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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. Kenneth irl
    Okay so my initial impression of this mod is that it sounds good. :) I love the 'open' sound they produce now. Also, I still have to turn down the bass frequencies, or it's very boomy, not thight. I've mostly only listened to classical music so far with them, so I don't know how they sound in other categories. They might be unstable for all I know. I wished that I could describe the sound more in detail, but I'm not really qualified for that. 
    Note: This is just my personal opinion (so far), You may, or may not, like the difference in sound produced if you did this risky mod yourself.
    If anyone wants to try this mod, I might be able to help you out. I sure did some quite nasty mistakes along the way, haha. :) Waning!! This mod cannot be undone, and is risky, overall(you might ruin your headset).
  2. ginetto61

    Hello,  very interesting mod indeed.
    I think it would deserve a stand alone 3D indeed
    By the way you say ...
    Originally Posted by Kenneth irl /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    ..... Also, I still have to turn down the bass frequencies, or it's very boomy, not thight....
    May I ask you which amp are you using to drive the 700s ?
    thanks and regards,
  3. Kenneth irl


    Hi, what you mean by 'stand alone 3D' ? :)
    Anyways, I usually use my Sansa clip or laptop. I also have a Sony 550ES amplifer, but since these at about 40% volume is more than enough juice for me, I don't use it much. Would a 'real' amp produce better sound or just more power? Thanks! 
    Also, I've done some more testing and I'm very happy about how they sound overall. The driver seem stable.
    Cheers! :)
  4. laon
    It'll produce better sound, it may be subtle like tightening the bass or making the mid forward but it's enough to make it more enjoyable to listen to.
  5. ginetto61
    Hi, what you mean by 'stand alone 3D' ? :)
    Good morning and thank you very much for your kind and helpful reply.
    I mean the this kind of mod, from a closed or semi-closed headphone to a open one, is a radical mod quite different from a felt removal or a little dampening of the earcups (please excuse my trivial english but I truly hope you understand my thought).
    So I think that starting a separate discussion could be mostly interesting.
    Moreover these Jvc headphones (I Have a 900) are so cheap and so good that I feel they could be even more popular after a mod that improves their performance quite a bit.
    I am assuming that you prefer the sound after the mod or I am wrong ?
    Anyways, I usually use my Sansa clip or laptop.
    I also have a Sony 550ES amplifer, but since these at about 40% volume is more than enough juice for me, I don't use it much. Would a 'real' amp produce better sound or just more power?
    well I really don't know but if you would use let's say an amp with low output impedance so able to produce a stronger grip on the drivers diaphragms you could tame that sloppy bass you detect.  I stress maybe.  But if you could borrow from someone such an amp you could try.
    I do not know your amps.
    When I see closed and open headphones I wonder if some kind of similarity can be done with closed and dipole planar speakers. Just bigger transducers, but same kind ?
    Also, I've done some more testing and I'm very happy about how they sound overall. The driver seem stable.
    Cheers! :)
    Well thank very much to you !  Moreover I would much appreciate some photo explaining the entire process of "opening".
    I am afraid of destroying the headphones.
    until now I have performed only a "felt peeling" on my 900 but I like very much the result
    I think that in general no felt is better that any felt, I would greatly prefer just a protection screen to not touch the drivers.
    So I am truly convinced that simple or more complex mods on these family of headphones could improve their sound quality in a remarkable way.
    thanks again and kind regards,
  6. Kenneth irl


  7. Kenneth irl

    Hi :), well, I think that we need to know more about this mod before we start making a new thread about it - like how it affects the overall sound picture, ect.
     I should also probably have a guide ready, if I did so. I think that would be best.
    I have no regrets about during the mod since I like the sound better now :) (except for the loose bass that needs tweaking. It was also a problem before the mod, mind you).
    But one person's statement is very subjective and is a long way from being anything close to a fact (as in if they should technically sound better)

    Thanks! I don't know about the last part. I'm sure somebody knows, though.


    I can try to put together a simple guide, but you should know that it involves:
    -drilling holes
    -use of a plastic gun
    This is indeed a very radical mod, and if you're happy about the sound they produce now and are afraid to break them, I connot recommend it. This is very risky.
    Also, I still need to make a figure out a new attachment system for the two pieces that makes one cup, as the standard mounting system was remove with the back plade. Right now I have simply attached the two pieces with tape as I am undecided how I want to make it. A simple solution would be to simple glue them together, but I would mean closing them for good.
    Edit: I cannot figrue out the quoting system. :p
    BTW: I can understand your English just fine, btw. Don't sweat it. :) (I'm Danish so my spelling is probably not the best either, hihi)
  8. ginetto61


  9. Kenneth irl
    I think that is a good choice, Gino. :) 
    Yes, the standard felt is way over done, imo. I wonder why? Maybe they thought it would make them sound more bassy as the felt dampens the treble(awfull desgin, imo). You probably don't have to remove the last of it, though. It's very hard to get off anyway. I had to use sandpaper and tweezers, haha!
    Cheers, Gino
  10. ginetto61

    Actually I am just thinking about scraping with very fine sandpaper  [​IMG]
    I am a little worried about the debris ... may be I could just blow them away
    Of course I will keep the acoustic lens mostly for driver protection
    Have nice listenings !

  11. Kenneth irl


    You should be able to blow the debris away afteward. There might be a better way to do it, but it can be done this way. Try to use tweezers first, though. :)
    Edit: you should be very careful not to stick anything through the holes damaging the membrane! :)
  12. ginetto61
    Thanks again Kenneth !
    I have found a lot of graph response by HeadRoom on the web. They do a really good lab job indeed.
    I see that the HPs of the highest quality, like the HD800 for instance, exhibit an exceptionally flat freq response
    Unfortunately I have found nothing about the JVC line
    This is  a pity because I believe in measurements after all
    And still I do not understand all this use of felt. 
    The secret for me is in the driver and its quality, that sets the maximum level that can be reached.
    Just wonderful.
  13. Assimilator702
    Not a good idea.
    That stuff is basically slightly hardened tar. Any excess heat will render it a soupy mess.
    I have an entire 100 Sq Ft roll if anyone wants it they can have it for FREE just pay shipping.
    Anyone is welcome to PM me if interested.
  14. ginetto61
    To dampen any resonance there is a possible alternative
    I think this thing could absorb the strongest vibration
    Nothing better than lead
    Maybe some plastic earcups dampened have a behaviour similar to that of more exotic and very expensive materials, even if much less aesthetically appealing
  15. gametime
    Does anyone know of any velour pads that will fit on the RX700's?
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