1. FanaticSankey

    Cayin iDAP-6 Streamer

    - Lovingly used. - No dinks, scratches, scuffs, paint chipping, dents etc. - Kindly DM for more information.😄 "The iDAP-6 is a quality built product that completes and extends the range and capability of the Cayin i-Series desktop components for headphone users."...
  2. chesebert

    IC: Linn Klimax Renew DS/0 with Dynamik Power Supply

    I am thinking about selling but want to see if there is any interest. I am the original owner and have had this for quite a while. I do have the box it came in (for those that really want a Linn box). I would rate the unit at 8/10 due to age. I don't have a firm price in mind but $2300 is 50% of...
  3. quette29128

    Wtb Bluesound Node 2I

    I'm looking for a Bluesound Node 2I or Powernode 2I.
  4. Lindemann Musicbook Source V4

    Lindemann Musicbook Source V4

    The following descriptions have been sourced from Lindemann product page. The circuitry of the Musicbook SOURCE has been designed around the high-performance streaming platform and fine-tuned for optimum sound quality. In the digital-analog converter of the Musicbook SOURCE we use one of the...
  5. Hamlap

    WTD Bluesound Node 2i

    Looking for a Bluesound Node 2i. Preferable in black, if possible. Buying from the Netherlands, so someone in Europe would be best for me. Thanks in advance!
  6. silvahr

    Canceled: Chord Mojo (bought new 30.10.2019)

    Hello, Selling Chord Mojo+Poly+original sleeve leather case. Bundle bought new 30.10.2019. In pristine condition, without any marks of use. In original boxes, with all original accessories. Both Mojo and Poly are registered in Chord site since 30.10.2019. Been using this combo with microSD...
  7. chrisdrop

    (SOLD) FS: Raspberry Pi 4b with HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro (S/PDIF output) Streamer **PRICE DROP**

    Here are the parts assemble for this solution with their actual costs from last week when I purchased them. Raspberry Pi 4 Modell B 4GB (£57.99) HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro S/PDIF output (£44.57) SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Memory Card (£13.98) CPC Official Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C PSU (£11.27)...
  8. Matrix Audio Element i

    Matrix Audio Element i

    Element i has a discrete component headphone amp with up to 1300mw of power, it can easily drive various high-resistance full-sized headphones and high-sensitive IEMs. The excellent dynamic performance and inaudible background noise, make you concentrate to the music. The device can be...
  9. ZRW0

    [SOLD] Simaudio MOON 280D DAC (MIND 2 Streamer included)

    Hello, I'm an individual living in France, selling my Simaudio MOON 280D DAC which includes the MOON MIND 2 streamer - 1900€. The DAC is not yet 14 months old, and still comes with a transferable constructor warranty of 46 months. (Simaudio guarantees its products 5 years, 10 years extension...
  10. silvahr

    Cancel: Chord Poly+original sleeve leather case (bought new 30.10.2019) - includes microSD card 200GB and optional Mojo same age

    Selling Chord Poly+original sleeve leather case. Bought new 30.10.2019. In pristine condition, without any marks of use. In original box, with all original accessories, including 2 months free Roon license. Poly is registered in Chord site since 30.10.2019. I'm using Mojo-Poly with micro SD card...
  11. silvahr

    Withdraw: Chord Mojo+Poly+sleeve leather case (bought 30.10.2019)

    Hello, Selling Chord Mojo+Poly+original sleeve leather case. Bundle bought new 30.10.2019. In pristine condition, without any marks of use. In original boxes, with all original accessories. Both Mojo and Poly are registered in Chord site since 30.10.2019. Been using this combo with microSD...
  12. shokyy

    Seeking advice : New to Headphones but not new to High End Audio

    I have been a dedicated audiophile for many years and had a a listening room with a fairly high end high efficiency single driver and low power SET and Laufer Teknik Memory player. I recently relocated due to a job change and now live in an apartment I am used to very resolute sound and an...
  13. N

    SOLD: Bluesound Node 2 Streamer

    I’ve recently moved to PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Network Bridge and so no longer use my trusty Bluesound Node 2. Comes boxed, with all papers and original cables as you would get new. Works perfectly and is in really excellent shape - I can’t see a mark on it. Price includes shipping to...
  14. Stack Audio LINK

    Stack Audio LINK

    The LINK acts as a bridge between digital music files and existing hi-fi systems. All that’s needed is a DAC with a USB connection. Music files can be on PCs and laptops, connected NAS drives on home networks containing archived CD libraries, and internet radio (Shoutcast) and subscription...
  15. thathertz

    Chord Poly Streamer/Player for Chord Mojo EXC. COND / BOXED with Leather Sleeve

    Chord Poly Streamer/Player for Chord Mojo EXCELLENT CONDITION and BOXED with Leather Case - Mojo not included. Updated to latest firmware. Has had very little use. Also included: Manual / USB micro cable / Additional Fabric sleeve (see pics). £400 + PP fees. I will cover postage: Royal Mail...
  16. Ragnar-BY

    SOLD Allo USBridge network streamer (EU)

    SOLD Great network streamer. I think it`s the best price/perfomance device of this kind. Sounds way better than regular USB port of your computer or laptop. Check this review: USBridge is in great condition, no flaws. DietPi (Roon Ready) installed. Original PSU and battery box included...
  17. leon995

    Auralic Aries Femto Streamer

    For sale is a used Auralic Aries streamer. I am the second owner. It functions perfectly. Has normal wears from daily use. One thing need to point out is the OLED screen has faded dots. It won’t affect display function and hard to be noticed. I tried my best to showed it in the picture. Other...
  18. heliosphann

    Magna HiFi Mano Streamer & Audio GD S19 DAC

    Up for sale is Magna HiFi Mano Streamer and a Audio GD S19 DAC. I've had the two for several years now, but they have seen minimal use. The Mano is in mint condition, while the s19 dac has a few small dings on the top panel from removal/re-installing. Don't really need a secondary listening...
  19. Matrix Audio Element M

    Matrix Audio Element M

    element M is a new member of element family, it continues the design language of concise and steady. We look for a balance between performance, functionality and price on element M, hoping to provide a desktop two-channel stereo simplification solution for mid-range active speaker and headphone...
  20. B


    Hey guys, obviously I'm new here, but i was looking to get my first "audio setup" as far as a pair of over $150 headphones, and also my first amp and dac. I've already done my research and decided on a Fiio k3 (sorry if some of the names i list are off, I'm going off memory) for the amp/dac...
  21. iamalex

    **SOLD** Stack Audio Link streamer

    Want to get rid of my actual streaming gear ( Bought sometime this year, I guess it was February or March when I received the unit. Very good condition. Pics will follow tomorrow. PayPal is on me, you cover half of the shipping fees. Please take a look at my...
  22. Triangle AIO C Connect Wireless Wifi Music Streamer

    Triangle AIO C Connect Wireless Wifi Music Streamer

    AIO C : MAKE ALL YOUR SYSTEMS COMPATIBLE WITH AIO All your active speakers and amplifiers are compatible with Triangle’s AIO environment. This is the essence of AIO C. This small compact streamer offers all the AIO features, including an RCA and S/PDIF output to send a digital or analog...
  23. neogeosnk

    502DAC fully assembled

    Fully assembled Pi2 design 502DAC. Perfect condition (almost new!), currently running Volumio but was using it as a roon frontend. Comes with unit as pictured, also includes the Raspberri Pi power supply and Aes adapter (not pictured). Bought something else so putting this awesome sounding...
  24. uncola

    Oppo Sonic DAC with Ric Schultz EVS mods

    Hi this is the oppo sonica dac with ess 9038 pro dac chip with ric schultz evs super singled ended mod. He replaces capacitors, clock, voltage regulators, analog output stage, internal wiring, adds transformer damping and more. Routes everything to rca outs, so no xlr out. Can also do upnp...