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JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

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    I have the Whiplash Twag 2 for the JH16s and just recently got the Double Helix Cable SP for my K10s.
    I hooked up the DHC cable to the JH 16s just to try pairing and blown away.
    The DHC adds more clarity and detail to the JH 16s, as most know that have them, the bass can sometimes be over the top but the DHC makes them sound awesome.
    The SP (silver peptide) is know for adding clarity and immense detail.
    If you can, give the DHC a try! kind of pricey but worth it!
  2. Telim
    I made the same post over at the Fisher Hearing thread but I figure I'd ask here as well. I had my non-Freqphase JH16 reshelled by Fisher Hearing down in Florida and I just got them back 3 days ago and they sound amazing. I really do enjoy them, but what I noticed was that the placement of the high frequency driver is further back in the shell then it was before it was reshelled. Though, my fault I didn't specify if my JH16 were FP or non-FP before I sent them and assumed that the driver placement would be kept the same. I'd like to think that perhaps my ear shape had something to do with the high frequency driver being pushed further back in my reshell like in most Freqphase JH16 I've seen. Any idea if the driver placement makes a big difference? As I can hear, the highs on the JH16 still sound good, lot of clarity, and no sibilance but doesn't stand out as the bass do seem to be the strength of the 16 for obvious reasons. Reading most reviews they seem to align with what I'm hearing but it still makes me wonder if I'm missing a bit of something.  
    Here's some pictures for comparison:
  3. highfidelity69
    I call it the placebo effect. I use http://www.moon-audio.com/silver-dragon-iem-cable.html cable and http://www.stefanaudioart.com/shop/endorphin-single-ended-audiophile-headphone-cable-for-the-jh-audio-jh-1613-pro/, the price has increased since I bought mine over a year ago for my JH16'S, paired with my Sony ZX2, each has a slight different sound signature, both sound great.
  4. InfiniteGene
    I'm sure your set is a non-fp jh16 as i used to own a FP version of it. non-fp version will have their high drivers close to the tips while fp versions have their high drivers placed very far back near to the concha area. driver placement doesn't matter much as length of sound tubes play the largest difference.
  5. longbowbbs
    The JH16 v2 was released at CanJam RMAF 2016.
    Here are the first pair in the wild.
  6. arthurl
    Thanks for the review Jude!
  7. Ramblinman
    Just got a pair of universal JH16v2. I initially tried them with the silicone tips and I heard a lot of sibilance too, but after trying several different options, I landed
    on some medium comply foam pieces, and now that I have a better fit I don't hear the sibilance. FWIW.

    BTW I am driving mine with an RSA Protector and an IBasso DX80.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
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