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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    Call me confused...

    The ZS5 came out with 2BA + 1DD, no crossover and all speakers full range, ie V1
    KZ then changed to using a crossover limiting all drivers, ie V2
    KZ then made a metal shelled version ZS6.

    Not surprisingly the ZS5 V2 and ZS6 sound very similar.

    Now they're going to release yet another 2BA + 1DD? Not to be a wise acre but why? What am I missing here? Different tuning? Different sized drivers?

    Edit: talk about confused. With all the talk about the pair of BAs in the ZS5 and ZS6 I never caught the fact that it had 2 dynamic drivers.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  2. vladstef
    ZS5v1 has 2DD and 2BA drivers, but it uses 2 different types of BA drivers. With V2 and ZS6 they removed a BA from the body and added one more in the nozzle (so now it's 2 of the same BAs). There were talks about crossover and some graphs about impedance and similar stuff. Essentially, ZS6 is supposed to be technically more advanced, except that they messed up treble by not controlling BAs properly.
    All of the other IEMs use same drivers as ZS5 and ZS6, except that they remove some and then combine. I think that ZSR is probably going to be using same treble canon BAs in the nozzle and probably just keep the big dynamic driver from ZS5 and ZS6. This is just a guess.
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  3. HiFiChris Contributor
    Not right - the ZS5 and ZS6 have always been four driver hybrid IEMs (2x DD + 2x BA).
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  4. nkramer
    was just now comparing the two. you are correct. the angled connector from ZST is a little larger (both width & length) than the straight connector from ZS3

    - the ZST connector may not seat completely in the ZS3 but should be enough to make contact (my ZS3 is pulled apart so i can't confirm)
    - other option would be to shave the ZST connector slightly so it seats properly. shouldn't be hard if you're handy with an exacto knife (just note polarity before cutting, ...note the placement of the "U" shape)

    i'm sure others have done something similar and can lend some insight.
  5. vector84
    Kind of true but more accurately... I think KZ has some other DDs besides the two they use in those, and there's at least two different models of BAs they use - model 1205 is the nozzle BA in the ZS5v1, and I think the ZST(?), model 30095 is the nozzle BAs in the ZS5v2/ZS6/ES3 and the buried BA in the ZS5v1.
  6. larry piencenaves

    i dont want to ruin the looks of the cable, so i think i might just order the zs3 silver cable version. ill just resell the angled one when it arrives.
  7. nkramer
    it wouldn't change the looks. the part that you would need to trim is the piece that goes into the recess of the shell. so it wouldn't be seen anyway.
  8. larry piencenaves

    my other problem is that i dont have an exacto knife right now, i only have some cutters, i dont think it will do the job, i hope someone here enlightens us and share some insight about this
  9. bsoplinger
    It is a rather soft plastic. I'd bet that a decent paring knife would work just fine. Slow steady without too much pressure.
  10. larry piencenaves

    oh i see, thanks man
  11. bartzky
    Some burn-in time later I can now present the the not so astonishing results :)

    The first measurement was done at approx. <1h playtime, the second one about 20-30h of burn-in later. Each channel was placed in the coupler and measured 4 individual times the reduce the effects of positioning. The final measurements are averages over all measurements and channels, so 8 individual measurements total.

    "No burn-In" in green, "burn-in" in blue:

    BI vs pre BI web.png

    As can be seen the burn-in has changed nothing. Before commenting with something like "but there's less treble above 10 kHz!", take a look at this graph:

    Placement web.png

    The above graph shows 4 individual measurements of the left earpiece after burn-in. As the earpiece was taken out and placed again before every measurement, small deviations in the FR occur because of a slightly different positioning. High frequencies are particularly sensitive to this effect. I can absolutely not ensure that the positioning before and after burn-in is the same, hence the small deviations are to be attributed to the positioning in the coupler rather than to burn-in. Mind that temperature and other environmental influences do affect measurements as well.

    I gonna tag @Brooko, @castleofargh and @hakuzen here as I think you guys might enjoy some "burn-in" measurements :ksc75smile:

    PS: THD measurements didn't change either.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  12. Slater
    Unfortunately, I can't help you with those questions - I have no IEM gear in that price range (yet), nor have I heard any of the gear you mentioned on your radar.

    @crabdog or @peter123 would be good sources to check with - they play with mid-price ChiFi gear like you're talking.

    I definitely love my Pioneer CH9T though! And I do have Magaosi K5 on the way (which WILL be my 1st IEM gear in that price range).
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  13. Slater
    Nice job!
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  14. ivo001
    How much longer till my KZ ZS5 arrive? Anticipation is killing me! (ordered 8 nov)

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  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    Not all that much surprising, is it? :wink: :beerchug:
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