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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. jbr1971
    After a 20 hour drive this weekend to deliver a car, and the accompanying flight home, I have really gained an even greater appreciation for the CL2, as well as the new Ourart 8-core SPC cable I purchased. The sheer variety of music I was able to listen to really helped open my eyes to the capabilities of this setup.

    Running the cable from the balanced output of my portable rig sounded amazing. With the way I hear things I do not have to use any EQ, and I find the cable has great extension for both sub-bass and treble when the track calls for it. Nothing sounds rolled off.

    The only thing I have that sounds better is the ISN HI-FI 16-core SPC cable I run balanced from my desktop rig. And even then it is not a huge difference extension wise. It is more about the subtle details that the desktop DAC is able to resolve, along with slightly better imaging.

    Considering I only paid $118 for the two cables I am amazed at the sound I am getting. Highly recommend both cables.

    My only concern with the CL2 continues to be the fit for my large ears, especially during long listening sessions. If @RHA Team were to offer a custom re-shell service (or partner with someone that builds customs), I think that would really make the CL2 an endgame solution for me (until maybe the CL3).
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  2. szore
    I think the CL2 is the most underrated IEM out there.
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  3. Tragic
    Not just underrated, several “expert” reviewers just completely trash them.
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  4. Kitechaser
    It takes a bit of work to get the CL2 to sing. Most of the reviewers are playing the numbers game, unless it is an IEM released by one of the major companies, who they already have cozy relationships with, the review is rushed to print.
    I was lurking on the IER-Z1R thread, and the number of times people talked about it needing power to sound good, and that it sounds like @$$ out of a weak DAP, were instances one too many to count.
    Not one of the "Reviewers" reviewed it out of a 100 dollar dap, and proceeded to tell everyone on the thread that they all had hearing damage :) and were shills :wink:
    These people blatantly sabotaged one the best iems to come out in the last 10 years.
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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  5. McCol
    Always been the case here on headfi!
    People are too easily swayed by reviews from people who build up a nice collection of freebies
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  6. szore
    LOL, ...lurking...
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  7. szore
    IDK, the more I listen to it the more amazed I am. My 1000M is in the shop for repairs, I'm going through some serious withdrawal.
  8. cj3209
    What happened to your 1000m?
  9. szore
    Well, first the forward back pause buttons were intermittently not working, then I noticed one of the screws fell out, then the 2.5 output was all static and dropping out, and then there were intermittent problems with the operating system; no sound until reboot, etc. A&K wanted to send it to S. Korea for repairs with a turnaround time of 1 month, I spoke to Jason and he finagled a 'Mint, or gently used' replacement to come back in a week. Friday they received the unit and created a return label, but they have not shipped yet...
  10. jbr1971
    Has anyone come across any good re-shelling providers in the US? I know there used to be a few, but they seem to have dropped it as a service, except for their own brands.

    So far I have come across Perfect Seal in KS.

    I am debating 3D printing my own shells to put the drivers into.

    It all depends on which is the better value proposition: custom sleeves, re-shell service, or 3D printing
  11. szore
    wait, wut?

    3D printing??? Who, what, when, how, and where? (The why, I know...)
  12. jbr1971
    I have made my own CIEMs before (acrylic manual process) and have my ear impressions from those. I had them 3D scanned (might have to scan them again) and might "build" shells in CAD software to 3D print them.

    I am just leery about taking my CL2's apart to pull the drivers for transplant. Maybe I would just embed the current setup into custom shells.

    Hard to say. For the moment I am just spit balling ideas if I am unable to find better options.
  13. szore
    You just achieved Sonic God status. Enjoy.
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  14. McCol
    Back to the Spinfit double flange tips today after not using them for a few weeks.
    Definitely my favourite tip, deep fit with excellent isolation.
  15. szore
    Interesting; I have never used a double flanged tip that I liked...I used to only use foams; now I only use silicones.
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