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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. sevan1028
    I heard these headphones can get quite hot, is there a mod addressing that issue?
  2. Assimilator702


    Thats just an issue any full size over ear HP have.
    Nothing short of using AC vents blowing cold air over you ears will solve the heat issue.[​IMG]
  3. Kenneth irl
    Double post, sorry :)
  4. Kenneth irl

    I've found a good solution to this problem now - double sticky tape. Just a few pieces all around the inner rim and then cut off any visible tape afterward from the outside - so that you cannot see the tape. I can still open them if I want to. :)
    Also, you might want to do this on your normal JVC 700s as well if you want to get rid of the creaking noises that you get from touching them on the outer rim. Also, If you want to get rid of creaking noises from touching the outer back shell, you need to fill in more soft matriales between the outer shell and the back plade (the flat one).
  5. alfa147x


    Wow looks good. Anyone know where I can find this cable? Thanks!
  6. alfa147x
    Making my own cable. I'll post pictures when I'm done! Super excited
  7. Kenneth irl
    Got around to make them a little prettier. I spray painted some white foam and put it in there + I repaired the silver paint. The silver isn't shiny as of yet, but I'll probably make it so. It doesn't block much sound, if any, naturally. Anyone like it? And have anyone else tried something like this? Or is it just me so far? :p :)
  8. Greenwith
    Aesthetics wise, I think it looks exponentially better than the stock version. However, I personally think all-black looks better.

    Leather headbands and ear-cups please! >:D

    Do you think that the mod has had any effects on the sound of your headphone? Does the sound feel more airy?
  9. Kenneth irl


    I'm no sound technician, but I'd say so. Whether or not I'm a victim for my own imagination, I can't say - but technically it should change the sound quite a bit as there's no semi confined chamber that produces resonance and sound feedback. I think they sound very good, anyways. :)
    Yeah, I think there's room for all sorts of creativity in terms of colours and other stuff. I'd like to make my own ear pads in the future. Would be fun. :)
    Oh, and black foam would look good I think. It would definitely make them more elegant, same with the front. I might make some. Also, it might highlight the grid a bit more. Red is very sexy, imo, and the gird looks even better in real life than in the pictures. More shiny and alive.
    Here's with one without showing the blueish colour on the front. Not a high quality picture, though.
  10. Assimilator702


    Nice to see you went ahead with this mod.
    Does it kill all the bass response?
    Just adding some clay and a bit of polyfill to my HARX900 eliminated 90% of the lowend.
    I was thinking of doing a screen mod with only sections of the replacement panel screened in an attempt to retain all the lowend.
  11. Kenneth irl


    Nope, there's still more than enough bass for me. I still have to turn the bass down when listening to bass heavy music. I originally thought that it would kill a lot of the bass, but I'd hardly noticed any change to it which is a little strange, I suppose. I'm sure there's a difference, though, but it's a little hard to remember how it sounded before this mod. I think it's because the driver is so big, 50mm.
    I can't quite picture what kind of mod you're talking about, but I'd like to see it once you're done, if you do it, that is. :)
  12. Assimilator702
    Instead of using a replacement panel with a full screen doing a wooden piece with possibly 4 vents in a circular pattern around the middle of the panel.
    Different sized openings could be used for experimentation.....four circle cutouts, one circle cutout in the middle, etc......
    After damping the outer cups of my HARX900 I killed all the bass.
    It's possible that the open back allows the driver to move regaining some bass.
    Are you amping them?
  13. Kenneth irl

    Ah, that sounds interesting, indeed. :)
    Nope, I just use my notebook or my sansa clip. But I think it's just because I have the sound turned up a bit higher than before to compensate for the decrease in effectiveness, volume wise. I don't think the driver moves much differently than before seeing as it was semi open before this mod.
  14. khanis
    I did the foam mod with cotton and WOW, it's far more comfortable. I prefer the larger soundstage as well; it really suits the sound of these headphones. Bass is lessened, but I feel it's more controlled. The separation of instruments is vastly improved after the mod.
    The comfort is the biggest thing, though.
  15. Graphicism Contributor
    It makes you wonder why JVC didn't put just a little more foam in there doesn't it...
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