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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. SpeakerBox
    Thanks for the tip - mine are getting to the point where they need the foam mod.
  2. ourfpshero
    I put brainwavz pads on mine, put the speakers a little further from my ears, opened up sounstage
  3. SpeakerBox
    Will check into that.  Thanks!
  4. DangerClose
    I'm trying a mod I haven't seen done before... that pic has green tac on the back magnet of the driver.  It's covering two holes like the stock white tape does.  I took the stock white tape off the other two holes, so all four holes were uncovered, and the RX700 turned into an even more boomy bass machine than usual.  But, it made the entire sound spectrum more boomy.  While they do sound kind of fun this way, I've been trying to tighten up the sound.  So while the factory white tape covers up two of the four holes, I taped up the other two too.  They lost some bass, but everything across the board tightened up and is clearer.  Maybe someone would prefer covering up 3 holes instead of 4.  Or none, or 1, or leaving it at the stock 2.  It's an easy and quick way to tune the boom how you want, and the result is pretty dramatic.
    I'm not talking about the holes circled in that pic.  I haven't messed with those.  It's the four small holes on the back of the magnet.  Two are covered in green stuff in that pic.
    The RX700 has a pretty big soundstage, but the notes are kind of fuzzy.  This helps get rid of the fuzzy.
    If I want more RX700 fun boomy bass back, some EQ on the low end brings it back, while the rest of the sound stays clean.   
    I did full felt removal, put a few cotton balls under each ear pad to puff them up a little, (too much cotton or foam makes the pads too hard and seal poorly), sprayed the main part of the outer cup with car undercoat to help get rid of that slight reverb problem the RX700 has, and now covered up all four magnet holes.  
    I'm still messing with EQ'ing them, but EQ is currently 0 to +2db around 16k, (more than +2 with full felt removal makes it too strong unless going for a more "fun" sound), +2 to 4db at 2k, and a small or no bump around 4k.  Pretty flat as far as the mids and highs go.  Though I think around 8k needs a decent bump of about +4db since otherwise the notes are flat or just plain don't sound right.  I say "around" each frequency since the onboard EQ I'm using only has 10 sliders.  And then mess with the 125 zone to help tune warmth vs. detail.  
    I may put the felt ring back on to test since that might allow the highs to be bumped up a little more to bring them out but avoid harshness.  They currently sound quite good, and dare I say "balanced," so I think doing that, if it works, wouldn't be better or worse, just different. (flat vs. v-shape.)
    After lots of searching, I still don't know the physical difference between the rx700 and rx900 besides pads.  With all the talk of how bassy but boomy the rx900 is, I wonder if the main difference is the rx900 just has an extra hole or two open somewhere for more air.   
  5. Phoenix1093
    I've been trying to find a good velour replacement for the stock earpads on my harx900's for a while now, the stock pads heat up my ears too fast. Replacement earpads have been hard to find based on the exact dimensions of the stock pads. A lot of resellers don't have the pad dimensions listed. That's how I end't up purchasing and returning DT770 earpads, took a chance based on "close enough dimensions." Well they almost fit but the flap that curls around the lip wouldn't stretch.
    Anyway, are these the brainwavz earpads you have on your harx900s? Were they difficult to get on? On the advertising site, they have another pair of JVCs on the "headphones that these will fit list" that look a lot smaller than the 700/900s.
    Just gotta find the velour ones!
  6. Vraxoin
    Just to definitively answer the Brainwavz HM5 earpad fitment question, the answer is that they definitely do fit the HA-RX700 & 900.  I decided to purchase the NVX XPT100 version of the phones which come with both regular and extra thick angled versions of the pads.  I didn't like the sound of the XPT100 with the angled pads, so I thought I'd try them on my 700s.  Starting on the thick side and working around and with really not much more stretching than needed to install any fresh pads, they went on and fit perfectly.  They are a huge comfort upgrade and sound better than any stock pad mods I've tried.  On my head, they seal so well that there is very light suction when I remove them.  I happen to like the angled version on the 700, but I'm pretty sure that the nice, thick, flat Brainwavz pads you can get would be equally comfortable and sound very similar if not exactly the same.  Heck, I may still order some of the purdy red ones to try.  Anyway, the bottom line is that fitment is great, no mods needed.  I'd totally recommend it to anyone who likes their 700s and 900s.
  7. DangerClose
    I don't know what sorcery you used to get those on there.  I have them in my hands right now and they're not even close.  I guess the pads must stretch far more than they look like and feel like they do.
  8. Vraxoin
    Sorry, I forgot the 'sacrifice a goat' step.  My bad!  [​IMG]  Seriously though, I know what you are talking about.  It initially looks like the pad could only cover about 3/4, but that's just because they are new.  If you start by attaching them on the thick side of the 700/900 frame and carefully work from one side, stretching as you go around to the thin side, it'll go right on.  I only used my fingers, no tool magic of any kind.  Once it's fully attached, just give the pad a full 360deg turn and it will pretty much finish any nagging alignment for you. The retaining flap has far more give than it initially looks like and fits very nicely.  Don't be afraid  Here are a few more pics:
  9. SpeakerBox
    Can those pads be purchased separately or only on another pair of HPs?
    Answered my own question - found them at Amazon - no angled ones though (unless I missed it).
  10. Vraxoin

    I'm sorry that I didn't see your question earlier.  I'm guessing that you found the Brainwavz pads.  Anyway, if it still helps you or anyone else, here are the angled NVX pads if that's your preference:
  11. SpeakerBox
    Thanks much!
  12. SpeakerBox
    My angled NVX pads will be delivered today.  Will let you all know how things shake out.  Thanks for the help.
  13. SpeakerBox
    Got the NVX pads on last night.  Not hard to do.  Have not had much time to listen but did notice deeper, tighter bass right off the bat - not to mention the added comfort.
  14. Vraxoin

    Nice!  I'm glad that your installation experience was similar to mine.  I've been quite happy with them over the last few weeks.  I agree on the improved bass and also notice better imaging.  While the RX700 sound signature is certainly different than the NVX XPT100, I feel that the imaging is roughly equal now.  Combined with the great comfort, I'm happier with my 700s than ever before.
  15. SpeakerBox
    Totally agree!
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