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iFi audio Pro iDSD (Official) - NEW Firmware - MQA and more.

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  1. Giraku
    According to PhileWeb.com (Japanese audio site), iFi decided to delay the release date of Pro iDSD in Japan from 7/14 to "TBD". They speculated sometime in September. And they stated that the reason of the delay is to fix the firmware bugs. No wonder we got so many bugs/problems. As I said in my previous post, they released Pro iDSD half baked with lots of bugs and no MQA.
    iFi support people asked me to send my unit back. I asked for a replacement. Hope they agree...
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  2. Rob N Contributor
    Via Wi-Fi it plays for around 15 seconds then cuts out for 2 then starts playing again and continues like that
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  3. alphanumerix1
    Beta testers...
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  4. Slim1970
    Yeah, there definitely seems to be some bugs. I’m glad I’m not in a rush to get it. Eventually I will because I want the Pro series trifecta!
  5. Giraku
    Following up my previous post:
    iFi support agreed to do an exchange. They are responsive and trying to help, which is great.
    I will report after testing the new unit.
  6. bluesaint
    Same on my end as well, they are trying to do an new unit with newer firmware that supposedly resolves playback issues with: USB direct, microSD hanging up after hr+ playing.
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  7. iFi audio
    Yes, we are there to help for you folks. If something's unclear/not working as intended, we'll try to sort each of you individually in the usual way: http://support.ifi-audio.com
    iFi audio Stay updated on iFi audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/iFiAudio/ https://twitter.com/ifiaudio https://www.instagram.com/ifiaudio/ https://ifi-audio.com/ info@ifi-audio.com
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  8. Sound Eq
    can i ask you guys your opinion

    would you prefer to settle for ifi ican pro with ifi micro dsd black label as a dac

    or just have ifi idsd pro as a one device solution

    headphones used will be zmf atticus, lcd2, hifiman 1000 and others

    you know the great driving ability of ifi ican pro is amazing, yes i do not need all this power, but I know for one thing that ifi black label when used alone which has enough power does not sound as great with my headphones as when i use the ifi pro ican and black micro dsd as a dac

    please advise
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
  9. Giraku
    I like Pro iDSD because of the number of options we can choose and apply. DXD and DSD upsampling with various filters combined with 3 different amp modes provides tons of options.
    Especially, I highly value the DSD1024 upsampling. I used to own Sony TA-ZH1ES, which also had a DSD upsampling feature. But to my ears, iFi DSD upsampling sounds better.
    Now, Black Micro does not provide all these options. I guess it's up to you, but for me I would choose more options to play with.
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  10. Sound Eq
    what bout driving abilities, can idsd pro for example drive hifiman he 6 like ican pro does

    i learned one thing its not important to get headphones only loud, but it should get loud with preserving the sound as well, as I do not like loud and yelling
  11. Giraku
    I don't have HE6 so I cannot comment on that. But I used HD820 and AT ADX5000 and never needed more than low setting on the amp section. I can say that Pro iDSD drives these cans with great authority at the low amp setting.
  12. Slim1970
    It depends on your intended usage. If you want and outstanding DAC with an included amp, then get the Pro iDSD. If you’re looking for and outstanding amp that can drive anything but still needs a source then get the Pro iCan.

    With that said I think the two are really meant to be used together. The amp section of the Pro iDSD will not be better nor as powerful as the Pro iCan. But as I mentioned early in my post if you need a DAC first get the Pro iDSD. You can also add the amp of your choice later.
  13. bluesaint
    Easy solution. Get the iDSD Pro. listen to it to see if you like it, and when funds are available, add the iCAN Pro.

    I have both iCan and iDSD Pro and prefer the combination since i like using an actual 4pin XLR connector, the 10hz xbass boost for my HE1K V2. The tweakability of both units opens up to having the music sound however you like it.
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  14. Sound Eq
    unfortunately its to have either idsd pro , or ican pro and black label, i wish i could compare which to choose before making a decision but can't

    the reason why i am asking is because someone wants to buy my ican pro, so if i sell it only then would i buy idsd pro

    what a tough decision as i have to make a decision within 2 days
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
  15. bluesaint
    If that's your only choice, then personally I'd just get the iDSD Pro. The DAC portion and input sources (streaming, SD card, usb thumb drive, etc.) are extremely useful that the BL can't compete. While the Amp section of the iDSD Pro is imo ~75% of ican PRO.
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