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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HungryPanda
    I have small ears and no KZ has given me any discomfort
  2. stryed
    KZ3 is my most comfortable one, even though it is rather large. It does have a suction feeling to it (driver flex?) unfortunately
  3. Superluc
    Comfort is something too personal for decide witch headphone to buy, taking into account the other's opinion.

    Anyway, at now i'm using the ZS6 with the impedance adapter and a pair of BANMIX T400 foams. I like those because they are shorter than New Bee's ones, but the rebound is faster, so i plug the small version of them in my ears almost like silicone tips :laughing:
  4. Selenium
    The ZS6 hurt my ears at first buy after a while I got used to them and now they're fine. How does that work anyway? Are the nerve cells in those particular hot spots just dead now or did the flesh reinforce itself or something?
  5. oyobass
    I suppose that the skin would thicken and toughen, just like a guitar player's fingertips do from playing guitar often enough.
  6. hydroid
    A glimpse of what the new ZSR looks like when wearing them.

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  7. Strat Rider
    Well at first glance, looks like memory the wire will still be the first mod. :beerchug:
  8. TLDRonin
    she has small ears, right? Otherwise, the shells look huge
    paulindss likes this.
  9. hydroid
    Yeah I think she has small ears.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2018
  10. Mellowship
    Angled connectors and brown cable? Are we looking at ZST/ES12 cable here? More cable confusion?
  11. CoiL
    So, ZSR is same ol´shpriingy cable? Then add 2xBA right in nozzle... Oh no, KZ, You let us down again? Another "sidegrade" to get more buyers?:confused:
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2018
  12. stryed
    Really don't like the tags on the IEMs... A minimalistic design or a classy dot or whatnot would be enough to figure out right from left.
  13. Makahl
    1:03 she made @Slater proud :clap:.
    1:23 apparently KZ added 2 vents now for the dynamic driver differently than ZST.

    Well, let's see how hot the treble will be. I'm not a specialist but 2 single BAs at the nozzle looks some weird configuration or just unnecessary. If this BA's design was similar to a twfk one maybe a dual design would be more suitable for tunning and such.

    +1. I couldn't stand the ZST's design so I needed to mod them to "stealth mode". The good news these tags are easily removable using isopropyl alcohol and they look really great and more expensive after you remove it.
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  14. TimOgawa
    anyone experiencing with the google voice popping up every damn time when plugged with ZST that has the Mic cable?
  15. paulindss
    With KZ zsr being so bulky, i go back waiting for ZS3 hybrid, as the zs4 rumour.

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