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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. Hyp0xia
    You do realize what demographic they are targeting with this product, right?
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    An while I respect companies that do that, measurements and hard numbers do not 100% translate acoustic performance. I still prefer "ear tuned" to machine, and most successful companies are doing both. That said, I'm sure the Vokyl team have the staffing and tooling to get the measurements they need/want but

    Haha right, that he does! I could certainly use a little more fun and exciting in my own content >.>

    As @Hyp0xia mentions, their target base doesn't care about that stuff as much. Why spend the time and energy making marketing materials that don't really have that much an impact on their target audience? An while ironically, JDS Labs is a very measurement heavy company and market's it self as such I don't think the Vokyl team are going to see much pay off for posting and declaring such specifications. Plus maybe those numbers are unique to their driver and they just don't wish to disclose that information just yet. Why should they reveal all the engineering details to their customers and competitors?

    I'm helping run their tour and I think they aim in getting subjective feedback from listeners with a little dabbling of objective input is far better for everyone
  3. Hyp0xia
    Indiegogo goal achieved.
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  4. Joong
    not yet
  5. elira
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  6. abvolt
    and I think the man is an idiot when it comes to reviews..sorry
  7. Hyp0xia
    Everyone has the right to agree or disagree with someone else's views. I just think people should be able to express an opinion about something as wildly subjective as audio without being maliciously insulted.
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  8. Joong
    Let this place be friendly.
    Idiot is likely human, whereas the opposite may not.
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  9. Humblepie
    well I'm in.
  10. CT007
    I think he definitely has a bias toward overly plush, fat earpads, that likely ruin the sound signature and get real sweaty. He's heard a lot, so I would think his opinions are at least mostly valid. I sure as hell did not like Fidelio X2's, tho... Heck, I got bored of HD600 as soon as I heard Stax, which he has definitely heard.
  11. Hyp0xia
    Yeah, Fidelio X2 sounds like mud to my ears. The bass just overwhelms everything else and you cannot hear any detail. His comparisons to the X1/X2 in his review of the Erupt do inspire confidence, however.
  12. CT007
    It would be so sweet if the outer earcup housings were CLEAR/transparent, or you could choose a transparency color/tint.
  13. GREQ
    Responding to these three points in order.
    Not exactly, not necessary and yes.
  14. Joong
    Oh I see. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/...eover&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=headfi#/
    There are good information for driver at least, which seems good with respect to the engineering.
    It reminds me of Nighthawk, which is also similar to Focal phones for stiffer cone/dome in the form of M that is standard form of stiffer speaker diaphragm.
    Important is the stiffness to mass ratio where the extremest is Utopia of Focal.
    When the ratio is still lower, the solution might be the high power voice coil motor for the compensation by adopting Neodymium magnet and enough turns of voice coil with enough diameter.
    With Finite element method tool, the performance can be easily predicted, and the tool is very easy to use the use of which does not require the profession.
    I think engineers of this phone are aware of the correct way of doing dynamic phone.
    If this phone has proper highs where Nighthawk is too gentle for some recording, then I might buy.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  15. Hansotek
    I can tell you with 100% unwavering certainty that this headphone sounds MUCH better than the Nighthawk.
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