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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. oyobass
    Aggree. What, she was wearing earphones? Hard to pay attention to the earphones with those eyes in the photo. :grin:
  2. Podster
    LOL, that's why it's called Marketing:wink: Heck, I didn't even have her in any of these ads!!!!!

    My KZ's.JPG
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  3. SomeGuyDude
    QKZ is also a notorious piece of garbage. Sometimes you get a good one, but odds are way higher it'll be crap.
  4. bsoplinger
    Hence the part of my post where I asked Or just a copy of something they're OEM-ing for another company? Since they regularly do just what you've said. But since I didn't recognize the model I posted the question. :expressionless:
  5. TheVortex
    Looks like the new KZ soft carry pouch is now available from aliexpress.
  6. pringles147
    Just a headsup about KZ ZSR in case you haven't heard. Apparently release date is Dec 12. Because of some Chinese sales-day. Price will be very reasonable also. 168 rmb or about 25 USD.
    These pictures are taken from Taobao.
    Did a rough translation of the picture (and I'm probably wrong) but it appeared to say 6 drivers. So a total of 12. Sounds to good to be true so maybe someone can check it out who reads chinese :p
    Sorry if I´m posting somethin obvious. First post ever and I´m really excited about these headphones :D:D
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Mellowship
    6 drivers as 3 in the left and 3 in the right. They usually add them up.
  8. oyobass
    The traditional greeting on these boards for new posters is: "Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet!", although Chi-Fi products tend to put a much smaller dent is said wallet. Enjoy the forums!
  9. pringles147
    Thanks for the
    Welcome to Head-Fi, my wallet is fine since I enjoy the Knowledge Zenith headphones. I am now ready to enjoy the forum and all topic-related comments. (No need to comment about grammar mistakes either, I never learn )
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  10. nkramer
    but if you grab a handful of these "smaller dents" you still end up with a totaled.... wallet.

    i know i've grabbed 2 different ones in less than a week. i've never done that before. usually every couple years i'll replace a pair that's starting to fall apart.

    on another note, i was listening to an audience recoding of a live performance earlier today (on ZST) and was really impressed.
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  11. oyobass
    My favorite for live recordings is the ZS5 v1. Really amps up the live excitement and lets you feel a real sense of air in the room... at least to me and my ears.
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  12. pringles147
    Did you read that from the text? I know that’s how they usually count them but when I translated I saw the number 6 as in 6 per headphone. So total would be 12 in that case.
  13. nkramer
    haven't tried those yet. only KZ i have (so far.... ) is ZST & ZS3. as well as ZST being the 1st hybrid/dual driver i've ever had as well.

    actually bought the ZS3 to cannibalize the cord & connectors for a different pair that's in dire need of a new cord.
    really like the ZS3 shells (probably more than the ZST shells)

    i love balanced armatures, that's what initially pulled me in... a balanced armature.... at that price.... with detachable cord..... ????? Really?
  14. oyobass
    I remember back over ten years ago, I got an Ultimate Ears single BA set for $99 on sale, thought I was getting a steal of a deal. Now I have the ZST, ZS5 and ZS6 and still haven't spent that amount.
    I may also cannibalize my ZS3- to repair the UE- it has the same type of 2-pin cable connections... then again, maybe not. I really like the mellower sound of the ZS3.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  15. nkramer
    yep. i was looking at those, at that time as well.

    my 1st jump into the audio pond was the etymotic er-6i. still have them, still love them paired with a cmoybb.

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