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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. kokakolia
    I'd argue the opposite! I bought an ATE and it sounded like garbage. Then I bought a ZSE and it sounded kinda terrible. Then I bought the ZS5 and it was OK, but the sharp highs made me tired. And then I'm pissed off because I could have bought something so much better for $50 or less. But out of frustration, I went overboard and spent $100 on some KEF earphones and I couldn't be happier!

    You get what you pay for with KZ. You could simply get 1 good earphone, but you buy 5 garbage ones from KZ instead.
  2. oyobass
    As the saying goes- one man's garbage is another man's treasure. I'm really enjoying my KZs. I'm glad I don't know any better... :face_palm:
  3. vladstef
    This gets mentioned here from time to time. The thing is, this is their business model and unfortunately it's very easy to become a victim of it. It is even easier because we don't expect this from such a company, we don't expect them to have a business model at all. This way they get their profit with less potential to do serious damage to their income by releasing an under performing but more expensive product. I thought that ZS6 was a step in a different direction but it ended up being the same.
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  4. Slater
    6 drivers is the total between the pair (so 3 drivers each side (ie 1xDD + 2xBA).

    The ChiFi manufacturers seem to prefer stating their drivers this way in the marketing - I guess it sound more impressive that way. It just causes confusion IMO. Imagine if full size room speakers were marketed as "6-way speakers" instead of "3-way speakers"?
  5. B9Scrambler
    I'm perfectly happy with the 30 or so KZ's I've got :)
  6. paulindss
    At what price goes Zs6 or es3 in the same site ? How much "rmb" ? in that way we can have a better idea of the equivalent price that zsr can reach.
  7. SomeGuyDude
    If it's seriously 6 per side for $20 I fear KZ is collapsing down the hole of "cram as many drivers in there for no reason."
  8. vector84
    What you still seem to be missing is that this is a brand specific impressions thread.

    If you'd taken your crusade over to the budget chi-fi thread, it probably would've gone over better. :shrug:
    (I don't think just made in China and then sold under a western brand counts for that thread, but I still feel like it would've gone over better)
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
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  9. vector84
    So I got around to messing with my ZSE a bit... the red nozzle filter bothers me - it sounds muddy and veiled, but taking it off exposes way too much sharpness for me.

    Took a piece of foam (I picked up a bunch of pre-cut foam disks made for this purpose a while back :shrug:), and crammed it into the nozzle under a steel screen - a little subdued in the treble now perhaps, but tastefully so imo:
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  10. AxelCloris Administrator
    Friendly mod reminder that we recently cleaned up off topic discussion and we've had to do so again today. Please keep discussions on-topic in the thread. Thanks everyone.
  11. Smiped
    Does it bother anyone that the KZ ZS6 looks so similar to Campfire Audio's products? It makes me feel as if they ripped their design from them.
  12. jlocano
    So I did remove the "grills" on ZS5 nozzles to see if mine is v1 or v2. I was hoping to see 2 BAs right at nozzles but I saw otherwise.

    Would you guys say v1 still have advantages over v2?
  13. vector84
    :thinking: That's going to be a somewhat weighted question.

    The v1 is much more picky about sources, and a fair amount of work has been done in this thread to explain why. People that like the v1 will typically tell you it's worth the effort (I love mine). But there are plenty of happy campers with the v2 as well, and it is definitely far less demanding on sources - and brighter in the 7-10kHz region to the tune of some very wide spread recommendations on foam tips. :shrug:

    There are some interesting technical differences between them too that seem to align with certain people's perceptions in interesting ways, but they don't strike me as correlating well enough to be highly relevant. :shrug:
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  14. SomeTechNoob
    V1 will scale up with sources pretty nicely, but even at the lower end it sounds crazy good to my ears. I've used it on the shitty headphone out on my XPS 13 and my slightly better headphone out on my HTC One M9 daily and still enjoyed it more than all my other earbuds.
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  15. ivo001
    I'm starting to grow impatient waiting for my ZS5 from Gearbest. Ordered it on the 8th of November, and according to the tracking it has arrived twice in country of destination? That was on the 29th and 30th. Still ahven't received them.
    Meanwhile, I have received 2 other Gearbest orders that were placed on 17 november and 19 november. (9 and 11 days later). Also received all 4 my 11.11 AE Orders like 2 weeks ago already...
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