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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. DannyBai
    I use an iPhone 5 and have the volume at 3/4 of the way up.
  2. fnkcow
    This spells trouble for me
    My Samsung Note is already EU volume limited and at max volume its not even enough for my CKS1000 to listen nicely to
    With M200 which is also EU volume limited...
  3. TKO

    Without getting into the math, it would take about the maximum 10mW to reach a Sound Pressure Level of 100dB with a sensitivity of 94dB assuming you have a low impedance source which is about what you are mentioning.
    Whatever portable device you have with these headphones must have an output impedance of around 1ohm at the maximum.  Check that before you buy them as that will definitely impact the frequency response of the M200. 
  4. fnkcow
    Same here. No luck getting them in Asia Pacific region. Even the local Logitech branch said so.
    If someone is kind enough to sell me a pair or two of the original large silicone UE 900 tips please PM me thanks
  5. fnkcow
  6. denis

    Thanks dude! Unfortunatly, they sell a pack of different sizes and I just need the large ones. The total price is 21,04€ with the shipping cost!!!!!!!!!! I think I will find another way. But thanks again anyway.
  7. MLee
    I'm starting to feel very fickle. I've moved back to the M200s from the M500 almost full time. I finally got my one ear to seal with the supplied tips but have some others on order from Meelectronics to see if I can improve on it. Might order the UE900 tips if those don't work. Not that it needs an amp but I've been listening to my iPhone 4s via the Fiio E12 with the gain set at zero and volume at 1/3 and it works for me.
  8. calpiyuki
    no removable cables?
  9. calpiyuki
    Damn! m200 vs h200? :D
  10. ericp10
    M500 has two removable cables. But one end is not standard size (I think).
  11. blueangel2323
    The end that goes into the headphones is 2.5mm instead of the normal 3.5mm, but it's still pretty standard and with a cheap adaptor you can use your normal cables. M200 cables are not removeable.
  12. calpiyuki
    For a $200 iem, I think it is fine to expect a detachable cable.
  13. blueangel2323
    I agree, but unfortunately the majority of IEMs do not have detachable cables, including some very expensive ones. And the ones that do often have proprietary connectors. Unless you go with Westone or a custom IEM.
  14. calpiyuki
    That's exactly the reason I'm passing up with this iem.  To be honest, I am rough with my iems since I travel a lot.  Thus the importance of replaceable cables.
  15. blueangel2323
    Yeah I break a pair of IEMs about once a year lol, and it's always the cable. CIEMs were originally made for touring musicians, so hopefully those cables will last me longer. Only time will tell.
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