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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. riffrafff
    "The wristwatch...an elegant timepiece for a more civilized age." :triumph: :tophat: :mans_shoe: :ok_hand:
  2. ivo001
    So, in a topic about KZ earphones we have now pages full of watch discussions :xf_eek:
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  3. CoiL
    For the sake of this thread and my respect for KZ bang products... I`ll PM You about that :wink: But my fast comment about that filter - its darn easy to do and You can do built-into-HP or in-line-cable-removeable(or even tunable) filter... and it`s worth every penny and move! :wink:
  4. groucho69
    Just more ways to be tracked and "watched."
  5. groucho69
    And I happily pay $15 for my waterproof kit.
  6. Jay Magaling
    It's nice to see that Gearbest's "unregistered" shipping is actually trackable now. It's still painfully slow though but better than paying extra $3-4.
    I use this site to track it cause the tracking details doesn't appear on the Gearbest app.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
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  7. Pruikki
    Thank you! i did not know this!
    This brings me peace of mind!

    Now i know my orders are in the country, now i will wait till post will deliver my KZ stuff
    Got ATR and ES3+ZS3 coming :D

    last thing it will say on tracking is always" the transfer of customs-- 30-Dec-2017 06:25 PM "

    then it will not update,then all left to do is wait.

    thanks,now i know i can track my unregistered orders :D
  8. govie
    I wanted to buy a higher end model (whizzer A15 €58,--) but I decided to go for the KZ ZS6 (€25,-- on gearbest, 33% discount) in combination with C foam tips (€4,-- on aliexpress). I could have also bought the KZ ZS5 (€15,-- at gearbest) with better soundstage out of the box although worse comfort+buildquality, but some users posted that the treble quality was higher when using foam tips on the zs6 instead of the standard tips. Because I trailrun for 2 hours 3 times a week, I decided that comfort and buildquality was more important to me then less soundstage. Also, I do not even know if my ears would notice what other experienced audiophiles have noticed in the treble and marked as less good (I am almost 40 years old, so my ears are probably less good anyway).

    The long wait has begun! I am excited because these earbuds will be my first chi-fi earbuds in combination with my benjie s5. let say for some reason I would ever want bluetooth, then I can always upgrade so that is a plus.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
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  9. ivo001
    Hope it won't take too long before they arrive too you in NL. My ZS5 took over a month, and still waiting on some headphones that I ordered 28 nov.
    But it's like russian Roulette. Some New Bee tips that I ordered at GB arrived in only 10 days.
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  10. govie
    I have similar experiences with chinashops, I bought some IoT-stuff and wii-stuff before at aliexpress and was pleased how everything went. But sometimes the order you place is probably not big enough or just badly timed in regards when the shop sends out the ordered goods. But till now I am pleased about most purchases and deliverytimes. I bought a benji s5 4 days ago and it is still not sent, but that is ok. If you want to shop on the cheapside, you can not have everything your way ofcourse. patience is bliss!
  11. stryed
    You can't go wrong with that choice! However for trailrunning, I would have thought that weight (plastic vs metal) and disposability to be up there on the priority list. You could have also bought 2 KZ5s like I did :D. Then again, the KZ6 is a nice looking beast...
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  12. govie
    €10 difference is quite alot I agree, but more then 1 reviewer complained about the comfort of the zs5 (also budgetaudio and uproear) and I did not want to wait 3 weeks on earbuds that would not be comfortable. With the zs6 nobody complained about comfort and the buildquality was better anyway. When you trainrun for 2 hours orso, comfort I feel is more important so the zs6 seemed a logical choice to me (in combination with the cfoam fix). I just hope they blow my philips shs3300 away and be just as comfortable, I would enjoy that!
  13. stryed
    The shape is awkward indeed on both the KZ5 and the KZ6, with the KZ5 being more angular. I had huge problems with comfort for the first weeks but now I'm used to it and find the KZ5 very comfy. The KZ6 should be easier to get used to if not immediately comfortable.
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  14. groucho69
    Not had any comfort issue with either one.
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  15. mbwilson111
    The ZS6 was immediately comfortable for me. The ZS3, on the other hand, never felt right so I gave it to my husband who has no problem with it.
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