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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. Selenium
    Well, driver flex isn't exactly an intended aspect of the design. I've lived with driver flex with a few 'phones before, and only with my Monster Turbines was it so bad as to render the them nigh unusable. If it's just minor and isn't affecting sound I probably wouldn't worry about it. Personally anyway. Wouldn't be a bad idea to return them, up to you though.
  2. pack21
    I've never seen a iem so dependent on tips and on seal so demanding. The sound of the M200 can go from beautiful to ugly, only with the seal.
    If you try a very deep and tight seal, lose soundstage and give place just for bass. If the seal is weak with M tips in my case, won in soundstage size, but completely lose the bass.
    The spot point for me, is to use tips L, and just put the tip in the ear canal, without having to push too much force for deep seal. when I'm in this spot, M200 shine in all its splendor.[​IMG]
    So, too much deep seal is not ideal for M200.
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  3. alpha421
  4. Grayson73
    Agree.  I use M spiral dots with them,..they don't completely seal, so they give me more soundstage and less bass, and better tonal balance.
    Mine also have driver flex, but I don't mind.
  5. waynes world
    It might also have to do with the size of the ears. Have you tried that L's Grayson73?
  6. Grayson73
    No, not yet.  I meant that a loose seal is better for me.  Complete seal = too much bass.
  7. waynes world
    Before I tried the large spiral dot tips, that was my experience with the m200's as well. But for some reason getting a good seal using the large spiral dots is resulting in a perfect amount of bass for me now.
  8. yangian
    I want to correct a comment before. I just found the IE80 double-flange silicon tips fit M200 sooooooooooooo well! Actually comply tips does not work well. It make it sound dark!! WIth the IE80's double-flange, M200 sounds amazing! Very very natural, much brighter than with the comply tips and moreover, you'll get the soundstage and the bass at the same time!! Before I tried the double-flange on IE80 just feel it too bassy. So on M200, it works so well!!
  9. yangian
    Really enjoy listening to symphony with IE80 double-flange tips. Sound so good!!
  10. yangian
    Any one have Havi B3 pro and give some comparison better the two? Thanks.
  11. elito
    man, i just picked up the m200 last week when newegg had them onsale for $70..jesus..boy are these "cans" amazing..bass is just right..tight, responsive..vocals are clear. like the rest of teh population, KEF should've really made the sound-tube smaller (though i believe that'll affect what we're hearing now) these things are def. uncomfortable unless you have some LARGE LARGE ears..the sound tube is the biggest i've seen.  but still..im not giving up, and no way am i returning these. it's worth it even if i only get to put 20mins on these eachday/night. these are great for someone whom listens to alot of electric/edm - as the bass is def. there but not muffy and not as overshadowing as one may think. 
  12. alpha421
    As stated in the very first impressions within this thread, KEF did a good job venturing into portable-hi.  They are on my short list of loudspeakers that I'll be considering for a 2-channel setup.
  13. yangian
    More and more like this huge earphones! [​IMG] With the IE80 double-flange tips, it's on par with IE80 for listening to symphony/orchestra/classical!
  14. james444 Contributor
    To those who want a deeper, more secure fit and at the same time less bass, the j444 front-mod™ works nicely on the M200.
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  15. pack21
    Jesus Christ, with M200 i can hear a singer lips close and open in a vocal song.

    I been using the large Kc06 tips, and  Drive flex seal is gone (It seems then has to do with the tips), and the sound is amazing very well balanced and natural.  M200 is so versatile only with changing tips, incredible.

    I'm completely surrendered to these gems.

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