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JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

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  1. IA64
    If my description is the sound of JH16's then I wonder how everyone is praising the clarity and accurate bass reproduction. Looks like we have mixed opinions here.
    I don't like flat sound but I don't like boomy compressed-congested either.
    We are not talking about Dr. Dre beats are we ? 
  2. tupac0306
    Clarity...maybe if you don't have lots to compared with. Accurate bass reproduction? I have never heard anyone who own jH16 said that.  
    And although jH16 isn't neutral, it's still far more superior than beats. 
    Also I am confused about the new jH16 because some people find it less bassy and bright and you find it overly warm and boomy. 
  3. IA64
    You can trust me on this one. The bass is over powered. Way over powered. I never used a universal IEM without boosting the bass in the 30-50 Hz. That's the first IEM I ever heard that needs an EQ to calm it down.
    If the issue isn't with the fit, then the JH16's is only targeting bass obsessed consumers. It is certainly not for classical, opera, jazz, blues  whatsoever music.
    I even listen to FLAC dubstep almost 50% of my time, I fired a track at moderate volume ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWbaHcILGJ8 )  and the bass almost perforated my eardrums. You cannot enjoy music at high volume because the bass is painful.
    If you check the reviews here http://www.head-fi.org/products/jh-audio-jh16-pro-custom-in-ear-monitors  people seem to agree that the bass is controlled and the clarity is superb. 
    Also Jude review and experience is totally different than mine : http://www.head-fi.org/t/479434/jh-audio-jh16-pro-first-impressions#post_6504459 
    I am also concerned about the source. Would an external DAC/AMP control the bass and  improve the signature better than an iMac ? I read that JH16's don't need amp due to high sensitivity and low impedance.
  4. tupac0306

    Send it back then. Sounds like your mid and high drivers are defective
  5. goodvibes
    Bass head and accurate don't belong together. For many on headfi, way too much is what's considered the correct amount.
    The info is here. I've posted this in what must be almost every JH thread often to be disagreed with so the info is there. I honestly believe that most headfiers would prefer a JH16/Heir 8a/ue18 but I couldn't live with those and I'm not an analytical type. I find that amount of bass pressure off putting but the 16 should never sound muffled on top. I found some of the 'neutral' favs too hot. I like a rising bass below 200hz and reasonably flat on up relative to the common compensation curves. That's what sounds real to me.
    In any case, I hope we have different tastes, your 16s get sorted and they work well for you. I doubt they got shipped with defective drivers all around. Likely something else.
  6. IA64
    In my opinion the bass and mids should be equally loud ; when I read powerful bass I expect the bass to be well reproduced below 35-40Hz with good extension without distortion.
    Like with the Jh16's if you are enjoying Diana Krall singing at high volume, a sudden bass hit will torture your eardrums.
    For anyone reading this thread, that's only my experience and does not necessarily represent the true sound signature of the JH16's.
    Could be my ear canal shape to blame. 
    I still need someone to confirm that iMac as source with Flac is enough to pump all the juice out of these IEMs
  7. goodvibes
    You're describing the 13. 
    I'm sorry but you read the reviews that all say it's bass enhanced even when they like it that way and expected flat sounding bass response? Did you watch the vid? JH has been clear about it's design goal and how the bass is enhanced to reach it
    Imac headphone out has a 64 ohm output impedance and that gives it a very low damping factor for your 16 ohm IEMs. http://support.apple.com/kb/TA26045?viewlocale=en_US
    Depending on device, it can make it either bass shy or just very uncontrolled and boomy. It certainly shouldn't be great. It's not a power thing as it has plenty at 1V with a good PS behind it. I hope it's not the only thing you tried before shipping them back.
  8. IA64
    Not really, I read this http://www.head-fi.org/t/485170/review-clash-of-the-titans-3d-jh16-pro-vs-jh13-pro  which is despite being old ( pre-freqphase ) put the 16's above the 13's in almost every category. 
    I have been told on some thread on head-fi that I shouldn't need an amp since my IEMs have low impedance and iMac has plenty to give. I have ordered a desktop DAC/AMP days ago, still waiting for shipping.
    That was not the main reason for sending them back, I'd rather not talk about it... 
  9. rmappita
    My first custom IEM was a JH AUDIO JH16 PRO, and to my ears the sibilance was so bad that I could not use it without getting upset...... So I sent it back to JH AUDIO a couple of times and they could not fix it. Now I have the 13s and for me they sound much much better, great sound. They still show up some sibilance, but just when it belongs to the song. When I want to relax and don't  worry to much about sibilance I use the JH5 PRO.
  10. AndrewG
    How long is the ETA for an order shipment/arrive? I ordered late March
  11. Tamz
    30working days + giving the shipping time another 2 weeks
    so I would say roughly 8weeks +-2 weeks
  12. IA64
    How is the bass compared ? 
  13. kryten123

    Mine are prone to sibilance and extreme brightness too but the bass is not affected. The bass is weighty with plenty of slam and deep low bass rumbling...some may say a little bit too much...but I quite like it with the right sort of music. However at no time does the bass overpower or bleed over the mids and it is definitely not boomy....it is deep but tight and controlled.
  14. IA64
    You are talking about the Jh16's not 13 right ?  I really hope so.
  15. goodvibes
    And the new 13FPs are even smoother yet with better treble tuning, extra bore. Sibilance or extension is a non issue for me. Though it won't hide a bad source, it works great for me even with what have been described as hotter sources like my HiSound Anv 3. I never get the sense of too analytical.
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