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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. Kenneth irl
    Black edition. I like this one the most thus far. Looks almost retail, I think. :)
    From the insides. Some red materiale stuck and left behind. You can also see the tape. I added a grid to hold the foam into place.
  2. Kenneth irl


    That's a calculated decision, no doubt. They doesn't want them to be too good for the low price. xD
    I don't know about the sound changes, but the extra soft materiale is really needed for the added comfort, at least.
  3. Supertoaster
    Sorry to bump such an old thread.
    Where did you get the foam and what kind should I use to mod mine when I get them?
  4. yesitsmario


    ^ I want to know too, anybody?
  5. Graphicism Contributor
    I got the foam from the packaging of a hard drive I purchased. I would think any foam would work, maybe even a sponge...
  6. yesitsmario
    How thick should the foam be? 1/2 an inch?
  7. Graphicism Contributor
    The foam I used probably was about 1/2 an inch but it isn't an exact science, you just have to be able to stick it behind the pads. 
  8. musiclover666
    I finally got around to stuffing the rim of the pads with cotton instead of foam as I didn't have any foam on hand. this definitely increased the sound stage. I am impressed. I am quite happy with my modded 700's. I have done all recommended mods and couldn't be happier. For the money and a little bit of time these phones are a lot of fun to listen to.
  9. hisnibs
    did you use the loose cotton balls that is for makeup removal etc? Excellent!
  10. musiclover666
    Yup, sure did. Stuffed them in one at a time all the way around the rim until the pad was nice and plump.
  11. 1rkrage
  12. thecourier
    My dad RX700's are dead. Left driver is not working, does Jvc sell spare parts? 
  13. Dutchi MerenGue
    just got mine in, i stuffed the pads with the gutted remains of my old monoprice 8323 pads (i use m50 pads on those, hated the stock pads) and really appreciate the added comfort and slightly airier presentation now which i guess is attributable to the expanded soundstage from the added depth
    how long is the recommended burn in period on these? also what mods have any of you gone through with to open up the mids and highs? im just curious, im thinking about poking holes throught the felt covering the drivers and probably dampening the cups while i was at it with some lead tape or something, advice???
  14. WhiteCrow

    Did you check the solder?
  15. cpnfantstk
    Can someone tell me how to reverse the felt mod? I kept the felt circles I pulled off. Is there a type of glue I would need to put them back on?  
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