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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. szore
    Yes, I was actually thinking of posting a review, but I have had too many RL issues going on. Perhaps this weekend I will sit and do some detailed comparisons, etc. and post a review. Stay tuned...
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  2. Kitechaser
    Great breakdown. What about soundstage? Depth, width.
    So the sound is neutral, with better bass, extended highs. Sounds very interesting, I am going to have to try it out for sure.
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  3. McCol
    Was just about to post some more thoughts when you posted.

    Soundstage is excellent, for me it is reminiscent of front centre of a gig, a few rows in but close enough for the music to hit you!
    Depth and width are on a par with the Sony, listening to Sweet Nothing by The Velvet Underground, Doug Yules vocals are placed just that little way back from the mix when using my home system, the CL2 and Hiby give me this as well with backing vocals drifting in and out as they should.

    I've listened a lot the last couple of days and the mix of R6 Pro and CL2 for me is even better than the Sony 1a/CL2 mix.

    Some won't like it though, it is more aggressive, hits you hard initially but once you've taken the first couple of blows it is worth it!
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  4. Kitechaser
    And you said resolution was better on the Hiby correct? Any noise in the background? Tone timbre, can you maybe compare the two?
    Thanks a bunch.
  5. cj3209
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  6. McCol
    No background noise for me with the CL2 or any of my other earphones.
    The timbre on the R6 Pro again for me is marginally better than the Sony, snares and cymbals have a more detailed and defined snap to them, bass is also more defined and smooth in their presentation.
    Can't say I can really describe accurately resolution as I'm not 100% certain what you mean by it
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  7. Kitechaser
    Thanks, that sums it up pretty much.
    I'll be ordering a Hiby soon, sounds pretty much exactly like the player I am looking for.
    Thanks for the comparisons, very helpful.
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  8. Kitechaser
    Just had a chance to listen to the SONY DMP-Z1......with the CL2.
    Mind Blown, I was wondering how a "DAP" could cost 8000 dollars, thinking, no way..no how, but this thing is incredible.
    It blows the Sony TA-ZH1ES desktop amp straight out of the water.
    The Clarity, and the body of the sound is jaw dropping. The Bass is so clean and drops hard, with real impact, I didn't know the CL2 could render bass like that, it sounded so "Real".
    Mids were full, yet very transparent, they had a body and realism to them that I found fascinating. The presentation was so clear, and again sounded like the Artist was there for me, and I was listening to a live performance.
    Treble was super clean, with zero harshness, it was extended with a "full body" and unexpected weight. The sound was so realistically rendered, that I had to remind myself I was listening to an iem.
    I had to stop using it, because it was about to permanently ruin every DAP, every amp that I have tried so far. If money was not an issue, I would have walked away with one, maybe two in hand.
    Most realistic, and true to life rendition of music I have ever heard from any iem DAP combo. Maybe down the line, I will grab one of these things, Sony just out did themselves here.
    If you get a chance to give this DAP a listen, do yourself a favor and give it a go.

    Did A/B/C Testing on the WM1Z, WM1A, SP1000, the WM1A came out on top, again. SP1000 is close. No go on the 1Z for me.
    I am trying to get my hands on a Hiby R6 pro, hopefully I can give it a listen this coming week.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  9. szore
    WoW!... And I had a chance to listen to it at canjam and just walked on by...
  10. Kitechaser
    Maybe next year, you'll have the CL2 in hand. It was a treat, unbelievable stuff.
    The audio rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper, I don't think there can be any meaningful jump in sound quality past this. Then again, who the hell knows what is coming down the pipeline.
  11. szore
    I think at this level it is about having several units (of whatever) that provide various 'sound signatures' that will depend on your mood. Altho, after getting the CL2, I have not had any interest in listening to my Xelentos (altho I'm sure that will change in the future). I don't think they are on different 'levels', I just prefer the CL2 planar 'sound'...
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  12. szore
    I just spent a few hours doing a detailed analyses of the SoundMolds custom eartip using CL2 and Xelentos, and normal silicone tips, and I came to realize doing this AB comparison that the CL2 and the Xelentos are *NOT* "at the same level" at all. The Xelentos cannot compare, and are outclassed by the CL2 on every level. At this point I have no desire to listen to the Xelentos att all. It is not a 'different' sound signature, there is no comparison.

    Detailed review of SoundMolds custom eartips coming soon, as soon as I finish writing it up...

    (Hint: It ain't good...).
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  13. pilgrimbilly
    Hi all.

    99% happy AKG N5005 owner here, but have a good deal available for the CL2s and... well, why not...

    I have the T20s, and get a perfect seal with the small silicon flanged tips. Can I expect the same with the CL2s?

    Spent way to long tip rolling the N5005s (my 1% unhappiness), and have zero wish to repeat with the CL2s.

    Thanks for any advice.
  14. szore
    Right out of the box, the only tip I use with the CL2 is the large silicone it came with. Every other tip I tried was a disappointment.
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  15. Kitechaser
    They are very similar to the T20. Almost the same size.
    My personal favorite tips are Spiral Dots. This IEM does very well with deeper insertion.

    Add: you might want to invest in some good quality after market copper cables. They do really well with this iem.
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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