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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. ZenSiz
    Does M200 have fit problems like tf10? , i'm considering to change my tf10 for this. I want to try something else and i don't want to buy another earphone with fit problems.
  2. ericp10
    dweaver thank you for your comparison. It sounds like to me that the S2 is an earphone that would probably shine with some amplification power behind it. Dsnuts has stated this in a few posts to me.
    And I too happen to have some large UE900 tips (my go to tips for my CKS1000 and H-200). I never thought to try try them because of just an assumption that they wouldn't fit, but they do fit as you stated (not all the way down the stem like the stock tips, but over the first half (where the micro-driver is actually housed). 

    dweaver deserves kudos in discovering a non stock tip that actually works excellent for the KEF! It fits it with no struggle and allows for a deeper (but still shallow) fit. And as dweaver stated, it doesn't change the sound at all (well, it may bring out even a little more sub-bass, not that it's needed, but it remains beautiful clean bass). Actually, to my ears it seems to refine an already highly refined earphone a tad bit more. NICE!!! Great fine dweaver! [​IMG]
    Now, someone else stated here that the Monster tips work well too. I might try those later, but since the UE900 are my favorite silicon tips right now (I loved the tips more than the UE900 earphone), I'm experiencing audio bliss!!
  3. Lorspeaker
    someone give me a fix...is the m200 leaning closer to the W4 or to the 535? [​IMG]
  4. ericp10
    Neither. More dynamic than those two (and a wider soundstage base on memory). It has a unique sound signature , but the closest thing I think that sounded similar to my ears is the Sony EX1000 (if you gave the Sony a great deal more sub-bass and toned down it's severely harsh highs. Also, if you gave the Sony a bit wider soundstage and more detailed vocals).  Again, off of memory, so take it with a grain of salt. 
    fnkcow likes this.
  5. Lorspeaker
    wait, the denon c710 is coming back to my mind....big dynamic driver too. 
    should be along that vein i guess, need to go back to the nearest KEF shop n give it a go.
    thanks bro.
  6. dweaver
    The good news about the UE tips is they can ordered I believe and man they simply complete the M200. These are now as comfortable an IEM I have owned.
  7. MLee
    Anyone have a link where the UE900 tips dweaver is talking about can be ordered?  I ordered some other tips from meelectronics that denis recommended but I'd like to try these as well.
  8. dweaver

    The tips are at the top of the page.
  9. MLee
    Thanks. I saw the 3.5 mm ear tip there and didn't know if that was the one you were referring to.
  10. denis

    I don't know the tf10s. Apparently, there can be a fit issue (I personally had one but solved). Other members enjoy the M200s and use the stock tips.
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    I must say that after using them off 'n on for the past week, I feel it hasn't really given the me the smile I'd expect. I think the main reason is that I was hoping for greater resolution (which I think the MD3.2's seemed to have had). It performs well for a $300 headphone and in fact I do prefer it over the Beyers DT1350's (recently had a chance to try one in a one-on-one Perth meet). I've tried driving the M500s off the AK120, HM-901 (my preferred so far), and Tera. Also AK120 -> A2P TUR-06 hybrid tube amp.
  12. denis


    Also found these UE tips: 4 of them with the same size.
  13. ZenSiz
    Thanks, anyway i'm going to try these i hope it will fit ok.
  14. ericp10
    Hmm, I think those are knockoffs. The UE900 tips are a blueish grey. Nice firm tips and the inside has an extra layer of silicon that's a different color than the rest of the body (like a white or clear color, I can't remember which one). The UE900 tips sound much better than the old UE tips that came on the TF10 (although I think those are very good tips too, but I haven't tried them on the M200). 
  15. denis

    OK, let's forget these tips. But not the pleasure the M200s give us... After a little more than one week, still very pleased to listen with them.
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