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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Some minor knit-picking: one has to remove the cable from the headphones to get them into their carrying case. Not a fan of this. The Bose QC15s and Momentums don't need this to be done. I can play with them to to this, but its a hassle. 
    Next, the iPhone control buttons are a bit too small and cumbersome to hit. Much easier on all my other portables. Sound wise though...they're very neutral. Just did a 30Hz to 18kHz frequency sweep, very balanced throughout without any glaring regions (or regions that are "MIA"). The bass is quite impressive and goes down pretty deep.
    Not overly efficient either. I need to play the volume a bit louder. No biggie though.
  2. ericp10
    YOu ought to love the m500. I understand.
  3. PeterDLai
    No need, I think I found a better picture which shows its unique looking design more clearly:
    How tightly do they fit to the nozzles? One of my pet peeves with IEMs is when tips get stuck in my ears when removing them. It sounded like these tips only rely on friction to stay on the M200's nozzles, which could become an issue if they loosen over time.
  4. dweaver
    So far they have not slipped off on me. They slide on easily but do have to expand quite a bit so seem secure.
  5. ericp10

    Those are definitely it!
  6. denis
    I would like to try one of those UE900 or Monster MD trumpet tips in size large.
    If someone is ready to sell me one pair, thanks to PM me.
  7. blueangel2323
    Those tips look great! They're fat right to the very end, no tapering nonsense that renders tips useless for some ears (like mine).
  8. LFC_SL
    The depth is decent but it is not particularly wide sound. Cannot agree and anyone buying expecting a "huge soundstage" will be disappointed. I have yet to encounter any portable closed headphone with anything more than average soundstage but it is part and parcel of this category
  9. denis
    Maybe is it time for the M200s and the M500s to have their own thread?...
  10. zyzyx

    Yeah, I agree with you. Imaging is top notch, but that doesn't quite mean that the soundstage is overly wide.
  11. Deviltooth
    I've been listening to the RE-400 for the last two days.  This one I'm giving to my girlfriend.  I was thinking of buying another for me, it's that good.  On the other hand I've always been a fan of KEF speakers and the M200 is getting some raves in this thread.  Can anyone compare the two?
  12. dweaver
    I think the thread already has some comparisons to the RE400. The gist was bigger bass for starters...
  13. ericp10
    +2 and a wider soundstage than the RE-400. better timbre and imaging with the KEF, which takes nothing away from the RE-400. But the bass is the biggest difference. It's almost like the RE-400 has no bass compared to the M200.
    Deviltooth likes this.
  14. aras
    how do you think m200 compares to W4 and ie80?
  15. dweaver
    These M200 are so comfortable with the UE900 tips I have periods where I don't even think of the IEM and the hook part just stabilizes everything so nicely. The seal cam pop loose occasionally because it's light but it is no worse than alot of IEM's and so easy and comfortable to re-establish.

    I have to say I personally prefer the M200 over the M500 by quite a bit sonically and portably speaking.

    I really do have to crank the volume up compared my usual IEM's, anywhere from 5-9 steps on my Nokia 920. But as I said earlier I don't feel like I am fatiguing my ears but do worry that I might be hurting my hearing anyway. I wish there was some way I could measure the decibel level.
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