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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. alpha421
    Still loving my M200 with TS-500 Complys of course.  KEF should have provided these tips from the get go.  The mic is great.  It's one of the few where all functions (volume, pause/play, next, previous, answer, hang-up, mute) works with my Blackberry.
  2. Arturia
    Bought M200  three weeks ago from Newegg, and they came with TS-500 (L, M, S).
    Much warmer than my DT 990 and no harsh on high, clearer vocal.
    I'm very satisfied with this product.
  3. slowpickr
    I loved the M200 while I had it.  Only reason I sold mine was because it just wouldn't stay in my ears.
  4. yangian
    Much warmer than DT990!! There is really people like such cold sound! M200 sounds cold to me already.
  5. Toom
    Anyone tried the new M100 yet?
  6. yangian
    It seems to me to understand why M200 wasn't hyped as some other Chinese brands products. It's very sensitive to source. Recently I found it amamzingly paired well with Explorer!! Really fresh experience. Great!
  7. Kwangsun
    Haven't really realized that. I miss my M200. Warranty replacement.
    Also, just want to bring up that KEF is British. 
  8. yangian
    It's shocked me! It's unimpressive for most my sources. Before, I found it's best with neutron througy Nexus 7, amplified by NX1. Recently I used it with Explorer, Man, So much details, such a huge soundstage, very neutral, very balanced, and sound a little bit warmer than other sources (before, I think it's too cold).
  9. james444 Contributor
    To anyone who loves the KEF M200's sound signature but hates the fit / comfort, I can recommend the Radius HP-NHR21, which I had on loan from a fellow head-fier (thanks Marco!).
    The Radius reminded me very much of the M200: tastefully boosted but not overbearing bass, bottomless low end extension, smooth, natural and slightly warm-ish mids, highly detailed treble without being sharp or sibilant, awesome soundstage. Fit is downward only, but a lot easier and comfier than with the M200. Even though I usually prefer a less bassy sound signature, I like both the KEF M200 and Radius HP-NHR21 a lot. [​IMG]
    famagosta likes this.
  10. daveyostrow
    Nice. They look interesting, though not readily available in the US.
  11. Pickaxe
    So, has anyone used the KEF M100? People keep talking about how the M200 sounds great but is poorly designed, surely this more conventional design would be the first thing to try
  12. yangian

    Agree. It sounds amazing when well drived and fited. But...
    It's not easy to get a perfect fited!
  13. pfloyd
    Mine fit me much better after the de-hook mod!

  14. pfloyd
    Note too that the m200 is no longer mentioned as available on the Kef website. Might be discontinued.
  15. yangian

    haha, I want to do this all the time but havn't yet.:D
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