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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. oyobass
    Another point for me is that I tend to listen at much lower volumes due to concern over protecting my hearing. The V shape makes up for the lower sensitivity of human hearing to bass and treble at lower volume ( Google Fletcher-Munson). Viola! A more neutral sounding earphone for the way I actually use them.
  2. CoiL
    Once again, ppl tend to generalize too much. Stock ATE and ZS5v1 neither have recessed mids or huge spikes in highs with my gear&ear. And let me remind all - I`m treble sensitive, especially around 6.2-7,5kHz.
    The guy had probably some misfortune with faulty unit(s) or mismatching gear and now bashes ALL KZ`s - that`s not right. True, majority of KZ are V-shaped and near-neutral/recessed mids but not all. I will take deeper look into this Marshall Mode if I have time but fast search shows them nothing special.
  3. Slater
    I totally see your points. It's kind of redundant when numerous IEMs sound "basically the same". I get that.

    You gotta remember, some of it is collecting for the sake of collecting. Some of it is form factor (the HDS3 is different form factor/size/etc to the ATE which is different to the EDR1, even though all 3 sound "basically similar".

    One of the big draws to KZ that makes people not mind buying more than 1 model is the ridiculous price. For example, when on sale one could get a ZS3, ATE, EDR1, and ZS5 all for about what (1) Marshall Mode costs. Are all of those KZ models perfect? Definitely not (no product from any manufacturer is). Do many of them sound similar? Sure, with minor nuances. Part of the fun is the journey,a nd discovering what you like and what you don't like. Think about if you had never stumbled upon and decided to try the Marshall Mode - you would never have known you liked it as much as you do. That's all a lot of us are doing, only with other ChiFi brands. It just so happens that this thread is dominated with KZ related talk because it's (no surprise) a dedicated KZ thread.

    And my bad; you're right that wasn't you that mentioned the Marshall Mode being neutral. It's late and everything is all starting to run together like a pile of mush LOL.
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  4. Slater
    Both sound 100% exactly the same. Just pick which one you like the look of better.

    Assuming all 3 of these points:

    1. the same tips on both
    2. the same cables on both (ie both silver plated or both stock)
    3. both either mic or non-mic cables

    ...then any differences heard are due to normal (and very minor) QC variations that you'll find between any 2 IEMs (ie 2 different ZS5, 2 different HDSE, etc). Other than that, it's a placebo effect.

    BTW, sometimes you'll see the colorful version titled as "ZST Pro" on Aliexpress and elsewhere. Again, this can be ignored. All current selling ZST models and colors are the same sound. Pick the color that you fancy and enjoy.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
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  5. kokakolia
    Except that...some lower frequencies only show up at higher volumes. And that won't fix the recessed mids either. In the end you'll just get more treble that way.
    Yup! I'm kind of a mister poopy pants here. I'm not having it with KZ. I'm sorta glad that I got to try a chunk of the KZ lineup to form my own opinion.

    Personally, I don't think you can blindly recommend KZ to everybody. They're a bit harsh sounding compared to the usual fare from Sennheiser, Shure, Beats or AKG. But they're so cheap anyways. And that's how you end up with 3 or 5 different pairs.
  6. Slater
    That's why I don't.

    No more than 30 minutes ago I just recommended BossHifi B3 to a member who was looking for specific things.

    And when it's appropriate, I've recommended just about every non-KZ IEM I own at one point or another, including Rock Zircon, MEMT X5, Einsear T2, VSonic GR07, Vsonic vsd5s, Magaosi K3 Pro, Pioneer CH9T, UiiSii CM5, MoreBlue DM8, VJJB K4, SoundMAGIC E10c, Xiaomi Pro HD, Fonge T01, etc etc
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  7. Jay Magaling
    So the ZSR will be a 22 ohm, triple driver (2BA + 1DD in a dedicated crossover network) IEM. Expected price is around the same as the ZS5 when it was launched.



    And it's not the ZS3 hybrid, as @Slater already stated a few posts before.


    And the ZS3 hybrid/ZS4 will use the same shell as the original ZS3

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  8. Dariusdd
    Hi again, I'm the previous unlucky guy with the broken ZS6s, ZS5s and zircons. It seems like GearBest is willing to refund me, but compared to last time (when I refunded the ZS5s after they broke in 11 days) they added this new line to their message:
    "Please note that these are all exceptional solutions and will be recorded in our system. Such solutions will not apply to future orders. "
    Guess I won't make any more risky purchases off GB any time soon.
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  9. larry piencenaves
    hey guys new to this thread, just bought the zs3 and i liked it, so i also bought the silver cable for it, the only problem is that i ordered the silver cable version for the zst (those angled one)..my question is that will this cable still works on my zs3? does it have the same pin connectors?
  10. vector84
    That seems like it might be a quirk of your personal hearing... since yes, as per equal loudness research, lowering the volume will fix recessed mids for most of the population, and they end up with less treble, not more...
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  11. nkramer
    shouldn't be a problem. believe the only difference is the angle.

    just make sure you have plugged in the right way. (see the link in slaters signature)
    Click to verify that your KZ 2-pin cable isn't plugged in backwards: https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/k...essions-thread.698148/page-1194#post-13516067
  12. larry piencenaves

    phew, what a relief thanks man, cause ive been noticing the angled version are somewhat wider than the straight ones, im afraid it might not fit the zs3, waste of money if that happens
  13. Mr. Rattlehead
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  14. RomStar
    Thanks a lot for the kind words :slight_smile:

    I initially had no expectations of the Swings, and got them after digging around another thread (Best sub $100 chinese earphones). I thought they looked nice, and i couldn't find any reviews of them online. I took the jump and it was very well worth it (Note: These are not the same as Tingo Ie800, no clue how they compare)

    I tried being as objective and unbiased as i could and i must say, this truly is an amazing time to be a chifi/audio fan. So so many great things around and being announced, such as the ZSR to the rumored ZST Pro/Zs7 (10 driver). So far having a blast, learning and experimenting with new gear and the people here :nerd:
  15. CoiL
    So, what would You recommend to me as upgrade to ZS5v1&ATE FF-mod with similar imaging/soundstage? I`ve been curious about 100-150$ price bracket IEMs long time now but many of them fall out after reading some impressions/reviews from trusted reviwers I follow. So far there has been only few left on my radar - TK 9tail, AAW Nebula 2 and maybe few other candidates that I still need to research more. AAW N2 seems very interesting but its price is little high compared to LZ A4, IT03 etc. and I don`t know if they justify itself. CH9T seems interesting too but I prefer over-ear wearing and rather overear-shells.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017

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