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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. Selenium
    I hate tip rolling so hard. But in doing so, I managed to find a pair that I could make work with these, and can wear them down now. So, much happier. Still, they should have just routed the cable through the flex arm thing like the EX1000 - at least to me that would have made more sense. I get some microphonics but nothing crazy, I'll probably try a shirt clip with them.
    Yeah, these are remarkably detailed especially when you consider how smooth they are. 
  2. yangian
    This is the reason why m200, with 12 ohm, is so hard to drive:
  3. GearMe

    +1...until now my V-Moda M80s at $40 were the best value purchase I've made. At $50, these are simply astounding.

    Am also using double-flanges and they are the perfect combination of fit and sound for me as well.
  4. Kwangsun
    I've been recommending the JVC spiral dots. If only I can get a set of small without spending 20 bucks on a box!
  5. Selenium
    I'm actually getting driver flex with my set now. Apparently all the fidgeting trying to get a seal took its toll on the drivers. Not sure I've ever had that happen before. 
  6. alpha421
    I RMA mine for the same reason.  It sounds like the M200 batch that came with just the silicone tips like my first one are prone to driver flex, more so than the later ones with just the foam tips or the combo of the two. Waiting on replacement from Newegg, but so far, so good.  Also, I received the foam tips free from KEF.
  7. Kwangsun
    What does driver flex sound like on the KEF M200? 
  8. alpha421
    Like crumpled cellophane right next to your ear drum.
  9. Kwangsun
    Well I guess mine are still good. Should be more careful with mine from now on.
  10. waynes world
    Small on the M200's? I'm not sure how well that would work with the M200's tbh.
    Anyway, I got a box of M's and a box of L's and they work so well on various iems that they are all being used now and I might have to buy more!
  11. Kwangsun
    I think small will still fit since the nozzle diameter for which the tips are designed for remains the same. And i agree that they're excellent. I also need several more pairs.
  12. waynes world
    Yes, I think they will fit onto the nozzle. It's just that I find the M200's to sound best with larger tips. pack21 said it well here...
  13. yangian
    I think this thread should belong to here:
    hope to see more reviews and comparison here!
  14. K.T.
    This is making me nervous. But I have to ask, is the fidgeting really what's causing the driver flex?
    I mean, I can't image a design that's so exposed and vulnerable that any amount of normal adjusting should damage the drivers. Aren't the drivers encapsulated in the metal body?
    I can understand that the driver flex may be due to some manufacturing defect, but I would never imagine that a normal amount of adjustment should result in driver damage.
    Having said that, I do find that I have to fight against the earhooks more than any other IEM I've ever used. As a result, I do twist and pivot them in and out of my ears to achieve a seal more roughly than any other IEM I've ever used.
    But I would never suspect this should cause driver flex. Am I wrong?
    I actually never heard of driver flex until I got these IEMs.
  15. waynes world
    I have a bit of driver flex in various iems. My hunch is that a driver with flex is simply more prone to dying someday, but that it might never die. Whether or not the act of adjusting the iems a lot, thus creating driver flex often, could cause them to die sooner... you never know. 
    Anyway, maybe someone else has more definitive information about it.
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