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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. theotherjude
    Sorry that photo is misleading! The final mic will be fully detachable. The photo shows a prototype cable.
  2. Artyouth
    The mic actually is a detachable adapter.

    I would like to get 2 pads instead of this.
  3. rantng
    Any idea how much the extra pads will be going for once the web store launches?
  4. CT007
    With angled drivers, I'm a little worried about being able to hear/pinpoint sounds in the 180 degree arc behind you. What is the approximate horizontal range/arc these headphones have?
  5. Humblepie
    Eh. I just bought Ether C Flows, Ether CX, Vokyl erupts, Pioneer SE405, Hifiman Edition X V2, and Fostex T60rp all in the last week. Par for the course at this point.
    renugaid likes this.
  6. Zachik
    I should have bought that lottery ticket with you and split the winnings... :wink:
  7. alvarg
    no no no, please do not do that, i hate large spikes at 8-10k, you can tame the 5khz peak sure, but pushing it to 8-10k would basically make these headphones sound like beyerdynamics, aka ear bleed.
  8. alvarg
    beyerdynamic has been making headphones for years and still haven't found one I love, same with audio technica or akg, so really all this "years of experience" designing headphones doesn't really mean better, they may of "began" designing the erupt in 2016, but considering the reviews I'd say they made a lot of progress in a short period of time. now of course I'll judge them more thoroughly once i get them, but i have a good feeling about this one.
  9. alvarg
    specs don't matter if it sounds good.
  10. Joong
    Around 6k peak on Hd800, and 8-10k peak on Beyerdynamic T1.
    Those peaks help getting them precise or detailed sounding with respect to human ear geometry, or generating false impression of being detailed?
  11. alvarg
    I agree, i can't watch most audio reviewers as all i get is frequency graphs and measurements, and im thinking "great but i dont thhear measurements", I've listened to some of "best or most expensive" headphones and the diminishing returns hits quick, past $1000 i didn't see any real improvement to the sound, a $2000 headphone only really sounds slightly more refined and controlled, but that could of course be placebo effect as in I'm believing its doing something better just because i see a bigger price tag. I've even had stax and even they made me go "over 1000? for this" when the best sounding headphones i've heard are the lcd2 classic, hd600/650, 58x is okay but a bit narrow and overly midbassy, and 660s for me sounds like a hd650 if someone tried to eq it to be more fun but then ruined the sound.
  12. alvarg
    Nope just makes then sharp and painful to listen to.
  13. CT007
    To my ears and many others, for competitive gaming, these(AD series) are made of gold. I agree with you on Beyer & AKG :wink:
  14. thanks4alltheFish
    If you watch Z's unboxing of the headphones, it looks like one side is indeed an inch shorter to accommodate for the mic. It is just the prototype though, so who knows what they'll do for production.
  15. GREQ
    If you look closely at the graph, you'll notice it's not a strong peak and doesn't go above the other 'peak' between 50-100Hz.
    Pushing this gentle peak at 5 to 10kHz would make the headphone sound a lot more balanced and enjoyable.

    Beyerdynamic 'house sound' peaks and HD800 treble spikes go significantly higher than any other frequency in their entire range.

    My point still stands.
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