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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mellowship

    You copycat! :p
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  2. LordZero
    Can the Silver ZST cable fit the ZS6?

    In the aliexpress zs6 page, when you click on the silver cable upgrade, it redirects you to the ZST cable... and only now reading trough foruns I found that there is a difference...



    Btw, what it's the best upgrade of the cable in terms of microphonics and comfort, I loved the cable of mine rca m750i, although a bit rugged.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  3. toddy0191
    Never heard the 668bs but pick up the 681s if you can, they're often reduced below $15.
  4. CoiL
    HD-681 with HW amplitude corrector, changed cable and some pad rolling/changing are total beasts for the money.
    I have modded my pair and they are not so good as my X1 but damn they make You think about price vs. perf level, they are very good when modded and I would say even "beat" many >100$ cans easily !

    ...but fellas, this is KZ thread - return to subject! :wink:
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  5. groucho69
    I prefer the thinnest but that does not seem to be in style at present. My fav is a thin Citizen Eco Drive.
  6. Slater
    I love Eco Drives, but I no longer have mine :frowning2:

    For thin I have always been partial to Skagen. My fav thin is the full titanium 809XLTTM, with carbon fiber chronograph dial:

    Skagen 809XLTTM.jpg

    So light and thin! I forget I'm even wearing a watch. And the Skagen mesh bands have always been awesome since the 1st day I saw one decades ago (I was thinking "how on earth do they manufacture this??")

    And to stay on topic, I wonder if KZ will ever make an IEM that uses carbon fiber or titanium? Sure, the cost will be a little higher, but not too much higher because IEMs are still very small and thus wouldn't use much material. They could easily use a tube of CF as a body for something like the ED or HDS series. Or in place of the wood accents like Magaosi BK35 or BK50.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  7. groucho69
    I'll always keep my Skagen's and the knock offs too.

    KZ carbon fiber sounds like a great idea!
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  8. HungryPanda
    I need a battery for my skagen
  9. mbwilson111
    I do too. I hope dead watch batteries do not leak.
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  10. groucho69
    Cheap to replace
  11. riffrafff
    Ah, the advantage of automatics. *Grin*
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  12. bsoplinger
    This style, IMHO


    This is the newer style cable that does not come in a white KZ box with the cable inside a translucent whitish plastic bag. I don't believe there's any sound difference versus the basic stock KZ cables, either with or without a microphone, but the softer braided cable lies better and doesn't have a microphonic issue. At least as I'm using it. You can even find it with the angled ZST style connector. I just did a search on Aliexpress.com for "KZ upgrade cable" to find the style. The link I gave probably isn't the cheapest, it was just the first that wasn't from the seller who is not to be mentioned. Be careful when searching, there are cables with MMCX connectors instead of a pair of pins that have the same description. I have a couple of those I'm using on non KZ IEMs that I like.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  13. Saoshyant
    Standardly you only need to worry about a dead watch battery if you ignore it for quite some time. Automatics are good if it's your daily watch too. My favorite watch is wound, but quite large and I'm protective of it due to it being a tourbillon, albeit using an inexpensive chinese movement. Really hope to see sub-200 tourbillons someday.
  14. oyobass
    Help me!!!

    I'm now twitching since you fine folks have been fuelling my watch acquisition jones.

    I don't know why, because I go through periods of years without even wearing a watch...
  15. groucho69
    A man without a watch is not dressed. Or so I've been told...likely by a watch salesman.
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