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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. DannyBai
    Are these the same tips that would come with the UE500's but in black?
  2. ericp10
  3. PeterDLai
    It's the ones in the bottom right of this picture, right?
  4. DannyBai
    Ok thanks.  I'll give dweaver's link a try then.  Expensive though.  
  5. ericp10
    Yes. Those are it, Well those look more like it, but they have a different color in the middle. I'll see if I can take a photo when I get home.
  6. dweaver
    The original tips I listed are expensive but comfortable as all get out and very durable. They are a great wide bore tip so are worth,the price in my opinion.
  7. derbigpr
    I hope that based on great success with these smaller models Kef will develop a around the ear full size headphone, something a bit more high end. I've always liked their speakers, have the Q300 now, and they sound amazingly music, they can make me wanna dance to country music lol.
  8. dweaver
    I will buy any full size headphones they come out with...
    gelocks likes this.
  9. MLee
    +1 on that
  10. Lorspeaker
    had a quick test off my portable road warrior source...Samsung note...and ipad.
    ( not the be$$$t, but its been my bread n butter for so long..and its v practical..)
    m500.. very stylish, v light, fit was slightly loose on my skull..
    huge spacey soundstage, airy, good comfort, superb isolation total shutout..as in total.
    ((this is the end of the road for noise cancellation cans I believe )
    great for vocals jazz, pop, this can sounds terrific..yesss I reckon for movies too.
    when I tried classical pieces...sighhh....sounded like I am sitting not 10 but 20 to 30 rows behind...surprisingly far,
    and the resolution was insufficient for me to pick it up...cos I need my classicals to catch a nap in town..:p
    we cant have it ALL can we..hmmmmm.
    m200...was expecting great isolation, but the FIT wasn't great to my ear canal. wow the diameter of those soundpipes is big..10mm??
    and the eartips are kinda thin, I guess to compensate for the big diameter...I didn't get a great seal.
    Not sure if any other tips could do that for me..cos I think I reached the physical limit in my ears.(complys might get me a better grip? )
    Despite the fit, Bass was still too much for my taste...this is surprising too.. Again very spacey soundstage...
    digging my soundmemory.. the other OLD,dynamic bigdriver Denon C710 has better bass control while still sounding BIG...cept for the strange length of that denon cable.
    (I recommend u try on the m200 b4 pulling the trigger...its either a GREAT or arrrrghhhhh.missssss )
    caveat : just my impressions /off ipad, fone / my stuff needs to do reasonably well for classicals / not a basshead.
    KEF engineers have gotten off to a GREAT GREAT START..
    I am looking forward to a full size killer in the future, I know they can do it...judging from these two.
    u guys go ahead n buy these babies...if I have to pick one, the safer option is the m500..me...I...not U.
  11. blueangel2323
    +2. They need a closed circumaural and an open headphone.
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
    My M500s finally landed (after a week with Canada Customs [​IMG]...well at least they quickly released my incoming KGSSHV, so I guess we're even). Initial impressions, very well constructed, very comfortable and handsome looking headphones. Sound-wise very balanced. Likely the most balanced portables I've owned.  Imaging is very spacious; especially considering these are on-ear headphones.
    More to come...I'll post more thoughts on my portable headphone comparative thread.
  13. DannyBai
    I ordered those UE tips.  Will report back.  
  14. ericp10
    What's going on Mr. SE535 man? lol And W4 man. The M500s are good.
  15. MacedonianHero Contributor
    IEMs no longer work for me. Comfort issues and after a while my ears filled plugged like I had an ear infection. [​IMG] So, I'm kinda done with them. With my rig put away for the summer (due to many home renovations) I started looking for good portable headphones.
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