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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. BrokenHinge
    I got my pair of RX700 today. Couldn't find any foam, so I got a $3 sit-mat at the local store, and it works wonders as pad stuffing. I like them even better now!
    Did any of you find them sounding tinny at first? They sound metallic echo-ish in parts with 1-2 instruments (more instruments obfuscate the echo), compared to my Sennheiser HD202. They improve on the HD202 on other areas though, I just realised they have no sound stage, and I can hear bass guitars in parts I didn't know there were any. Comfort is nice too, although I certainly feel their weight on my head.
  2. Maaasih
    Is that a detachable cable on your JVCs? If it is, could you help me with my mod? I am trying to do the same thing...



    They sound like crap for a while then either they are fully burn-in and sound like some hi-end cans or you get used to their crappy sound.
    Whatever the case maybe, I own 3 pair of them ( 2 for spares ) and I love them as much as I do with the other cans I own.
    Dirt cheap !
  4. greenoc
    Just got these headphones 4 weeks ago they are almost fully burned in and i have felt modded them which opened the soundstage up tremendously.  I also stuffed polyfill under the pleather cushions and cut circular strips of cardboard to keep the polyfill from coming out, this mod made the bass more defined, more punchy, made the mids more present, and it also recessed the shrill highs down to a tolerable level. The only bad thing about the mod is that the musical seperation diminished a little bit. ATM i am also working on making the headphones modular and sleeving them, and possibly thinking of getting rid of that hideous top bar and painting the cups.
  5. vampire666
    I would like to wash that part of the headphone which is in direct contact with the head. Is it possible? How can I remove it without damaging things? 
  6. Assimilator702
    New here and man is this place addictive.
    Almost as much as the Car Audio forums when I was new to that scene.
    Which leads me to....the Dynamat issue.
    The way Dynamat or any other mass loading product works is it adds mass to an object....usually a car door skin or roof.
    Adding mass basically converts vibration to heat which will reduce the amount the panel will vibrate.
    Adding foam type, or barrier product under a carpet will block some road noise in a vehicle. Closed cell works best in my findings.
    Now the butyl rubber mass loading products Like Dynamat or Second Skin are thick enough to change the parameters as someone else mentioned.
    Adding a thinner material would be a more conservative approach and one could add more layers to increase the effect as needed.
    I actually think the spray product is the best since it can be applied in thin layers and you don't have to worry about it coming unstuck.
    Of course I haven't recieved my JVC cans yet but once I have a look at them I'll chime in on anything I come up with.
  7. Assimilator702


    I haven't taken mine apart at all. Maybe someone can chime in on detailed instructions on how to remove each part.
    I would apply some carpet cleaner on a soft cloth thats suitable for car detailing....the yellow cloths sold at auto parts dtores and Walmart are good since you'll see how much dirt is removed.
    Just wipe the surface....it's an open nylon weave that won't be damaged by moisture.
  8. Kenneth irl
    Hi, I just wanted to show with some pictures of what I have done to my set of 700s, so far. Take a look. :)
    I've inserted some extra foam into the pads and sowed them together using the standard nylon layer, which I then cut off afterward (the extra padding cannot fall out this way. I can now see the driver! I've also painted the inside to make them look a bit cooler. :)
    If you want to get rid to the creaking noises that this headset makes (when you touch them), I can post some pictures of what I have done to get rid off it. :)
    I really want to cut off the back plade and insert a aluminium grid instead, but then I would have to buy one extra pair. Hmm.
    Also, I cannot believe how good the sound is after these mods. I recommend turning down the lower frequinces down using an equllizer, and you'll get a cystal clear sound (they produce way too much bass otherwise, killing the rest of the sound spectum.
  9. duytran
  10. laon
    ^ you might want to lessen that damping on the baffle, also there's 3 hole around the top portion of the baffle that should not be closed up imo.
  11. Kenneth irl
    Couldn't help myself...
    Wonder if they'll be better or worse. hihi
  12. Graphicism Contributor
    ˄ Nice, what material is that? Post your impressions after you try it.
  13. Kenneth irl


    Stainless steel. It's quite solid. I will post some impressions later when I'm done with them. :)
  14. winma
    Damn guys, the mods posted are awesome! i will find my old RX700's (they are somewhere in my house)
  15. Kenneth irl
    I've complete my 'open' mod. :D I need to listen to them for a while before commentating on the sound, tho. :)
    Edit: As you can see, I need to repaint the outer ring with silver (or maybe a new colour? :)) as I damaged the paint during this mod. I'm also thinking about changing the white foam thingy out with one with a cooler colour.
    I also removed all of the paper covering the vents for the driver.
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