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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. 5had0w
    note: you can also use less cotton if you like those sharper, edgier, highs.

    Adjust according to taste....
  2. Tanjent
    I used to have some Alessandro MS-1's..
    They were great for  metal and rock....faster the better
    Just got some JVC ha RX700's...
    Added 1cm thick rolled foam under pads..
    Removed Felt
    Added kitchen liner stuck with 2mm thick double sided sticky foam strips.
    Added Blu Tac..like the green stuff the other guy used earlier...
    Brighter highs and more forward mids with tighter and more responsive bass...
    Better soundstage..
    All done el cheapo.....bout 15 bucks worth...
    Very happy with result.
    I like my 700's but not the ear pads, I found a seller on "Feebay" that sells replacement velour pads username is go_me05. The stock pads are 100mm x 57mm, his are 101mm x 47mm. I just got them in and they do fit, a little tight but they fit. The opening is 10mm smaller in diameter (that's about .390 in) I just started listening now and think they sound pretty good, I did not use the supplied foam pad on the inside and they seem to be clearer in the highs, bass is good. I thought these were a little lacking in the highs but not any more. For under $20.00 bucks I'm happy. I will post again after several listening sessions.
    ***I have listened to these with the new pads and give a thumbs up! I did insert the foam pads and it is difficult to put on the new pad and keep the foam in place but it can be done. All and all I believe I have a replacement for the stock pad that sounds very good. [​IMG]***
  4. Tanjent
    I have redone my foam stuffed under the pads....as the roll I had was too firm and thick...
    Bought some thin 5mm foam sheet....cut a 6 inch strip bout 1cm wide..  $1
    Bought some flexible plastic tube       cut it also to 6 inches                    .50c
    Glued the plastic roll to the foam strip....
    After drying....stuffed finished product into cavity under pads
    Sits nicely on its side with the tubing facing towards the driver and the foam towards your ears....
    Gives great spacing between ear and driver, not too large or small....and soft for extended listening sessions....
  5. pixelsphotopro
    Any picture of how you do add the resistance to add some impedance? I'm running them through a Harman kardon P655 Vxi receiver headphone output and iPad with an LOD cable, will I see a big difference in the sound?
  6. pixelsphotopro
    What is the sound changes if you do the felt removal and also remove the cloths attached to the pads meaning the thing between your ears and the felt?
  7. laon
    Probably not good, I suspect piercing high and more forward mid.
  8. pixelsphotopro
  9. laon
    You definitely want to do felt removal and cotton dampening mod though, not really hard to do at all.
  10. pixelsphotopro
    Originally Posted by jant71 [​IMG]
    My mods are K401 pads mounted with double-sided mounting tape and adding impedance. I use a P->S 75 ohms. Others may use 120 ohms or another value.
    Please can you explain that mod
  11. Tanjent
    When I fist got these..before my Fiio E6 came....I thought these were   good...then I got a few IEM's that I played with ever since and sort left the JVC's alone...
    Was using Crap PC with foobar 2000...was happy with SQ..
    Clip+ came...SHE 3590's, XKDUN, Soundmagic E10's...Ran the JVC's but had to run nearly full vol....
    Fiio came...spent 2 days stuffing with Fiio Clip + and the IEM's....
    Then thought...I gonna check the impedence on the JVC's   48...higher then the 16 of the in ears...
    connected Fiio to PC...then the JVC's......Foobar 2000....These sound alot better than before,,,needed some juice huh?
  12. mocarob
    Thanks for this tip.. I'll be ordering some.
  13. SpeakerBox
    Well, just got a pair of these last night from Amazon ($36 shipped).  My initial impression is that they are a bit harsh sounding and a little boomy.   Will try to get 200 hours on them before attempting any mods.  Driving them via the HP jack on my restored/modified Sherwood S-7100A - which seems to have plenty of power for them.   Thanks for all the great posts.
  14. Tanjent
    MOD time
  15. SpeakerBox
    Think I will allow break-in first - then mod.  Want to know I have a stable starting point - but yes they will be modded.
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