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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. Mark Up
    I agree. If they can get it to stay flat at 50 hz or rise slightly going down to 10-20 hz that'd be great. Further, if they can raise the dip at 2-3 khz and lower the peak at 5 khz as well.
  2. CT007
    I LOVE this no-frills, high-performance design!! Sign me UP! :thumbsup::thumbsup: This is exactly what I wanted the Mobius to be. Maybe. :]

    I'm curious about weight. That's freaking fantastic that it comes with TWO different sets of pads, and they're BOTH high-quality. Unheard of... EDIT: Oh, you gotta buy them separately, it seems? :\ I'm not a fan of super thick pads, or self-adjusting anything, but we'll see how it goes. Also not a huge fan of the speckle paint, heh.. Are other paint options available?

    There are no refunds for being a backer, if the project never reaches completion, correct? Or does everyone who pays for one get one?

    Very sweet. #PSYCHED
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  3. theotherjude
    That's exactly what we're going for! And to answer some of your questions it weighs in at around 400 grams and we can omit speckled paint from your yokes! (but we can't change the headband graphics)

    We're 100% committed to getting this headphone out the door to backers, backers will receive a headphone with a successful campaign.
  4. CT007
    Very cool. What's the approximate weight of the dense earpads? ~40g? Can we order both pads with the backer order? I imagine 3rd party pads will fit this design, as well.

    What's the difference between the $250 and $275 package? Faster shipping with the $275..?
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  5. theotherjude
    Looks like their clocking in at around 35g. And the difference in the packages is just to reward earlier backers.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  6. CT007
    Oh, so you get the same thing with $250 or $275, but there's just 200 slots available for each one. I see. Kind of odd lol.
  7. Raize
    Most kickstarters/indiegogos seem to follow this model, although the $225 package included a few extras.
  8. rantng
    It's all about getting a campaign "trending". On principle I tend not to support campaigns with super limited early bird rewards. For one thing, funds aren't released until the end of the campaign so regardless of whether you're supporter #1 or #1000, your money is in their hands at the same time. Also, as previously pointed out, you're getting the same (for the most part) product. There is a growing trend on Indiegogo where backers are rewarded for sharing/referring others and this is fine. But what really irks me is knowing I'm paying more (sometimes 10-20%) for the same product than others in the same campaign. With that said, I have backed over 100 various campaigns on both Kickstarter & Indiegogo, but I draw the line at having to set an alarm to be one of the first backers.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  9. abvolt
    Thanks I'll keep my eye on that for sure..enjoy
  10. theotherjude
    Thanks for the kind words!
  11. CT007
    So, what headphones has the Erupt been tested against in it's development, that you can say it's better than, as a competitive gaming tool? Only mainstream gaming headsets? Headsets and mid-range headphones? Everything on the market, from bottom to top..?

    There must be a specific DAC & amp recommendation(s), to get the best competitive sound with these, surely? Or have you been using JDS Labs products, mainly?
  12. crabdog
    Good question. Having said that though, I still to this day miss having The Element on my desktop!
  13. CT007
    Burglars?! Or you had to put it on the floor somewhere?
    crabdog likes this.
  14. crabdog
    Hah, no, I had a review sample which was on loan. :smiley:
  15. CT007
    To add to my previous questions @ post #26, is this headphone getting any major marketing? Or will it? I am sad to have seen no ads for this headphone(though I do use AdBlock...).
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