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JVC HA-RX700 Mods

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graphicism, Jul 22, 2009.
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  1. Olimoronio
    Dynamat is REALLY not the optimum material for this application. It's too thick and heavy and it costs too much. It's a serious case of overkill IMO.

    I've tried both Dynamat and Spectra Dynamics Magnapads (small version of their Deflex material made for the back of speaker magnets) and they both adversely affected the bass. I suspect that the thickness of these materials completely changes the parameters of the headphone.

    I've been using Lightweight Vinyl Sound Damping Sheets from Parts-Express to damp speaker enclosures for years and the stuff works. Does it work as well as Dynamat? Well, not on speaker cabs and cars but on headphones? Yes, yes it does. I've used it on several budget phones and not only did it get rid of any creaking noise but it also helps isolation and cleaned up the sound considerably.

    Why this stuff is better for headphones:

    1. It isn't nearly as thick and won't change the parameters of your headphones nearly as much as Dynamat.

    2. It is WAY lighter so you don't feel like you're wearing some big, clunky vintage cans.

    3. It costs way less money... need I say more?

    Even better is two or three coats of VB Quite Kote.

    Seriously, if you have the patience to disassemble and tape up your phones then this is the way to go. It doesn't change the parameters at all, is just as effective as the vinyl damping pads and is even lighter.

    Another alternative is automotive undercoat. Wal-Mart sells some that is labeled "Pro undercoat and sound deadener" or something like that. If you use this stuff make sure you buy it from a place where you can smell it first (everyone sprays the price labels at Wal-Mart) because some of it smells like tar or worse. If you smell it and it smells like spray paint then you're good to go.

    Yet another alternative is truck bed liner. Either the spray or the brush on stuff will do but I prefer the brush on stuff because it dries much harder and will actually strengthen your phones. I like to use it in gaps in the plastic molding on budget phones - it really helps make them sturdier.

    Well, sorry for the rant - just wanted to give my thoughts/tips on the matter. [​IMG]
  2. Olimoronio
    JVC HA-D700's all taped up and sprayed with VB Quite Kote...


    Tape removed...


    Close up...


    By the way - if you use this stuff make sure and tape off any metal parts or spray them with primer first. For some reason the Quite Kote in the spray can repels from metal surfaces. I think there must be something in it that reacts with the metal.

    The Cascade VB-1X that you apply with a spray gun or brush doesn't have the issues with metal.
  3. buz
    Has anyone ever tried to remove the fabric in the middle of the pads? It seems like it might give another boost to transparency (think felt removal mods) without it? But that point the driver would obviously be quite exposed to hair and dirt...
  4. meticadpa
    Bump! :D
    I just removed the felt and wow, what a difference!
    Now I just need to get the acoustic stuffing and something similar to dynamat...
    I tried my AD700 pads on here, but with them, they were practically bassless. 
  5. ourfpshero
    i now have 2 rx700s. one stock, and one i got for modding.
    after some experimenting with different materials, i removed one layer of felt and damped the cups with one strip of polyken 236 hi-temp duct tape
    result is stlightly better highs from felt removal, and tighter, lower bass beat
    i also tried metal tape (brought out highs but reduced bass), and foam biscuits (mellowed and made much more neutral, some might like this)
  6. classakg
    Just got mine the last week, and i made the pads mod. I really hear the difference with the soundstage, and the bass is smoother. 
  7. Shimmer

    Hmm I wonder if the inverse would be true?  Have you tried putting the HARX700 pads on the AD700?  If it would increase the bass substantially you might just be on to something!
  8. meticadpa
    Sadly not :frowning2:
    I tried that straight off with a similar thought to you, thinking "Hmm, this could be something rather amazing!" but I was disappointed - they didn't even stretch over properly :frowning2:
    I've fully modded the headphones now, and they've got around 50 hours of burn in. I'm honestly preferring them to my Alessandro MS1.
  9. meticadpa
    Well... spent more time with the headphones - realised that I prefer them without the earpads stuffed.
    I just had a brainwave though, and it paid off. Instead of just removing the felt layer, I went one step further and poked holes in it with a pencil. Seemed to make the midrange a bit more clarified than before :)
  10. Werr
    Hi, I've had some jvc ha-rx700's for about a month and they were getting really uncomfortable; didn't know my ears were big but they must be because the driver grills were really starting to press up against my ears and become uncomfortable.I saw some other mods which i'm sure are better comfort wise and possibly my way messes up the sound too- I'm no audiophile- But this is an expedient way that few would have to go to the store for; a razor or some scissors and cardboard. 
    IMAGE_087.jpg Cut cardboard strip(s), I started with about 1/2" wide, can make wider or narrower ones later if needed.
    IMAGE_085.jpg Push and thread the cardboard in so the width perpendicular to the grill or whatever.
    IMAGE_086.jpg U can just trim the length as fitting the cardboard in, or make a double row and thread long strip around twice; i don't know how long the cardboard will stay stiff as I just did this  cause my ears were hurting and I can't be bothered to go to the store. 
    They sound different, brighter, for all I know it messes up the sound- I got tin ears.  This is just a quick pain relief implementation for those whose ears start hurting right in the middle of a movie or something like me.  The phones aren't hurting my ears anymore for now. 
  11. dachness
    I did the felt mod to my RX-700s and I am happy with the change. Did seem to bring out the highes more. 
  12. BrokenHinge
    Bringing up an old thread, but still relevant.
    I've just ordered a pair of RX700, very eager to hear them. Also, these mods seem interesting (don't worry, I'll try them stock first). But the draw liner shown in first post, is it a cloth-like fabric or rubber-like? I can't decide from the pictures (and haven't seen clarifications in the thread). Not English speaking country here, so we obviously don't call it draw liner, but I just want to know what to look for. [​IMG]
  13. sebaz
    Hello, I was wondering if this kind of foam would work instead of the Dynamat. That stuff is way too expensive so I wouldn't buy it, but here's some foam that I already have:
    This is about 2 mm thick (0.078 inches). Would this be a good material to use, and would it be thick enough?
  14. Graphicism Contributor
    The draw liner I used was more foam like to dampen the sound, rubber might reflect.
    That foam should be fine Sebaz. I found when I applied the draw liner the volume went down a good 20-30% from dampening, if the same happens with the foam you have it should give you the same effect.
  15. WhiteCrow
    anyone got pictures on how to bring out the upper mids, I read it a few pages back but didnt really grasp it.
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