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iFi audio Pro iDSD (Official) - NEW Firmware - MQA and more.

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  1. bluesaint
    Yeah ifi manual is lackluster. I didn't try direct dsd source, but for dsd512/1024 upsample, push the filter knob in for 1.5 seconds and let go you To enable dsd filtering. Then you can turn the knob and will be in dsd filters.
  2. Giraku
    With direct DSD mode (without upsampling), Bit Perfect is the only option. No filter is available without upsampling.
  3. aterville
    48 hours and the Pro iDSD is dead ... low noise whistles and stays in protection mode ... so frustrating
    ticket open
  4. hop ham Contributor
    My unit also had some weird low noise and was only getting sound from one channel. I understand your frustration. Still have no idea when I can get a replacement and debating whether I want to get a different dac
  5. aterville
    We are on the same page.
    Mine is stuck in protection mode and nowhere in iFi site you can either find an explanation nor a process to stop that bloody mode.
    It is not the fuse or I would not be able to turn it on

    I hope iFi will be quick and customer oriented there.
  6. bluesaint
    Anyone having issues with muzo app and the unit losing connection when switching input sources?
  7. aterville
    Hi guys any simple manipulation/process to get out the protective mode ?
    Otherwise it s back to the reseller and "lost in space" for weeks
    Thanks for your help
  8. iFi audio
    Each of you good people with Pro iDSD not working as intended, please drop us a message at our support platform, to be found here: http://support.ifi-audio.com

    That's always the fastest way to get technical help from us directly:L3000:

    iFi audio Stay updated on iFi audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/iFiAudio/ https://twitter.com/ifiaudio https://www.instagram.com/ifiaudio/ https://ifi-audio.com/ info@ifi-audio.com
  9. tonyo442
    apart from some technical problems on some iDSD pro delivered, are comparisons made with other dac, thank you
  10. aterville
    This is a joke I opened a ticket 8 days ago and the only answer is "If this noise is present and logo is red it suggests there may be excessive DC and its triggered protection." Captain obvious kind of answer.
    I have a great reseller we tried to with another iPower Plus from an iCan pro same result.

    This is bad customer experience to stay polite

    Guys when a € 3000 product is dead after 48 hours you replace it asap
  11. kj510
    Spent 4 years developing and waiting and this situation is very shame....:triportsad:
    I am a happy Pro iCan user but I need to think twice or many more...

    Is there anyone who doesn't have any issue at all and happy at this point?
  12. Currawong Contributor
    I've noticed that just about every manufacture has teething issues with completely new products. I've had a couple of issues of weird behaviour with the review unit, such as noise in one channel which required a restart. I'm going to wait to see what iFi does, as I'm sure they will be working to fix any issues.

    Here are my initial impressions.

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  13. aterville
    The last answer from the so called support is " Please bear with us whilst we try to handle your case, the iDSD Pro is a new product so any fault is fresh to us."
    I love beta testing product but not by paying € 3000 .
    So anyone thinking buying iDSD Pro be advised it's all about trying and discovering fault iFi audio should have done when developing the product.

    Regarding compensation it s how high you can jump

    worst user experience ever ... really pathetic as the product is just mind blowing
  14. hop ham Contributor
    I'm starting to see a trend here - noise and channel issues. However aterville's issue goes beyond that. My retailer still has no idea when to expect the next batch for my replacement but I'm starting to see that as a blessing because I'm more seriously thinking about moving on from this and trying something else. So much excitement built up over a few years, especially for me since I stream Tidal mostly and the MQA was a major selling point for me along with all the features. But if the dac doesn't work to output sound correctly, well, that's a problem.

    http://majorhifi.com/ifi-pro-idsd-review/ : under Other Observations section another mention of channel cut out. The reviewer found a workaround/fix and seems content with the issue. I would not be.
  15. bluesaint
    I'm having issues mainly with the memory leak issue when playing off micro sd and USB thumbdrive. Which along with MQA are all a software patch in the firmware can fix. If not I'm gonna move on as well, but so far I'm liking the sonic qualities paired with my ican pro.
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