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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Smiped
    Woah, those cables are pretty expensive compared to the stock KZ ones.

    So the 2 pin 0.78mm can connect, but what do you mean it stretches them out too far?
  2. vector84
    KZ 2-pin sockets are made for 0.72/0.75mm pins (these are the sizes of KZ stock and KZ upgrade cables). When you connect 0.78mm pins instead, you will widen the sockets slightly (you might even need to use a pin or something to help widen them the first time), and KZ cables will no longer fit securely because their pins are smaller, but you can continue to use 0.78mm like most other non-KZ 2-pin cables just fine.
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  3. jlocano
    I did check and indistinctly see 2 circles behind the nozzle grills. Will it affect the sound in a good or bad way if I remove the grills?
  4. vector84
    I don't think anyone has posted anything about how it sounds to remove them on the v2.

    @CoiL noted a preference for removing them on the v1, and I'm inclined to agree, but a few other posters did not like the results. Most people find the steel screens to be fairly transparent sounding though.
  5. jlocano
    Thanks @vector84
  6. Mellowship
    On today's terms. Very different from the new kz, though. Less v-shaped. The quality is excellent, the rotating tuner really works, the cable could be better (got a third party from tingo which does the job). But the mids are really well defined on this Senn clone. The bass is sort of tamed, even in the max position, there's little sub bass just to spice things a bit, mid bass is lush and agile, treble is somewhat very close to the signature Senn house sound, good definition and extension but slightly veiled. It does not roll off, not at least up to 16khz (can't hear beyond that anyway), and it's not heavily veiled, just a little bit softened.

    Fit is tricky. Works well with large foams and wide bore shallow insertion silicones. Not so good with deep silicones, as it tends to move and lose the tight fit it needs to render good bass.

    For 17 USD, a great iem.
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  7. bsoplinger
  8. ivo001
  9. oyobass
    Thanks for the correction. I should have referenced Slater's post, rather than relying on my memory, lol.
  10. Willber
  11. Wiljen
    Wow, just wow! Mine, ordered the same day, doesn't even show that it shipped yet.
  12. Podster
    Might I add the model for those things is cute as a button:grinning: I'm such a sucker for green eyes, sad part is she could be my granddaughter:rolling_eyes: So is this what the ZSR is supposed to resemble? (Anyone)
  13. kokakolia
    Huh!? That sounds...good! Thank the high heavens! Finally a KZ IEM that doesn't sound hollow with harsh ear-stabbing treble blasting into your ear-holes. Because "CLARITY MORTAL!!!"

    If I ever lose my KEF M100s, I'll give these try.
  14. CoiL
    This is not KZ. If You look at logos on housings - it is rather AuGlamour brand. QKZ just puts its reseller name in front of "everything" they can sell. QKZ is not KZ.
  15. nadezhda 6004
    Can I get the link?

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