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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. Tanjent
    Understood..If you want any advice on Modding just ask............... as I have opened these numerous times...
    And there are a few different mods you could perform for different outcomes...
  2. SpeakerBox
    Thanks!.  Does the brightness/harshness fade with break-in?
  3. Tanjent
    Yes,  slightly..
  4. SpeakerBox
    I have over 200 hours on these now (not modded) and have to say they sound pretty nice driven from my vintage Sherwood 7100a.  I am not sure I will mod them as of yet.
  5. Kursah
    Stumbled on this thread. Been a loooooong time since I've been through it or posted in it! I remember when I bought my first pair of HARX700...I still have them. In fact I'm listening to them right now. The only mod currently applied is the felt removal. But they leave me wanting more. I want more bass like my XB500's and even better like my D2000's. Hell I have max 31 and 62hz on my Creative console panel and have the bass knob on the Console panel at 75%, it's good but seems a bit agressive to achieve my desired bass levels compared to how I remember these performing. 
    These headphones seem to respond better to my Auzen's integrated HP amp versus my FiiO E9. I also just ordered a Denon AVR-1613 for my computer speaker setup to replace my blown Class-T Dayton DTA100-a amp. Hoping it has a good HP output on it....I spent days trying to find out.
    Next up..I have a pair of harx700's brand new, still in the box I bought on a sale a couple years ago. So I am thinking of seriously modding my 700's. I want stronger, punchier bass..and if possible some extension. I would also like the mids to be a little more present...they seem a touch distant.
    I had some rolled up paper towel as a spacer for the earpads I removed. Yes now the comfort level is slightly reduced but the overall sound is warmer to me.
    I'm thinking either sock mod or different earpads, maybe some eraser gum in certain spots and most likely some cotton stuffing in the cups.
    Suggestions? I'm going to start from the top of this thread but want to see what's going on with the HARX700 in 2013! I'm glad to see these headphones are still going strong!
  6. SpeakerBox
    You may want to read through the vintage receiver thread on this site.  I use a vintage unit to drive mine and have not seen most of the issues complained about with these headphones.  Base depth and definition is actually pretty good, as is detail.  I attribute this to the build quality and power of my restored vintage receiver.
  7. Kursah
    I considered going vintage, but my budget was limited, nor do I have the time to maintain or afford vintage parts. I had quite a few recommendations for modern Denon xx12 and xx13 series AVR's, so I ended up going with the 1613. But really didn't find much on it's HP output. I'm hopeful it'll be similar to my E9 or better so I can justify selling the E9 to recoup my losses as I couldn't really afford to buy the $200 AVR...but didn't want to spend another $100 on a Dayton DTA100-a that would fail in less than 2 years again...and that while was good wasn't great and the HP circuit on that SUCKED! 
    I just have to crank the bass EQ up soooo much on the 700's vs my D2000's or XB500's. I honestly wouldn't mind tuning my 700's and selling off the rest of my phones if I can attain close to the sound I want. Just not sure that's possible. I may never sell my D2000's tho... But I'd love to tune my HARX700's for improved bass so that I didn't want to take them out so often..the kids like my D2000's too...and that's no bueno for their longevity.
  8. SpeakerBox
    Yes, I can see where a little more bass would be nice - but some of the mods to that end make me nervous.  A HP cup is just like a speaker box and the driver in that box is matched to the air volume in the enclosure for the best transient response (or should be).  Doing mods that change the volume of air seen at the back of the driver can negatively impact transient detail.  For me, a Jazz listener, these HPs sound just fine as is - at least through the Sherwood 7100A.  The only mod I may do is the ear pad cushion stuffing.
  9. Kursah
    I'd buy the harx900's if I could swing it, I've read they have the bass I seek but I also like the response and forwardness of the 700's, just sometimes it's too much imo. Maybe it's because I seek a darker headphone? I dunno. But I do know if I crank my bass way up, and put the rolled up paper towel under the ear cushions (I removed a little material), the bass punch increases...and they do in fact sound damn good!
    I remember trying the cotton stuffing in the cups but I don't remember the results..so I'm assuming there's a reason I took the stuffing back out. I would like some larger and more comfy earpads. I am wondering if HARX900 earpads or the other ones suggested a page or two ago would be worth it. I like the idea of the sock mod, but need to read more about it.
    I do agree with the felt mod, but may have to take my brand new pair out of the box that haven't been used or opened and do an A|B comparo. We shall see! I would just love to tune these phones for my needs...again here's to hoping the Denon AVR-1613 will drive them very well! So far I've been re-impressed with the power of my Auzen Forte both at the rear HP jack and the FP HP jack (which has more aggressive volume), and even the E9! Cheers!
  10. SpeakerBox
    Good luck.  I will report back if I do the pad mod.
  11. craftech
    The issue of bass is very subjective.  As a 68 year old I got used to a certain level of bass being the "norm" in a speaker or a headphone.  That "acceptable level" was the result of a standard set by audiophile reviewers of the era.  Over time the level of "desired" bass has grown enormously to the point where in a majority of USER reviews of headphones or speakers the "bass" seems to be the focus.  Unless a person takes a set of headphones off their heads and says to another person,  "listen, this is what I consider the perfect amount of bass", it is really hard to know exactly what one considers acceptable.  These headphones are OK to my ears in terms of bass, treble, mid range and dynamic range for the low price they cost.  I consider them a true bargain.  Would I personally want more bass out of them?  No.  Would someone else?  Maybe.
  12. SpeakerBox
    Yes - they seem to have enough bass for me too and seem to be getting better definition in the bass over time.  Very happy with them and as of right now no need to mod.
  13. phamine
  14. SpeakerBox
    Very nice pads.  Think I will get a pair.
  15. curlysue
    LOVE the FOAM modification . . . Graphicism . . . so much so that when I went to MOD my RX700 with foam I thought I had - but did not and was I bumming.
    Then I remembered . . . in a drawer in the kitchen where about 2 years ago I had some weatherstripping for doors and windows.  WOO HOO!!  Not only was this foam a GREAT mod (as proposed by Graphicism back on July 9th 2012 in his original post - KUDOS again by the way, Graphicism) but it was PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL (as in round) and is a FANTASTIC modification. 
    While I could not find the original bag for the foam, I did visit the vendor's website and found the SAME product . . . 3/8 inch x 20 feet Poly-Foam Backer Rod.  The name Rod makes it sound rigid, but it is not - it is very flexible and it retains its cross-sectional shape (area) when wedged into the ear pad (cushion) space.
    Here's a tiny pic of the product . . .
    Here's a tiny pic of my Graphicism-inspired moded HA-RX700 . . .
    Did the same thing with a new pair of Senal's I found on eBay for less than $20 . . .
    Dunno if Menards (stores) are in everyone's state, but here's the link to Menards website . . . http://www.menards.com/main/doors-windows/weather-stripping/wj-dennis-poly-foam-caulk-savr-reg-backer-rod-weatherstrip/p-1914351-c-3624.htm . . . if not Menards, then Home Depot likely has a similar product.
    Thanks again, Graphicism.
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