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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. yangian
    I like M200 more and more. Any full headphone has its sound signature and its 3D stage sound? 
  2. pfloyd
    I agree, the m200 continues to impress. My momentum v1 do sound somewhat similar but lack bass prat. The m500 have a narrower soundstage and shouty mids. Guess my on-ear urbanites probably sound the closest, but they are top heavy.
  3. yangian
    Thanks for sharing.[​IMG]
  4. james444 Contributor
    From memory, I'd say the HD650 have a similarly smooth and slightly warm / bassy signature. Going by your posts though, it seems you've already tried those?
    Speaking of the M200, anyone who loves the KEFs sound signature but hates their earhooks, might want to consider Radius' current TOTL model TWF41. Fit with the latter is downwards only and probably not the best for small ears either, but overall I feel they're comfier than the KEFs and have a somewhat similar, but even more refined tuning.
  5. yangian
    Yeah, James, I had 650 before. Now 600 is my main full headphones. M200's sound is different from 600/650. They are different taste. To my ear, M200 is more close to IE800, but still different sound signature and different enjoyment. :)
  6. james444 Contributor
    Alright, I think we hear the M200 quite differently then. I have the IE800 too and don't hear much similarity, tbh.
  7. yangian
    It's not really similar. M200 is more neutral than 800. You are right, maybe 600/650 is closer, but still different since I cannot have a feeling of listening to M200 when I listen to 600. Anyway..[​IMG]
  8. Aero Dynamik
    I had the HD650 for well over a year and although I didn't use it much I always experienced its bass as rather neutral, even a bit shy. However, I do agree on smooth and (perhaps to your surprise) slightly warm. The funny thing with the HD650 was that I always experienced the tempo of the music as much too slow. Perhaps that's what's called laid back!?
  9. yangian
    O don't think M200 is a good choice actually. Its wearing is too awful and it's too expensive now. It's used to be more than $70 on Amazon.
  10. dweaver
    I bought the M200 back in the days and sold them due to comfort issues. But decided to try the new M100 and they are wayyyyy more comfortable and so far I am really liking their sound. They are only a single dynamic speaker but it is sounding very solid so far and I really like the sound stage and imaging of the M100. I started an impressions and review thread for the M100 and have to say I am impressed enough I am tempted to try the M400 as well If I think it doesn't have the fit issues I had with the M500 in regards to falling off my head.
  11. dweaver
    . wrong thread LOL
  12. HonkyTonk
    Just curious, but does anyone know if the M200 has been discontinued? It's currently out of stock at Amazon & the KEF direct store.
  13. Rodmunch
    I'm pretty sure it is at this point.
  14. musiclvr
    Hi all! I just picked up a pair of M200's from Kef Direct for $79.00 shipped. I'm looking forward to doing a little review of them.
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  15. yangian

    I like its sound signature best, even better than HD600.​
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