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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. bigfullz
    I bought the m200s back in aug 2013 (full price) and am still a happy owner. I have tried to part with them a couple times, even took pics, but giving them "just one more listen"... what was supposed to be a farewell, ends up being a "welcome back!"
    Granted, i am fortunate, have zero issues with the fit, and i use the original silicone tips! It's a "commercial" sound a lá Bose, Sony, Beats, etc... But it's done so much better! For me, there is something addictive about it: Awesome, clean subwoofer bass; velvet midrange; and silk spun highs.
    You guys that got the $50 deal: :beers:
  2. waynes world
    +1. I would have parted with them, but now that I'm using the large spiral dot tips on them, nope - not gonna do it - they sound too good. Also I have started to find the ear clips to be coming in handy at times (whereas at first I just hated them), so they ain't going nowwhere!
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  3. bigfullz

    These are the most secure In Ears I have owned. Those ear hooks are fantastic for excercise and yard work! AND I don't have to compromise sound quality for some crappy "sport" model with lime green, electric blue, neon orange, etc....
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  4. yangian
    [​IMG] Though I really love M200, but I still think the SQ of IE80 is still obviously better than it. But when comapring $50 for M200 and $200 for Ie80, the overall quality and value of 200 become more charming!
  5. slowpickr
    I'm listening to my $50 set of M200s right now with spiral dots.  Euphoric is word that comes to mind. Regarding the $50 deal, good things come to them that wait sometimes I guess (or are late to the party).  BTW, I ordered a set of V-Moda Bliss 3.0 tips this morning based on your previous comments.  Got them for when I'm in a real basshead mood! 
  6. Selenium
    Finally, FINALLY...THE ROCK, HAS COME BACK, TO - erm, nevermind. Finally, I found the right pair of tips that give me a good fit and seal and all that, so I don't have to fidget with these things anymore.[​IMG]
    You know, if they ever release an M200 MKII, with the cables routed through the arms and over-the-ear ala EX1000, a much better tip selection(like, for real), and sans driver flex I'll be all over it like stink on rice. As it stands now, despite how awesome they sound, they're hard for me to recommend for anyone.
  7. slowpickr

    So which tips ended up working for you?
  8. K.T.
    LOL, I got my Spiral Dot tips and the box they're packed in is tiny. Why wouldn't it be? Ha, ha, the picture that was posted earlier didn't have any scale context and I unconsciously pictured a much bigger box in my head.

    So the spiral dots are good tips - they fit into my ear canals much better than the stock tips. But the sound isn't quite right for me - the M200 is much brighter in my ears with the Spiral Dots. Treble was tipped up and the balance thrown off. So I'm back to the stock. Ear canals are so differenent from person to person. I think the Spiral Dots will work well for me with other IEMs.

    Although the stock silicone tips perform best for me so far, they give me a just acceptable seal. They seal near the outer part of my ear canal, so any moderate movement will break the seal. I find I have to sit fairly still to listen with these IEMs. Frustratingly, the sound becomes much better by slightly pressing the IEMs further into my ear canals. So it's still not ideal.

    Another tip I've had good success with across a wide range of IEMs is the Radio Shack Auvio silicon tips. On the M200, however, I was not able to get a tight seal, so the stock ips remain the best choice for me so far.
  9. Eric95M
    I really wanted to get these.  I had to go to the manufacturer web site to find the max. power input is 10mW.  Makes any serious amplification out of the question. 
  10. nofuture
    Can someone who own a par of M500 & DT880 Pro make a rapid comparison of the two please ?
    I'm mostly interested in their frequency response difference as I'm searching for a portable pair of can that is comfortable and got a frequency response close to the DT880PRO that I really like in term of sound quality.
    I've found the impulses on innerfidelity and they don't seem to be close at all and I can't try it since nobody is selling the M500 in my town unfortunately.
  11. chambek
    I am now using M200, the sound is good, but it's too big for my ears. [​IMG]
  12. yangian
    Man, after a period of time listening the m200 (like burn in), I found it has too much bass, even more than IE80! This is really cool! Love it!
  13. AtariST
    Wow. Long thread. I haven't read everything but I will share that I just picked up a pair of M500s for $230 (US). I like the sound (a lot) and they are comfortable but they are a very sloppy fit. I often load the dishwasher while listening to music and I cannot keep them on my head.
    So you understand the kind of fit, slowly tilt your head back and look up. Off they go. Slowly tilt your head down and look at your toes. Off again. For the record my head is a little larger than average.
    Too bad. They are really everything I want otherwise. Isolation is far better than I expected from on ear phones and the pads are amazing. These are more comfortable than most over ears I've tried. Alas, they are being returned. I wasn't looking for a workout set but just walking around the house is unsettling.
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  14. Pickaxe
    So I picked those up from the closet today after letting them sit for a few months and oh boy. These sound way better than my daily drivers. So much detail, and the mids are just awesome.
    Really, at the end of the day, I can excuse all of the flaws of the KEF M500: the ridiculous MSRP (now significantly lower), the slippery band, the on-ear clamping feel that even the most comfortable portable headphones can't hide... but, sad to say, it's the DESIGN that keeps me from using these in public. You end up looking like a metrosexual robot with a fetish for MacBook Pros. You know, maybe one day I'll go ahead and anodize these or something to give it a black stealthy look. That could look pretty hot.
    They seal very well for on-ears, they have very little sound leak, they're very user friendly, they're durable, they're quite portable (especially if you change the "sunglasses" case for something smaller) and the sound signature is just gorgeous.
    I wish KEF would make another headphone, but I'll bet good money that these were a commercial flop. I would buy another KEF headphone in a heartbeat. I've spent a small fortune on headphones/IEMs over the years and I always find something to complain about, but the M500 is really, honestly, a great product.
  15. AtariST
    100% agree. My preference is for over-ear and if Kef made some, I'd have to give them a try.
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