you'll be more focused on the music than the thing you're trying to do (e.g. homework).

    Sound signature wise—well I honestly never paid much attention—but I could tell and already knew that they have a large emphasis on mids/high-mids, which made stuff sound more realistic and "concrete". I honestly didn't pay much attention to the bass either, probably because it was so well-meshed into the music, but I can say that it is neither bass-light or bass-heavy; it has the perfect amount of bass that you could wish for, and its sub-bass to mid-bass ratio pretty balanced.

    So having said all that, the only thing I really wished was for the treble to be less piercing and to be a bit more relaxed yet detailed, kind of like the treble on the ED9. Too bad I missed out on the ZS5v1, the treble on there from what I heard seems to be much more "relaxed" but detailed sounding.
  8. WalterTorino
    Sadly, exactly the same...
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
  9. WalterTorino
    Congrats, great buy! I like my zs6 too :)
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  10. Saoshyant
    It's no error. When you have what is most likely thousands trying for 20 discounts, there is no guarantee.
  11. Slater
  12. HraD2
    Hi all. Got Pizen BT cable today. It do supports APT-X.
    Фото 16012018 104927.jpg
    Фото 16012018 104940.jpg
    Фото 16012018 105002.jpg
    Фото 16012018 105133.jpg
    Фото 16012018 105220.jpg
  13. bsoplinger
    I just received a notice from PayPal that my Gearbest purchase for the ZSR was refunded. When I logged in to check on what happened I saw I'd gotten a message from them asking me to confirm my address. I've made over 2 dozen purchases from them always using PayPal although more have been for non audio products. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

    Luckily it was just for the $16.99 sale price so I could just order again so all that's lost is 3 days processing time.
  14. bsoplinger
    The case is a nice extra. Looks to be a sufficient size to hold the headset once you've attached the earphones.
  15. snip3r77

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